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Mending Morality by STUD247
Mending Moralityby STUD247
They are two sides of the same coin. Peter Parker, the hero that no one remembers. Wanda Maximoff, the hero that everyone fears. Both have lost everything and everyone t...
Peter Stark by Rautrix
Peter Starkby Rautrix
This story takes place after the Civil War. After Peter's aunt dies, from unhealable heart disease, Peter becomes an orphan. Soon enough Tony Stark and his wife, Pepper...
Trip to Stark Tower by Frazel_Solangelo
Trip to Stark Towerby Frazel_Solangelo
"This year's field trip is too... Stark Tower!" Mr Harrington yelled. Cheers sounded across the room. Peter Stark groaned and sunk lower into his chair. Great...
Spider-Man: The New Avenger by Rautrix
Spider-Man: The New Avengerby Rautrix
What if the rogue Avengers were pardoned a month after the fight in Siberia? What if Peter wouldn't have denied Tony Stark's invite, to become an Avenger? What if he wou...
Peter Stark: Life After Civil War by SnowMione18
Peter Stark: Life After Civil Warby Ravenclaw Princess
Being Tony Starks personal intern wasn't the only big change after Civil War. Suddenly his life flashed before his eyes, and he was now the son of Tony and Pepper Stark...
Journey Of Team Red : From Streets To S.H.I.E.L.D by purplespotlight
Journey Of Team Red : From Streets...by mentor&mentee writes
Spider-Man teams up with other vigilantes of New York , Daredevil and Deadpool forming team red. Team red joins S.H.I.E.L.D after putting up with great fight with the av...
Spidey Needs A Break by ElmoCheesez
Spidey Needs A Breakby Kermit cheese
Peter has been Spider-Man for years stopping crime and super baddies all by him self why is the Avengers talking to him now
No one Knows the beginning... by TigerHolland
No one Knows the beginning...by Tigezz
Natasha was sent to the red room when she was just twelve years old but managed to escape not long after. fourteen years later, Natasha has finally felt like she can mov...
Peter Lokison by Marvel_AvengersLover
Peter Lokisonby Marvel_AvengersLover
What if Loki had a child with a very powerful goddess who sadly passed giving birth but they both agreed that their child should not stay with them because he would be i...
You and I by FinnRook23
You and Iby Finn
After an event caused by the Beyonder, Peter finds himself, on a world similar to his, with no connections to anyone in this world, and a lot of unanswered questions he...
A new student (spiderwitch) by harry17092
A new student (spiderwitch)by harry17092
Wanda just moved into stark tower with her brother ( he survived aou ) who are both 16 . Since they joined the avengers Steve and Nat adopted them and they've been getti...
Spiderwitch field trip and one shots and irondad and spiderson  by beenwithrebels
Spiderwitch field trip and one sho...by Beenwithrebels
Peter stark or Peter Parker as he is known at school is the biological son of Tony and pepper stark and he has an amazing and supportive girlfriend named Wanda maxamoff...
spiderwitch instagram  by wubba_lubba_dub_dub1
spiderwitch instagram by jembo jenckings
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Unexpected Family  by Elmocheese
Unexpected Family by Elmo_cheese 000
A portal opened in the middle of the living room of the avengers tower 5 kids This is my first story nothing here is mine but the story #1 Spiderwitch 06/03/2021 #1 Spid...
No Way Back: A Spiderwitch Story by saltyredhead231
No Way Back: A Spiderwitch Storyby SRH231
Peter Parker lost everything, at just 17 he's lost his Aunt, his best friends, and his girlfriend. He's 18 now, and he's all alone until he meets a familiar face, 21 yea...
The Avengers Co-Starring Spiderman! by amberbow3n
The Avengers Co-Starring Spiderman!by amberbow3n
The events of the mcu movies if spiderman was in the earlier movies, and older. By Infinite_J on AO3
Slowly Falling by Bwaffles1
Slowly Fallingby Bwaffles1
Peter Parker has been homeless for two years. They've been a rough two years, but he can handle it. When Natasha finds Peter in alleyway all bruised and cut she takes hi...
Collection of SpiderWitch one shots. by luke21700
Collection of SpiderWitch one shot...by Luke Russell-Wells
As the title implies, this will have a collection of SpiderWitch one shots. Some will be friendships, some will be romance.
Wrong number kid - avengers  by miaphyx
Wrong number kid - avengers by miaphyx
Just a wrong number story Avengers Peter accidentally texts the wrong number but will that wrong number become something more?
Heads Up by imareallygoodlawyer
Heads Upby lizzie_olsen_simp
What if Wanda Maximoff was forced into Cap's team? Wanda Maximoff is fifteen years old with no family. The Accords come up and Cap forces her to come with him. An unknow...