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Hoarding goods: struggling to survive in a crisis world   by Thousand_Moon
Hoarding goods: struggling to Thousand Moon
Author: Long boat crossing the moon Ongoing NOT MINE! MACHINE TRANSLATION! The full text is superficial, and all the regions, countries, and cities described in the text...
One night to remember  by LaylynR
One night to remember by LaylynR
What happens when one night pure with lust an the best he's ever had wasn't there when he woke up.He has always dominated but what happens when she holds equal the power...
Hello,Wife by IpshitaIpa
Hello,Wifeby esh@18
He was confused, so he asked, "I have a car, a house, good-looks and money. What am I lacking in?" She replied, "All those attributes are what men use to...
Secret by NCDraper
Secretby N.C. Draper
Growing up with a drunken dad, and a mom who died giving birth, Danielle learns not to trust anyone. With multiple alias', an apartment she doesn't live in, and a bucket...
The Arrangements between the Duke and I by smthin_randkm
The Arrangements between the cfuhy
Two people Arrange Marriage for politics and possession in nobility,
Finding Her by rache1ann
Finding Herby rache1ann
It was only thirty years ago that the Lycans first made themselves known to the Human world. They needed mates to continue their bloodlines. They were faced with the gr...
Do or Die by SatrryRosy4
Do or Dieby Starry Rosy
Do or Die is a story about common people and their problems. Common people always go through a lot but still pretends to be all right. Their situations sometimes is mor...
Rebelliously Yours by PlotTwister002
Rebelliously Yoursby Anthony Akuobi
He suddenly looked down the slope, where his friend just lay motionless. I certainly hope he isn't dead. Taking advantage of my momentary distraction, he swung his taser...
Sebelum Terlambat by beetchinheet
Sebelum Terlambatby beetchinheet
"Apa kau buat dekat sini? Aku dah suruh kau blah kan?" pandangan jelik dilemparkan kepada Anith. Sambil menghela nafas yang berat, dia hanya memandang kosong k...
Beyond Love by RaineWhite
Beyond Loveby RaineWhite
Evangeline Odele Valdez wanted nothing more than a happy family but what happens when fate plays a cruel game with her. A small change makes a big difference. Follow her...
Engraved In Glass by startatyana
Engraved In Glassby startatyana
There are two types: the light ones and the dark ones. He was dark. I was light. He wanted nothing to do with me. I wanted everything to do with him. Was that so wrong?
The Girl Who Kept Winter by PhanThiGiaoChi
The Girl Who Kept Winterby Giao Chi
English version of the Viet young adult hit Tuyet Den, available on Amazon It's bad enough that Dong Tu is being forced to marry a very unpleasant man--it gets even wor...
Alpha Finally Mine  by rak_sha_24
Alpha Finally Mine by rak_sha_24
I though he was it for me. But fate is a bitch who decided to kick me in the ass by taking it all away from me. I was happy but I made the others around me unhappy and t...
Crown by yes_thats_me
Crownby Swarnaparni
Is the will to live enough for survival? Isabella Darius, the Crown Princess of her Land, finds herself overwhelmed and helpless when her father, Joffrein Darius' throne...
Unwanted (NaNoWriMo 2014) by vicpaige1997
Unwanted (NaNoWriMo 2014)by victoria
Our Heroine finds herself in the freezing state of Alaska searching for answer about the tragic death of her two loving parents. She not only finds her answers but gets...
Who am I?  by Riya012000
Who am I? by Riya012000
Story of a boy who faught hard to make his own identity. Pictures taken from Pinterest and google
Wishing On That Star by LonelyxLover06
Wishing On That Starby Lonelyboy
This book is about, A little nine year old girl wishing on a midnight grey star that lays above her castle sky. She chose this star because it's two stars combined into...
Winter: Taken  by JordynVega
Winter: Taken by Ms. Vega
Plagued with nightmares and oblivious to herself, Winter Shea has lived with her human mother and eventual stepfather for all of her life, until her nightmare becomes re...
In love with the alpha.                                    By Alexis Neal by bells_2002
In love with the Alexis Marie Neal
The tantalizing tale of two people in love. Both have the ability to become wolves when they choose, but their powers are stronger under the full moon. Arya a young girl...