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The Parker Tales: Days of Future Past by AmanJerico
The Parker Tales: Days of Future P...by BuddyBoy27
Several students, parents, scientists, and mutants are transported in their sleep to a large room with a TV. They're told to watch a movie, which will reveal life changi...
Watching the Spectacular Spiderman by MannyV6160
Watching the Spectacular Spidermanby MannyV6160
After the events of Season 2, life for Peter Parker isn't going to great. Peter experiences life changes that affects Peter and Spiderman, but what would happen if Peter...
Spider-Man X Miraculous by Smash_Fan-56
Spider-Man X Miraculousby Smash_Fan-56
Peter Parker has experienced some pretty bad luck since the day he dumped Liz Allan and "killed" the Green Goblin. Liz had been giving him the silent treatment...
Después de la muerte de la Tía May y sus problemas como Peter Parker. El tendrá que vivir una vida dura con su vida amorosa y su vida como Spider-Man. No todo es tan fác...
Spectacular Spiderman and Kim Possible: heroes united.  by Hunterprime1414
Spectacular Spiderman and Kim Poss...by HunterPrime
A crossover between Spectacular Spiderman and Kim Possible. Takes place after season 2 of spectacular spiderman and during season 4 of kim possible. I was inspired to ma...
IMAGINE- Fancasts by lulu_belle19
IMAGINE- Fancastsby Lulu
Because I love so many different animated shows and books, I want to make dream casts for a possible movie for them. There will also be a possible synopsis if it is a sh...
Takemichi Hanagaki: The Spectacular Spider-Man by RinOta06
Takemichi Hanagaki: The Spectacula...by RinOta
Takemichi Hanagaki used to be your average middle-schooler... Well, that was until he was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him the ability to do almost anything...
Ultimate Spider-Man: Season 1 by SpiderSlayer16
Ultimate Spider-Man: Season 1by SpiderSlayer16
Peter Parker looks into the crime Empire of Tombstone and works to take him down but in the process finds himself facing super criminals who are working to stop him. Alo...
Spectacular Spider-Man season 3 by sauceada000
Spectacular Spider-Man season 3by sauceada000
It's been a few months since the 'death' of Norman Osborn and peter and Harry's relationship is more strained then ever, and there's new threats attacking New York, howe...
Naruko the  mutant spectacular spider man by capzica28
Naruko the mutant spectacular spi...by Blake Foye
a mutant is at Midtown high Naruko Uzumaki has power of ninjutsu same power as Naruto characters have expect Naruko has wood release
My OC Spider-Man by Eallegra2
My OC Spider-Manby E Allte
This is not a story but a way to spread the word of my deviantart page as Artman345. However I wouldn't mind if you used it.
Non-official spiritual sequel to Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Some time has passed since Spider-Man has lost almost everything he loved...
Webbed Up by Teunis1997
Webbed Upby Teunis1997
Teo Broere is at her grandma's house getting babysat when something strange happens and she finds herself in a completely new environment. What will happen when she star...
Spider-Man meets the Flex Fighters  by Hunterprime1414
Spider-Man meets the Flex Fighters by HunterPrime
Johnathan Rook attempts to use Spider-Man to get rid of the flex fighters.
Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue (My Version) by RockyBullwinkleGirl
Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue (M...by RockyBullwinkleGirl
My version of Cartoon Allstars To The Rescue, featuring my favorite characters.
Spectacular - Spidey (Spider-Man/Peter Parker X Reader) by Forever-The-Echo
Spectacular - Spidey (Spider-Man/P...by Forever-The-Echo
The reader who also happens to be a hero with in the city of New York, now you have been on the streets for months, you had left your parents and where needing work to g...
Heroine (Truth And Death Are So Closely Intertwined) by AshesFloating
Heroine (Truth And Death Are So Cl...by AshesFloating
Gwen Stacy is tired of being late. So she isn't.
~iconic quotes with spidey~ [updates coming soon] by SLADEtheYUNGvengie
~iconic quotes with spidey~ [updat...by » 𝐳𝐨𝐫𝐨 «
Spidey isn't a phase, he's a lifestyle and I will most likely die holding a spider-man plushie, watching a spider-man movie, reading a spidey comic or talking about him...