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Hate to Apathy by MadMadCat
Hate to Apathyby Mad Cat
Righty ho! This was coming one way or another, so why not now, eh? Anyway, this is going to be in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world/universe... basically a fantasy wor...
Eternal Love (Shortstory) by That1NUT
Eternal Love (Shortstory)by theHolyNUT69
It is over. He finished his not-so-eternal battle. He RIPPED and TEARED. Each and every demon. His fight is over. But now what? He isn't just going to stay in the Fortre...
One Day, I Adopted Three Monstergirls! by Ry2_SinHeart
One Day, I Adopted Three Sinheart
One fateful day, Eryn passes by the monstergirl shelter and notices its only remaining three monstergirls. Against his best judgment, he decides to adopt them and gives...
The Savior from another World by ShinzaGodWarrior
The Savior from another Worldby TechnoGodSaga
Kaoru Akihiko was a young man who was a fan of anime, manga, video games, and light novels dies after saving a girl from a mad man. However, he was soon reincarnated int...
User of the Expanse System by KamenRenFuji
User of the Expanse Systemby MasadaRiderGod
Shinn Ikuse was a young man who was looked down on others due to the fact he had no powers as only his brother cared about him. But that all changed when he met a man wh...
Save A World by KamenRenFuji
Save A Worldby MasadaRiderGod
Shinn Itsuka was a boy who had been looked down by the world over and over due to being seen as a weakling and a coward. And once a so called omni god named Yamoto came...
Fusion Riders: Unity Taisen by KamenRenFuji
Fusion Riders: Unity Taisenby MasadaRiderGod
The world is now in a state of suffering due to the fact it is being taken over by false heroes, warmongering armies, raping monster girls, and emo gods. And when it see...
Rewrite A World by ShinzaGodWarrior
Rewrite A Worldby TechnoGodSaga
A young man who is big fan of anime, manga, video games and stories dies after being killed by someone he thought as a friend. Soon this young man is reincarnated as a f...
The Betrayed Imperial Soldier by KamenRenFuji
The Betrayed Imperial Soldierby MasadaRiderGod
(Warhammer 40K X Betrayed OC X Crossover) A young man who was forced to join the Imperialis Auxilia, tried to make a difference in it and also tried to end the war. Howe...
The Guardian Authors of the Omniverse by ShinzaGodWarrior
The Guardian Authors of the TechnoGodSaga
Nine young men, who were great friends, die after they saved women from rapists. When they thought that it was over for them, they were given a second chance by the prim...
Grand Senki Hero Taisen by ShinzaGodWarrior
Grand Senki Hero Taisenby TechnoGodSaga
In an alternative world, three children of a noble kingdom are destined to take the throne and protect their world. However, before any of them can be crowned, they were...
Elt' forgotten Secret by 1randomlurker
Elt' forgotten Secretby 1randomlurker
What if Elt had a secret he forgot about form magically afflicted amnesia. (crosspostef from
Monster Musume Plus by BlackvoirYanderevoir
Monster Musume Plusby kylemasterbuild -kyleetta
Another Sequel Series, this Time for the Monster Girl Harem Series, Monster Musume. Kuro Smith is the Cousin to Kuroko Smith and he is becoming a Host and a Research Fel...
A Hero in an Unfamiliar World by HowDidIGetHere77
A Hero in an Unfamiliar Worldby ZeroVoid
A pivotal moment in the journey of the hero resulted in a way that even the gods did not expect. For an unknown reason, Adramelech never stopped pursuing Luka even at th...
Dairy Of Demon Ninja (Monster Girl Encyclopedia Fanfic) by acasia0972
Dairy Of Demon Ninja (Monster Avaneesh Poojari
My name is Tatsumi,a normal or not-so-normal teenager that lives in shinobi village in Zipangu Region,well this village is full of girls,which make me nervous when I go...
Crimson Knight & Azure Fencer: Defenders of the Omniverse by KamenRenFuji
Crimson Knight & Azure Fencer: MasadaRiderGod
When the omniverse is in danger due to the influence of an evil hero organization and a ancient race of higher dimensional beings, its up to two boys who had suffered a...
An interesting existence w/monster girls by MR_TNT23
An interesting existence w/ MR_TNT23
as a young boy Kentaro Ace was left on the door step of the lovely Hawanatu the Hakutaku but as he grows older taught the laws of the lands around him by the care of Haw...
Running Through Worlds by NuroVolt7
Running Through Worldsby NuroVolt7
I woke up in the base of a mountain, my chest throbbing. From what I could see through the pain, I was in a smoking crater. Did I actually fall from the sky? I could see...