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Izindaba Zomhawu by Tems101
Izindaba Zomhawuby Lufuno.M
A young woman goes on a quest to find herself,to find who she really is. She meets love and has to face her past along the way. Will there be a happy ever after?
You're Our Light... by SovArshi
You're Our Sovarshi
Living in a world where people easily accepts the changes that come with life. It was hard for her to do so because her world revolved around practicality and seriousnes...
𝙒𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙒𝙚 𝙂𝙤 𝙁𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚 || 𝑪𝑹𝑰𝑺𝑻𝑰𝑨𝑵𝑶 𝑱𝑹 by astriistxr
𝙒𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙒𝙚 𝙂𝙤 𝙁 astriistxr
Aliyah, a spirited 13-year-old who finds herself on an unforgettable adventure when she changes schools. Leaving behind everything familiar. Aliyah embarks on a life-cha...
36 Questions to Fall in 36 days! by purpleskiesanddreams
36 Questions to Fall in Dandelion.A
" Olivia, I liked you from the moment you hiccuped your way into my life. It's funny really but it's the truth. I also wasted a lot of time and this is me trying to...
CheeseGirl. by iAmFentseTheWriter
#5 iAmFentseTheWriter
SOUTH AFRICAN BASED STORY CheeseGirl: A South African Term used to describe a girl who is rich or comes from a rich family/ background. Highest Ranking: #13 South Africa...
The Female Champion~ Formula 1 by skinnyxxlegend
The Female Champion~ Formula 1by Thyra Holland
Alissa Bennett is one of the most successful drivers on the grid. After Nico Rosberg and Valteri Bottas retire from formula 1, Mercedes have two seats open, which they g...
Lurking in the shadows. by motherofthenation
Lurking in the masechaba.
Ever since I was young I used to see creepy things but it just got a whole lot creepier.
Pisces✗Scorpio Oneshots  by iconis4everme
Pisces✗Scorpio Oneshots by iconisme
A set of oneshots for Pisces(f)✗Scorpio(m)!
Mango by RivoMat
Mangoby Rivo Mat
Fresh off the streets is a street kid named Mango. She has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa her whole life, but only discovered the cruelty of the streets five years...
My Unremarkable Life by legoveld1234
My Unremarkable Lifeby legoveld1234
Twenty two year old Jaiden Thato Mokoena lives alone in Johannesburg in her small apartment. She meets a so called reporter Laura Dawson who inquires more and more about...
Thingolwenkosazane  by ZennyMbovu
Thingolwenkosazane by Zenny mbovu💗
Thingo is an 18 year old girl doing her last year's in high school she's got everything,the looks ,a wealthy family a kind heart the fame and the most passionate dreams...
Hopeless Falling by nunamfagco
Hopeless Fallingby shewritestoo
Something was bound to happen when they met again at University after short incounters in their high school years. What happens when her high school crush starts seeing...
I wish you knew the real me, but .... by Klearlyy_A_Hostage
I wish you knew the real me, Katherine. M
I hold my tears and paint my smile tie, my hair and hide my fears..society will never be ready to meet the real me. ******* -katherine.M🦋
Ulissa √ by mariabaza
Ulissa √by Maria Baza
ULISSA ➳ ❝ Eighteen year old College Student, Ulissa Browning returns a book only to find out about a case. ❞ 〘 INSPIRED BY CW'S NANCY DREW 〙 〘 CONTEST ENTRY 〙 〘 begun:...
Girl In The City by Ledistarr
Girl In The Cityby Ledistarr
A girl from the city decides to move to a bigger city, in a bigger country. Lethabile Tau- known as Letta- takes a big leap when she leaves her African country to start...
Finding Audrey  by Itsyagirlmuhle
Finding Audrey by Itsyagirlmuhle
Audrey Davis is a girl who grew up strictly according to religion but now she finally has the chance to take control of her life. Read as she makes up for a lost childho...
Crazy Since 2000 by phatimatima
Crazy Since 2000by phatimatima
A young South African going through everyday life.Its an enthralling, funny and innovative look into teenage life and its challenges.Read this book for more
This Is Who I Am  by LKSanchez
This Is Who I Am by LKSanchez
Hi I'm L.K Sanchez I'm 7teen, I'm really passionate about poetry and this is my first ever anthology book I hope you enjoy it🍃