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I swear I'm normal (Split fanfiction) by mariaraynpando
I swear I'm normal (Split fanficti...by BATMAN
You were just a girl with a traumatizing past who got invited to a classmates birthday party when you and three other girls get kidnapped. You soon learn that this man h...
After the Split *Yandere Split 2017* by LokisBabydollBride
After the Split *Yandere Split 201...by BabyDoll
Casey was freed. She was one of the pure ones. But what happened before her freedom? The Beast knew of everyones feelings. Hedwigs little crush on the pure one. Dennis'...
Split Fanfiction by thatgirlwritingthere
Split Fanfictionby Dont worry
What if he didn't leave her there in that cell. What if he took the girl with him back to his home his real home not the place under the zoo. What if he's keeping her...
One, Two, Three, and Four by Avec_DS
One, Two, Three, and Fourby Avec_DS
Lucy Collins had one friend in the world. Then she had two. Then three. Then four. And they all lived in the same body.
Trapped~ A split fanfiction by Eternalshadowlady
Trapped~ A split fanfictionby shadowlady
DIFFERENT. Three girls are kidnapped by a man with 23 distinct personalities, they must escape before something or rather to say someone emerges inside Kevin's head. FEA...
The Enigma of Love  by MildlyDrabVan
The Enigma of Love by 🎀Hannah🎀
(DennisxReader) You have been kidnapped by a man with split personalities, one of which you will grow quite close to.
Agony || Split by officialfruiser
Agony || Splitby .k a i t l y n.
Traumatized by her own past, Serra Valentine was never the life of the party. Excelled on every classes and tests, led her to study at Acosta's Academy. Being so quiet h...
CrossFire (Split Fanfiction) by UnicowCipher
CrossFire (Split Fanfiction)by l ﻮ๏l๔єภ ๔๏שє l
You were kidnapped by a man with two other girls from your choir class, Samantha and Wendy. Not dare making the same mistake as before, he keeps you all separate, but yo...
Becoming - split fanfiction  by colorfulkiwi
Becoming - split fanfiction by colorfulkiwi
Casey Cooke remembered exactly what happened that week. The memories burned into the very back of her mind, until she realized something; she had to see that man again...
24 Demons (Split Fanfic) by The_Rabid_Writer
24 Demons (Split Fanfic)by Lillith S.
A girl is picked up by someone who will later be not only a serial kidnapper, but a true monster. Can she save him from himself? And can she save herself from him?
Split Fanfiction (and maybe a crossover with X-Men's powers) by HanjiZoe845
Split Fanfiction (and maybe a cros...by HanjiZoe845
There's that movie named "Split", in which an actor that I really admire (James McAvoy), plays in. It was a long time before I started writing fanfiction, but...
Oblivion ~ Split Fanfiction by vevvol
Oblivion ~ Split Fanfictionby vevoll
UNFINISHED Casey was the only one kidnapped. Through the hardships she's endured all her life she has yet to overcome the biggest. With the constant threat of other per...
When The Light Goes Out by LitVix
When The Light Goes Outby LitVix
Monique Leavings isn't very well adjusted to social interactions. She meets Barry during one of those awkward interactions. When they cross paths a second time and she f...
Split: An odd couple by cutewriterbean
Split: An odd coupleby Smutlord
Casey was kidnapped by Kevin Wendell Crumb.. or so she thought. She finds out he has D.I.D and we start from when the beast finds out she is pure. She thinks she'll have...
Impulse~Split Fanfiction by vevvol
Impulse~Split Fanfictionby vevoll
You didn't know that playing around with other people's feelings could result in you messing with your own. What started out as a way to gain trust to escape ended up no...