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The Rejected Minecrafter by SoraTempezt
The Rejected Minecrafterby Sora Tempest
A boy named Y/n was a knight of Rias Gremory he loved her and every girls the in her peerage the moment he became her servant but when he was about to confess his love f...
King among Queens (Monster hunter x male reader) by Luzius1
King among Queens (Monster Luzius1
One day (Y/n) suddenly found himself in the new world of monster hunter.... as a Jaggi. He then panics. How the hell can he survive in the world of monster hunter. But a...
One Day, I Adopted Three Monstergirls! by Ry2_SinHeart
One Day, I Adopted Three Sinheart
One fateful day, Eryn passes by the monstergirl shelter and notices its only remaining three monstergirls. Against his best judgment, he decides to adopt them and gives...
When Minecraft meets MGE by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
When Minecraft meets MGEby Change is Good
What if Modded Minecraft and MGE mixed together... Smells like Immersive Waifus ain't it? Grimoire of Gaia be damned, time to fuck up their reality with blocks and absol...
A World of Monster Girls by CaliburnG2
A World of Monster Girlsby CaliburnG2
It all started because of that game. It was an erotic game, really. In it, a massive apocalypse happened, filled with monster girls to the brim. And what do these monste...
A story about a popular student known as Jin Freed of North Star Academy who has trouble finding himself a girlfriend he really likes. He's a teen looking for love, but...
I'm [y/n]. An ordinary high school boy with a few friends that I know very well, and no talents ( ; . After school I go straight home ignoring everyone around me. But on...
A Hellhound's Runt by ArnorianRuby
A Hellhound's Runtby ArnorianRuby
You (the reader) are the son of a hellhound. Disclaimer: any art used is not mine and belongs to their property creators. I do not make any money from this whatsoever.
Spartan among Remnant  by gg012108
Spartan among Remnant by Mr. Bismarck
(Male German Spartan II OC x Rwby)
My Life With Monster girls by KaitoShadowknight
My Life With Monster girlsby KaitoShadowknight
Kaito is a shut in who would rather play video games than be social. The only friend he has is one from his childhood. When three monster girls enter his life things get...
Yandereish Monster Hunter Girls x OC Hunter (Short) by Jazz2064
Yandereish Monster Hunter Girls Jazz2064
Once a mighty Hunter of the Fifth fleet, now a test subject for them. As he is put together with female monsters. Who only want him to be their mate.
A jarring situation  by Reallywierdguy
A jarring situation by Reallywierdguy
This is a Male reader x Giantess story You are a rather normal human being whos looking for a little excitment in thier life when you meet Robin a rather pretty girl wit...
Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension(A Rosario+Vampire And Dragon Ball Z Crossover) by SuperSaiyanJayden
Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension( Blazing My Blue's
Age.762 Gohan was battling the Androids. Once the Androids were about to kill Gohan, a black hole appears and takes the Saiyan-hybrid in the Rosario+Vampire universe...
Monster Girls in New York. by Gogoup123
Monster Girls in New gogo
We follow a man name Matthew as he is thrusted into hosting monster girls. We see what shenanigans our protagonist gets himself into as his new "family" grows...
The Cultural Exchange Program Volunteer V.2 ( Male reader X Monster girl harem) by Waifumaster420
The Cultural Exchange Program Waifu💖Master
You were a normal guy who had a good life, you had a stable job, and girlfriend, however one day of really bad luck changed your whole life, now jobless and alone, you...
I Am The Turbo (Max Steel x Invincible crossover) by Dredagoat03
I Am The Turbo (Max Steel x Dredagoat03
Just like a certain family on the planet. The McGrath Family was a special family. The mother an ex-military specialist in a group that served a higher purpose than Ceci...
Hate to Apathy by MadMadCat
Hate to Apathyby Mad Cat
Righty ho! This was coming one way or another, so why not now, eh? Anyway, this is going to be in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world/universe... basically a fantasy wor...
Transcendent  by UnknownUnknown018
Transcendent by Unknown
The story set in the large city of Twilight inhabited with monsters,Demons,Vampires, Criminal. A boy enters the city and gets involved with fierce power struggles betwee...
Breadbox (Lala X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Breadbox (Lala X Reader)by AJ Torres
The Grim Reaper monster girl who detaches her head finds someone who comes around to deliver groceries and cook for the monster girls attractive. Eventually she likes hi...