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Bound: A Supernatural Story ✔️ by currer-belle
Bound: A Supernatural Story ✔️by currer-belle
Holly Gaines is a young witch, orphaned after the death of her parents years earlier. She bides her time taking art classes and waiting for the day she can finally leave...
The Presidential Erection  by cl0wnbox
The Presidential Erection by clownbox
a trump X biden fanfic originally written in 2019 for my schools southern gothic writing project . enjoy !!
The Client by MaxShephard
The Clientby MaxShephard
Jack Price, a small-town public defender living in Coles Creek, Mississippi, gets more than he bargains for when he's appointed to represent Lester Crowe, a mysterious d...
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THEODORE ELM ─── applyfic by wallowsinangst
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THEODORE ELM | ❛ you look like you've seen a ghost! ❜ ...
Mea Vorago - I think there's something in the Gulf by Tropicpanic
Mea Vorago - I think there's Tropic-Panic
In the roaring twenties a mysterious man is washed up on the shores of a deserted coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Disoriented and confused, he is left no other option other...
DERECHO    ──    chanlix by -LIXIAN
DERECHO    ──    chanlixby    
Felix Lee has known only the Linscotts after the tragic loss of his parents. They had given him a home, a family which he had learned to trust more than he trusted himse...
THE LAST DANCE (EDITING.)  by romanticismskiss
I've been dancing with the devil.
The Deathling, Apply Fic  by guest246128
The Deathling, Apply Fic by ★
Some things buried deep in the woods need to stay that way ...
5 Ways to Die in Lincoln County by emorydeen
5 Ways to Die in Lincoln Countyby Kaytalin Platt
An anthology of horror stories all centered in a sleepy, rural, and evil county in Alabama.
Witch Eater by MonTannaSpring
Witch Eaterby MonTanna Spring
A short story inspired by the fear of being alone, centered around a young witch-doll and the beast who devoured her coven.
How to Slay Direwolves  (Book 3) by kullman
How to Slay Direwolves (Book 3)by kullman
The least competent people in Texas are guarding a portal to another world. Murder ensues. The Gilmer Slayers are back and they're being stalked by dire wolves which is...
boutique ; by xX-VintageDream-Xx
boutique ;by ❥ ;
❝ everything's free here ! ❞
Dark Summers by theartofhearts
Dark Summersby C.🌙
Seven years ago, Christopher "Kit" Black and his friends helped put his father behind bars for murder. Entangled in the harrowing cold case when they were just...
Rotting under the midday sun by honeymelvin
Rotting under the midday sunby Melvin V.
18 year old Darwin McVeay lives all by herself in a swamp lost in some anonymous southern small town, a place where people are unfriendly and the air smells like warmth...
liberté by CHIARABAEZ6
libertéby CHIARA BAEZ
A series of original poems about social injustice, discrimination, and marginalization of different groups of peoples and issues.
Reaping spring by CopperCognac
Reaping springby Sisi
the devil walks into her store... what could go wrong? After the death of his father Pluto returns to his small town and is reunited with his two Estrange brothers. Pers...
Misfits by AriizonaT
Misfitsby Ariizona
An orphanage for magic children in the hills of Texas is suddenly thrown into chaos when a mysterious force casts a shadow of dread over the small town of Black Creek. W...