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After the End by derec519
After the Endby DereC
A Sci-Fi novel about a rogue AI, a CORRUPT government, and the brainwashed populace. Go figure. And allusions to real life stuff/pop culture references that nobody wi...
Starfox. A child in space. by Stanton111
Starfox. A child in Stanton Keene
A human child name Jimmy with no last name ran away from a foster home since he was bullIed and abused by other orphans and the care takers didn't care. Until he crossed...
Pearl of the Stars by AngusEcrivain
Pearl of the Starsby Angus Ecrivain
In the aftermath of an epic battle, the Pearl of the Stars arrives home, ready for her next mission...
Gate: Thus the Intergalactic Sorcerous Empire Fought There by AinzOoalGown519
Gate: Thus the Intergalactic Ainz Ooal Gown
The sorcerer kingdom was founded 800 years ago. In these 800 years, they have dominated the space. It is now called the Intergalactic Sorcerous Empire. A lot has changed...
Humanity Endures by Evan_Armstrong
Humanity Enduresby Evan Armstrong
Desperation, ideals, greed, and hope - they all have a role to play in tearing the galaxy apart. The human race finds itself at the precipice; a mysterious, monstrous f...
Her unkown secrets 🚫 by Aliikia
Her unkown secrets 🚫by Aliikia
Hybrid garla y/n had somehow escaped the dreaded place she was raised, raised by the garla empire wasnt fun and being a hybrid didn't help one bit. Escaped she warned th...
Angelic Weapon Seraphim by CharlesSmith9
Angelic Weapon Seraphimby Charles Smith
It is the twilight of humanity. There are no living worlds left; the last humans exist aboard crumbling millennia-old city-ships commanded by feudal lords. They are prot...
Resistance is all I have  by goddess_lady_loki
Resistance is all I have by goddess_lady_loki
I was assimilated at Wolf359 and that's where I though my life had ended but in reality that's where my hell began. I do not own, or claim to own, any of the Star Trek f...
Separation of minds by JamesMurcury2
Separation of mindsby JamesMurcury2
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... The jed'ih, an ancient order of force users, have broken apart, 2 students, one who studies the light, and one who studie...
New Earth 6 by krazydiamond
New Earth 6by Kristin Jacques
'Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica'. A merchant's daughter is captured and sold into slavery. A genetically modified survivor of an alien attack scours the gal...
halo x star wars by lolgamer823
halo x star warsby wendigo
settings: beginning of the clone wars. halo: the war with the covenant is over. in doing so the unsc decides to send am exploration fleet outside the halo universe and i...
Outlaw Teens by hridiv
Outlaw Teensby メᎳᎪᏒᏒᎥᎾᏒメ
Welcome to the 27th Century A time when humans aren't limited to Earth. When the footprints of humanity had reached other planets too. The world seemed to be at peace un...
Where I Belong (Star Wars: The Bad Batch) by TRexGaming3
Where I Belong (Star Wars: The Tiana Princess
As a young girl you worked on Kamino helping out in the medical bay with your friend Omega who helped you through the rough times... You still continue to work with Omeg...
STAR WARS: Fallen - An Old Republic Story by chris_hartley
STAR WARS: Fallen - An Old Harper
The time is 3958 BBY. The galaxy is in flames, ripped apart by Revan's betrayal. The Jedi Order is in chaos, and the Sith Armada rules the galaxy. Roan Novanna is a Sith...
Pegasus Fleet: An SGA Fanfiction by Lukesm21
Pegasus Fleet: An SGA Fanfictionby ⬇️Pressthatbutton⬇️
During the battle of Asuras, a battle of Wraith and Humans vs the Replicators, four teams of scientists and military personnel are dispatched onto four intact, and aband...
Patrol 42: The Outer Reaches by LordLaFaveloun
Patrol 42: The Outer Reachesby LordLaFaveloun
The ship Sylvania is on a mission in deep space when it is rocked by a devastating projectile from the void. They must track down the ship that fired it or be hunted dow...
Yoke of Vengeance by pattuck418
Yoke of Vengeanceby pattuck418
A heartless and savage attack on civilian star ferries leaves a multitude of innocents dead in the distant Amosia Galaxy. Among the casualties are the wife and unborn da...
Death of Hope: A Halo fanfiction by NeverforgetReach
Death of Hope: A Halo fanfictionby NeverforgetReach
Roses are red Violets are blue Humanity is almost dead Earth is about to fall too A collection of short stories, each unique to their setting in the battle of Earth from...
STARGᐰTE: Brown Dwarf by Luna_the_Kelpie
STARGᐰTE: Brown Dwarfby Luna_the_Kelpie
Stargate: Brown Dwarf is set shortly after the events of Stargate: Continuum when the completion of the HMAS Brown Dwarf prompts the opening of a new division of Stargat...
Dawn of the Final Frontier by JFcMichael
Dawn of the Final Frontierby JFcMichael
Welcome to the Terran Naval Command Archive Establishing connection... Password?: ******* ... Clearance:[REDACTED] ... ... Access Granted Press Start to Continue...