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Checkmate (Doctor Who fanfiction) by TheLivingParadox
Checkmate (Doctor Who fanfiction)by Star Gazing
"So, what do Time Lords pray to?" Amy asked reluctantly. Well? Do you know? Because he did. And in that moment, his eyes may have fallen on someone to his left...
Doctor Who Oneshots by im-a-whovian-broski
Doctor Who Oneshotsby 𐒐ova
Hello, m'loves! I will do oneshots for 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and their companions (if requested). I will accept requests, so please REQUEST SOME STUFF. PLEASE. Requests can...
Shatter Me ━━ 𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐇 𝐃𝐎𝐂𝐓𝐎𝐑¹ ✔ by -dhampirroza
Shatter Me ━━ 𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐇 𝐃𝐎𝐂𝐓� ࿐ྂ 𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒂 ࿐ྂ
𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐌𝐄 | ❝If only the clockworks could speak, I wouldn't be so alone. We burn every magnet and spring, and spiral into the unknown.❞ ...
Until Forever Ends  •| Doctor Who |• by General_Jellyfish
Until Forever Ends •| Doctor General_Jellyfish
"Not safe in here," he tried to explain quickly. "Not yet. Five minutes; give me five minutes and I'll be right back." "Promise?" asked Emi...
The other pond- the tale of a ginger by ariasmxth
The other pond- the tale of a ariasmxth
The story of two little ginger girls Who grow up to save the world With their crazy bow tie man
a different world, (Minecraft rainimator/real World) by doctorofhope
a different world, (Minecraft doc
four friends who live together get transport to a strangely different world, the four friends sent to different places in the planet, they must fight through the nether...
The Doctor and The Nightingale {1} by RogersWater
The Doctor and The Nightingale {1}by RogersWater
The Doctor and the Nightingale. They both thought that they were the last of their kind. That is until they both meet on New Earth. As they travel through space and time...
The Girl of Time (Doctor Who Fan-fiction) by Izzy3803
The Girl of Time (Doctor Who Izzy
From the day they arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun, there is more to see than- "Dude, that's the Lion King." "Oh...sorry." "...
HIS SAVIOUR... or is she?  by ariasmxth
HIS SAVIOUR... or is she? by ariasmxth
Florence Rose has been stuck in Stormcage, her friend River telling her stories of The Doctor and his Blue Box. What happens when she becomes part of those stories?
Fixer Upper by All_Duh_Fandoms
Fixer Upperby Odd_Ball
The Mechanic, a Gallifreyan cyborg, struggles through memories with familiar faces. Everything seems fine and dandy, until it takes a turn for the worst.
Golden Wanderer (DOCTOR WHO FAN-FIC) by anarchyy
Golden Wanderer (DOCTOR WHO m
"Are you always going to be running around saving my life?" He grinned at the young girl. "Pretty much, and one day, maybe I'll let you save mine."...
beautiful - tenth doctor x reader by revolution-blue
beautiful - tenth doctor x readerby revolution-blue
[this is old work, please don't judge my current writing based off of this book!] Y/N's life is disastrous. So she's not complaining when she's swept away by the myster...
Doctor Who: The Three Acts Of Davros by CaptainThunderWho
Doctor Who: The Three Acts Of CaptainThunderWho Century 22...
As the Time War rages for the sake of the whole of the creation, the Daleks infiltrate time and space to change the course of events in their aid to bring about the dest...
The Doctor And The Arc by Jasperwatson
The Doctor And The Arcby Jasper Watson
Jaune arcs transcripts are revealed and he bullied by the student body he was in the emerald forest when he Teleports to Gallifrey and later meets the Doctor. Series 1 i...
The Time Lord And The Synth by Jasperwatson
The Time Lord And The Synthby Jasper Watson
Female Nick Valentine X Male Self-insert Time Lord. A story about a time lord in fallout Fallows the story of fallout NV and fallout 4 Doctor who is owned by BBC and fa...
"I AM THE LAST OF MY KIND, JUST LIKE YOU." when juniper holloway bumps into a peculiar man who makes her mind ache, she realises that is in fact not her name a...
Bad Wolf (Book One of the Doctor's Daughter) by Missreader2023
Bad Wolf (Book One of the Doctor' Missreader2023
NEW VERSION! A long time ago, a Time Tot went missing out of her mother's house in London and ended up on the doorstep of Jackie Tyler's flat with no letter explaining w...
Doctor Who: The Wreckage Death Leaves Behind by CaptainThunderWho
Doctor Who: The Wreckage Death CaptainThunderWho Century 22...
The planet Quinnis - what went wrong? The TARDIS returns to the planet after several decades, only for the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe to be devastated by the remains o...
Trapped in Time (Doctor Who Fanfiction) by muse_of_idle_stars
Trapped in Time (Doctor Who Ilyssa
"My sister always used to say that a dream was a mystery wrapped in an enigma. I think I understand now what she meant." Wounded by the loss of her sister, Je...
The second last time lord (Eleventh doctor) - Doctor Who by Christmascookie15
The second last time lord ( Nik
The sorceress, a time lady from Gallifrey, roams around in her Tardis, believing that she is the last timelord. Then she stumbles upon the doctor, in his eleventh form...