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Warriors heart by haveabitoffun
Warriors heartby haveabitoffun
Laura has always dreamed of being a solider and now she is, she's at the top of her life with amazing family and a second family of soldiers. Nothing could every become...
Callsign: DEKU by indiancanadian2
Callsign: DEKUby indiancanadian2
Not everyone is born equal, This is a story of how a qurikless kid is forced into a life he never wanted, with nothing but his mission taskings he will do whatever it t...
Baby Stark [Avengers x Reader] by bookies16
Baby Stark [Avengers x Reader]by Bookies
• When Loki decides to turn Tony into a baby out of spite, and than disappears without a trace. The Avengers are left with a 4 year old genius who is harder to handle th...
till' we meet again, william schofield by totallyjuno
till' we meet again, william 𝕛𝕦𝕟𝕠
- in which a french civilian and an english solider fall in love in a war torn town. - they were two people caught up in war. if only they met at a different ti...
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Percy Jackson and The Sands Of Time by TheChildrenOfTheGods
Percy Jackson and The Sands Of Timeby CSP2708 and Friends
In a fit of rage, Kronos curses Percy before he disappears. The curse, forever tied to Percy, will send him through time at random, and there is no way for him to stop i...
Navy's girl by ClarasADancer
Navy's girlby ClarasADancer
Clara and Daniel have been best friends all their life. They did everything together they even have the same birth day, except Daniel is 2 years older. He promised to al...
Alive but not Awake || Bucky Barnes [1] by X-Lisa-Anne-X
Alive but not Awake || Bucky Lisa Anne
Ava Rogers, sister to Steve - the lover to Bucky Barnes. She fell from an impossible height out of a moving Hydra train back in 1945, Steve and Bucky believed her to hav...
Losing & Expecting by NiallTeleah1323
Losing & Expectingby 💚Teleah💚
*Sequel to My Best Friends Baby* Baby Grayson is now 2! So in those 2 years so many things have happened! For instance: getting engaged, planning the wedding, getting m...
mysterious | styles by kylizzzie
mysterious | stylesby KIM X KYLIE
Przypadkowe spotkania Kylie i Harry'ego w nietypowych miejscach. OPOWIADANIE ZAWIERA SCENY EROTYCZNE, WULGARYZMY I PRZEMOC.
FATALITY  by walkersandhunters
FATALITY by blake ♔
I Love u  for a thousand years ❤ (Completed) by moran_2020
I Love u for a thousand years ❤ ( ❤vandita❤
so guys this story is based on our favourite couple moran from zdmn .
Pyro's Instagram by Sugar_Toast
Pyro's Instagramby Sugar
°~Well you guys should know by now! Hope you all enjoy!~°
The second I saw you... (A Torcher x Soldier fanfic) by Dan_theUnknown
The second I saw you... (A Dan is unknow
よう'?まあ私はやっている」私は嘘をついた私は内部で死にかけている Some random Torcher x Soldier stuff. This is lazy very very lazy. Also has ships you might hate so don't read this or show hate. ⚠️WARN...
Avengers ↠ Preferences by BrunetteMarionette
Avengers ↠ Preferencesby 𝕹𝖞𝖝
⚡ Imagines and Preferences about the 𝒜𝓋𝑒𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓇𝓈! ⚡ » God of Thunder/ Thor Odinson » Captain America/ Steve Rogers » Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes » Iron Man/ Tony S...
FORSAKEN by walkersandhunters
FORSAKENby blake ♔
and he still waited for the words that would never come
Soldier Boy (Avengers/Winter Solider Fanfic) by Adrienne-Black
Soldier Boy (Avengers/Winter Adrienne-Black
Bucky Barnes always promised Steve Rogers one thing-that he would be with him to the end of the line. And now, after remembering who is really is he intends to keep that...
Truth Or Dare : Team Fortress 2 by BluZombieMedic
Truth Or Dare : Team Fortress 2by BluZombieMedic
I will continue the ass slapping In every fudging character!
Tf2 Mercs scenarios by Darksideecho
Tf2 Mercs scenariosby Darksideecho
This is just a book where you can request a scenario and I will do my best to write out what the mercs do. None of the pictures in this book belongs to me.
A Soldier's Fate [From the Soldier's Collection Series] ✅ by VICMAD
A Soldier's Fate [From the VICMAD
Meet Admiral Patric Hemingway, U.S. Marine and the newest commander of Fort Ridgeman. Patric didn't grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth, instead he was mentally and...