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STARGIRL by xxmils
"Her lips are like the galaxy's edge, and her kiss the colour of a constellation falling into place" (AM). - Every time he looked at her, he could feel his hea...
A F F E C T I O N by exoticfinn
A F F E C T I O Nby s
"Yours was all I ever wanted." // Classic romance from a not-so-classic point of view // #weneediversebooks #stopslutshaming
The Undoing of Ryder Burke by clarifications
The Undoing of Ryder Burkeby clarifications
Ryder Burke is a slut. It's a known fact in Madison High that Ryder is down for pretty much everything- the stories written on the bathroom stalls are law, after all. He...
Nameless - I by IzzyJFitz
Nameless - Iby IzzyJFitz
(Book One) Do you ever feel as if your life has yet to begin? I've been alive for almost seventeen years now and absolutely nothing has ever happened to me. Not until I...
The Guide to Lying by addisonsydb
The Guide to Lyingby Addison Bates
~WATTPAD FEATURED STORY IN CHICKLIT~ Karma Pavuluri's college class schedule didn't typically involve getting interrogated by the police. But after posting a seemingly i...
Sisters after Misters by certifiedcliche
Sisters after Mistersby Ramsha
Aurelia Ellingson and Willow Ellingson are more than sisters. They're each other's best friends, cheerleaders and teachers. They believe that no one could come between t...
Wish Upon A Demon [EDITING] by echoyourname_
Wish Upon A Demon [EDITING]by k a r a
Book 1 in the 'Paraverse' series. "I wish to become beautiful, inside and outside." For eighteen-year-old Faye Martin, becoming beautiful was the onl...
She. Escort  by thelocahxxgirly
She. Escort by ✨J È M É✨
When Koko finally decides to stop pushing upwards, she embraces the new lifestyle of an escort. Her clients were supposed to be 'really old and probably can't get it up'...
Devil's Desire (18+) by CarrieLaunsher
Devil's Desire (18+)by Dreaming_Impossible
※Devil※ The supreme spirit of Evil; Satan. ●※● Trying to escape her past, Ava stumbles into a lonely city, Vambrose. Three days in the city and she found herself sittin...
Perfect by the book #Wattys2015 by undercover_alien
Perfect by the book #Wattys2015by undercover_alien
[WATTYS 2015] Perfect. Our human nature goal. It's our want. It's our need. We want the perfect appearance, the perfect family, the perfect career, the perfec...
Broken ✔ by kendallblacc
Broken ✔by Elinam
In the attempt to fight for her rights as a woman, an African rural teen born to a misogynistic people is suddenly thrown into a world of evil that she must overcome if...
Candid by Percabeth5599
Candidby Percabeth5599
Previously known as Lights,Camera,High School. Alexis Taylor is one of the biggest superstars Hollywood has seen till date.She's got it all, the talent,the looks and fam...
ufo's ♡ unacknowledged female oppressions by flwrah
ufo's ♡ unacknowledged female madelyn
"there is evidence that trees can feel pain and yet no one acknowledges this. there is evidence that a woman is being raped in a forest in Africa and yet no one ack...
Deen Queens by hafyouseenhaffy
Deen Queensby hafsah sana
{A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} Saleena is a world famous singer, hating the glitter and the gold but remaining number one in the charts in sheer desperation. She will do an...
I'm Not a Slut, I Swear by apathetic-avidity
I'm Not a Slut, I Swearby 文火
I wrote this to focus on the crazy difference between the standards of a male versus the standards of a female. Alice cheated on her boyfriend who now hates her and wil...
Black Sheep by she-man
Black Sheepby she-man
He's the black sheep among the other seven brothers and one sister of the family, without either his mom or dad knowing it. And he tries hard to keep both parents cluele...
Ace of Hearts by addisonsydb
Ace of Heartsby Addison Bates
Ace Anderson spends most her time hanging out at the beach with her two best friends, Jim and Charlie. But when Ace decides maybe it's time to take her relationship with...
Betraying Myself (Myself #2) by Aquila_Lyn
Betraying Myself (Myself #2)by Ridhima
*MOVED TO GOODNOVEL* Never give up on things which you want. Sanchi Talwar mantra to move on from the things she had done in her past, made people cry and was a bitch to...
Sluts Like Me by whitas
Sluts Like Meby 💕Whillavit💕
Insight to Veronica Neilson. This is not the life I thought I would have when I was seven years old, I thought that when I was finally eighteen and a 'big kid' as I used...