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Crybaby Boyfriend Omegaverse One-shots! by misspretentious_
Crybaby Boyfriend Omegaverse Miss Pretentious
(Kei Leighton omega x Dominant reader 'TEASE'🍋) A one shot scenarios of lemon induced specially for those dominant girls out there 🍋 Scenario characters include: Kei L...
To Train an Alpha by arenstig
To Train an Alphaby musemori
Enyo Choi was the kind of person who commands the energy in the room. Strong, loud, cunning. A whip-like tongue with eyes in the back of her head. But how will her unwav...
Submissive boys x Dom reader by superflydaniiii
Submissive boys x Dom readerby Dani!i!
About this book: - Almost all the characters except ones requested by you will be my OC's. - I'm only doing fluff for this book so if you want something more sexual may...
An interesting existence w/monster girls by MR_TNT23
An interesting existence w/ MR_TNT23
as a young boy Kentaro Ace was left on the door step of the lovely Hawanatu the Hakutaku but as he grows older taught the laws of the lands around him by the care of Haw...
The Desire Of Two by grungepupper
The Desire Of Twoby grungepupper
Delaney Leclair is a young man who strives to have a comfortable life. Burdened by his difficult past, he scrapes by, working a job he doesn't enjoy to pay rent and affo...
ETERNAL EMBRACE  by opps____
In their neighborhood, two souls find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other's presence. From the confines of their separate homes, they steal glances across the di...
BEAUTIFUL by amorjong
park seonghwa ✔ in which a flower boy meets a biker girl [PARK SEONGHWA SHORTFIC] started: 06/20/22 finished: 06/23/22
Paperwork? No, pleasure ~  by citychrissy
Paperwork? No, pleasure ~ by christie’s theme *✧
A story by Christie Cake & PugStar Leading as Editor-In-Chief for New York's most successful pop-culture magazine, Charme, Katerina Von Oskar had only known work and po...
hugs & kisses - An original story by lilxhyunnie
hugs & kisses - An original storyby t a y . a o i
"hehe~ it tickles!" his voice filled my heart- a flutter destroying my emotions. - - - highkey fluff ✔ lowkey smut✔ angst ✔ school au ✔ first person ✔
FAME by bliboop
FAMEby bliboop
Alice Cox, A Famous Model, Influencer, And actress. Has 15 million followers on Instagram. Happens to meet Slater Armani who models In Italy. They click and became frien...
Second Chance At Life by Mimi_chan4951
Second Chance At Lifeby Mimi_chan
Li Chaoxing commits suicide because of her miserable life. What she didn't know was that she'd travel 10 years back in time. This time she'll fix her mistakes, appreciat...
Youngblood (coming soon) by -Madly
Youngblood (coming soon)by R
❝They say he's not wolf enough.❞ ❝They say she is.❞ ... 2015 © All Rights Reserved (Coming Soon)
Saccharine by xherpowerx
Saccharineby Call me Antonia
Nathan was excessively sweet and sentimental.
The L❤VE Twins x Reader by DeeDeeReaper666
The L❤VE Twins x Readerby DeeDeeReaper666
You find yourself in a new school in a new city with your mother. Your girl friends Tora, Kokoa, Karin, Kaede, always say what is right and wrong but sometimes they do t...
My Little One  by _xxrowxx_
My Little One by Jaydyn’s Puppy
-Ddlb story (nsfw mostly but some Sfw parts) -sub pov -opposite aesthetic trope -real description coming later :) Enjoy little ones or CGs <3
Anastasia  by RedLips239
Anastasia by RedLips239
To clarify this story is NOT and I repeat NOT for children.... Also I hope you enjoy it!😌 _______________________________________________________ Anastasia is what they...
Bottom Zoro X Top Female reader by superflydaniiii
Bottom Zoro X Top Female readerby Dani!i!
This book is just for fun and I'm probably not gonna post it. Anyway I'm a top ( most of the time unless there's a really hot girl) and I like submissive boys/bottom boy...