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Purple diamond- A SU self insert by 0oMercuryo0
Purple diamond- A SU self insertby Mia★
After pinks shattering, the diamonds couldn't bare to live without her. White created a new small diamond similar to pink, purple diamond ------------------- I do not o...
Steven Universe Gone Wrong (plus reader) by Useruseruser101
Steven Universe Gone Wrong (plus stvrlightt <3
I've seen some stories about this "Gone Wrong" post and I wanted to write my own version. I did not make this story, someone else did. Also the cover art is no...
No Meaning Without Life (Male Reader x Diamonds) by Thescout234
No Meaning Without Life (Male The scout 75
How were Gems created along with many other species? Better question is: Who created them? The creator goes by many names: G/C Diamond, Y/N, but it's true position in li...
Where? Garnet x Female reader by depressoesspress0
Where? Garnet x Female readerby Lapis
Explained in Info in book
A certain Pearl "Yellow Pearl x male reader" by OsuSamurai
A certain Pearl "Yellow Pearl x OsuSamurai
Y/N was heading towards beach city to stay with his cousin, steven universe, and his uncle Greg universe, on your way there you see two giant hands, one hand floats near...
Steven Universe Memes by gwomewor
Steven Universe Memesby Paz
Idk I just have a ton of SU memes
Gems Craze by Mr_idiotic
Gems Crazeby Mr_idiotic
This is Yandere Crystal Gems x Male Reader book. Steven Universe owned by Rebecca Sugar.
Where? Pt. 2| Garnet x Female Reader  by depressoesspress0
Where? Pt. 2| Garnet x Female Lapis
Life and death and love and birth and peace and war on the planet earth. Isn't there anything that's worth more than peace and love on the planet earth?
💕I Love You💕 by Useruseruser101
💕I Love You💕by stvrlightt <3
Steven Universe x Reader Insert (Oop, I'm making my own character lol. Enjoy.) Also I don't own any Steven Universe characters, just my own lol
Spoof pitches  by Ro1052003
Spoof pitches by Riley Ohrt
More ideas for stories revolving Steven universe and other movies and tv shows. You the viewers get to vote on which pitch gets made. Which ever pitch gets the most Vote...
{Mine~}Pink Diamond!Steven x Fem.Reader by Boomyouareawesome
{Mine~}Pink Diamond!Steven x 💚SHREK’S WAIFU💚
In this au Steven was raised by the diamonds.Steven's pearl is pearl.Warning violence.Also Steven is 16
My little angel ~ Steven Universe x reader  by Nerdyalerty
My little angel ~ Steven #1 Abomination
Y/n........ just a normal average teen who had just moved to beach city.... Nothing special, right? Steven universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar. And le cover was not made b...
Steven Universe Future x reader oneshots by 0_bimbo_0
Steven Universe Future x reader 0_bimbo_0
These are going to be mostly Steven x readers, but I'm keeping requests open for any characters. The only thing I can't do is male readers, sorry! But since you all seem...
The New Diamond (a Steven Universe fanfiction)  by PrettyDragonBaby
The New Diamond (a Steven Duck Person
"Ship launching in 3...2...1," "Welcome home, little baby." Pink Diamond thought she had it made with her fellow Diamonds. But then she found Earth...
Gem Bro's (Crystal gems x Reader) by Adam_guack
Gem Bro's (Crystal gems x Reader)by Adam_guack
Rose split up her form, into two children (Y/n) and Steven. Follow the adventures of (Y/n) and Steven, the two brothers will face many adventures and... angst. (Y/n) fe...
Steven's "Little" Secret (A Steven Universe AGERE fanfic) by Void_Voidself
Steven's "Little" Secret (A Void <3
Steven has been talking with his therapist for a while about coping mechanisms and he stumbled across age regression. He looked more into it and discovered millions of r...
The affair  by martharia99
The affair by martharia99
It's the beginning of era two. Pink diamond is gone, leaving the diamonds in a time of despair and sadness. All falls apart. Friendships, trust, and home world. Ever...
The Smell Of Coffee and Post-It Notes- A Bispearl Story by LarryTheAlien
The Smell Of Coffee and Post-It LarryTheAlien
Bismuth is an ex-military weapons expert. She currently teaches metal structure at a local university. Pearl is a very worn out writer who does sword fighting in her spa...
 I've Never felt anything like this before  by stellacortes14
I've Never felt anything like stellacortes14
Zach Callison and Grace rolek are co-stars on Steven Universe, they've been friends for forever, ever since they met 8 years ago, however things start to change between...