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Only He saw by obsessedbutonline
Only He sawby Alyssa
TW: self harm When the pack stopped telling him about meetings, Stiles laughed. It wasn't surprising that they forgot to update his number when their phones kept getting...
stiles ship pics by ochoagabriel793
stiles ship picsby Gabriela
Little do you know (Steter) by Angelwbw
Little do you know (Steter)by Belle
Where the sarcastic human makes the dangerous werewolf go sweet. Warning: Full of kinks 😂🙈
The Strength Of The Wolf Is The Pack by trelly1999
The Strength Of The Wolf Is The trelly1999
Stiles is much more than the pack thought he was however, they kicked him out for being weak, for being useless, for being human so stiles left. However he got a call fo...
teen wolf texts by YepYou2
teen wolf textsby Yep You
text messages between the pack. thiam sterek morey jethan malira and a creepy flirty steter
Jealousy [Sterek] by Innocent_little_girl
Jealousy [Sterek]by A Badass Queen
So Derek has a small crush on Stiles and some of the pack members figured it out so they decided to play a game to see who can make Derek jealous by flirting with Stiles...
Teen Wolf BoyxBoy One Shots by ThatOneBoyNicholas
Teen Wolf BoyxBoy One Shotsby ;p
Comment or message me with a pair you want to be included in here! I'll do all that I can and there's nothing I won't do! Btw I have an important authors note about some...
Sarcastic Luna & Terrifying Alpha Series by EccentricKait
Sarcastic Luna & Terrifying Kait
Peter and Stiles (fem!Stiles) become each other's life lines long before they find out they are soulmates. Follow them on their adventures and watch as their relationshi...
Teen Wolf Oneshots x Male Reader by No_Thanks_March22
Teen Wolf Oneshots x Male Readerby PeterPanda
I don't take requests and they're mainly just Drabble that come into my head but some ideas may be taken from other stories within the fandom I mainly write for Stiles S...
Skin Deep (Are the Secrets I Keep) by cywscross
Skin Deep (Are the Secrets I Keep)by Cross
They've both been burned, literally and figuratively, and some scars won't ever fade. But they're easier to bear when they're together, and that's something neither of t...
The Lost Kitsune by MaiDemonLord
The Lost Kitsuneby Alice XxX
Batman sends The Young Justice League to an underground town that's hidden deep beneath Gotham City. A town that hasn't been town touch since the accident that almost de...
Goner by ybcomplicated
Gonerby Bear
You're alone. He wasn't sure if he was trying to convince himself that the Nogistune was no longer with him. Or if he was letting himself know, without a doubt, that he...
Tv/movie/book gay oneshots by romance-yay
Tv/movie/book gay oneshotsby Anime-life
Tv/movie/book gay oneshots
Stilinski Secret! by ajash10
Stilinski Secret!by ajash10
Stiles is married and happily in love. Liam is a puppy and Isaac is adorable. Peter is possessive and Stiles adores it, while the pack have to come to terms with some pr...
Seeing ghosts  by Cannibal_King
Seeing ghosts by Cannibal_King
What if stiles could see ghosts and had some type of connection to the dead?
A hoard of Teen Wolf fanfics by youdothemeth
A hoard of Teen Wolf fanficsby jesse
Requests are open. I don't write smut. But I sure as hell got close to it that one time. Older stuff is cringy, but whatever.
For The Love Of The Game by rightsidethru
For The Love Of The Gameby rightsidethru
Stiles has a favorite baseball team that he enjoys watching play. Or, more specifically, he has a favorite player: Peter Hale.
Mates (Steter and Stackson) by RainbowHybrid
Mates (Steter and Stackson)by Mrs.Stilinksi-Hale
Peter and Derek are Stilies mate.
The Fool's Lament by mikihamp17
The Fool's Lamentby Miki
Steter challenge one-shot challenge with @Sahiba_KT I own the poem "THE COURT JESTER'S LAMENT" do not use without explicit permission.
The Dark by ScaliaRising
The Darkby ScaliaRising
The only way out of darkness is through it. Stiles was used and hurt in the worst way. Humiliated to hurt Scott. Someone Stiles had forewarned, weeks before it happened...