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Second Chance by coveealvin
Second Chanceby Boneless_Ice
A man named Eddie lived a monotonous life. Until he got rammed by a train. after saving a girl. But his story does not end there. And so does the girl. I do NOT own MGE...
Monster Musume Plus by BlackvoirYanderevoir
Monster Musume Plusby kylemasterbuild -kyleetta
Another Sequel Series, this Time for the Monster Girl Harem Series, Monster Musume. Kuro Smith is the Cousin to Kuroko Smith and he is becoming a Host and a Research Fel...
A Super Mecha's Rising against Union (Bullied Male OC/Reader X Massive Crossover by ShinzaGodWarrior
A Super Mecha's Rising against TechnoGodSaga
Riku Sakurai was once a student in Union Academy, however he was bullied not just because he didn't have a Quirk, Semblence, Sacred Gear or Shinobi skill, it was also be...
Eternal Love (Shortstory) by That1NUT
Eternal Love (Shortstory)by theHolyNUT69
It is over. He finished his not-so-eternal battle. He RIPPED and TEARED. Each and every demon. His fight is over. But now what? He isn't just going to stay in the Fortre...
One Day, I Adopted Three Monstergirls! by Ry2_SinHeart
One Day, I Adopted Three Sinheart
One fateful day, Eryn passes by the monstergirl shelter and notices its only remaining three monstergirls. Against his best judgment, he decides to adopt them and gives...
Running Through Worlds by NuroVolt7
Running Through Worldsby NuroVolt7
I woke up in the base of a mountain, my chest throbbing. From what I could see through the pain, I was in a smoking crater. Did I actually fall from the sky? I could see...
Oneshots across the dimensions.  by DJjammer
Oneshots across the dimensions. by DJjammer
male reader x female characters.
Story Ideas For Izuku by JRORTIZ5
Story Ideas For Izukuby
I'm too lazy and dont have the motivation to do theses at all
A Certain Shade of Ice by YharimandYharon
A Certain Shade of Iceby Isovelion
A simple book brought him here. How strange a thought. With a new Sun to strive for, he would do anything. No matter how many of these.. "Mamono" got in the wa...
Yandere Boys (Yandere/Abusive/Sadistic/Possesive) by EskerGaming18
Yandere Boys (Yandere/Abusive/ Daemon King
This is an encyclopaedia for you all who want to fantasize being brutally raped by a Monster Boy, who is very Handsome and Possesive of you.
Of Peryton and Serpent by KoroblynxRandomsFics
Of Peryton and Serpentby 💀Koroblynx💀
Stories of an unlikely couple of monster humans, a sea serpent man and a peryton woman,
The suprisingly "sexy" new world by That1NUT
The suprisingly "sexy" new worldby theHolyNUT69
The year is 1962, twenty years have passed from the end of the second world war. Because of a revolution in Germany the war has ended much faster than it should. A miste...
y/n the samurai  (Going To Remake) by Juujika-san
y/n the samurai (Going To Remake)by Juujika-san
y/n at the age of 4 he befriended a human animal hybrid known as demi humans his parents found out about this he was beaten until he turned 17 they sent him to a only h...
Lost In Mamono's World  (Harem X Male Reader). by Marcos17p
Lost In Mamono's World (Harem X Marcos Brian
after a little carelessness from God, we ended up in a "horrible" place, follow y / n on this adventure