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The Son of A Warrior of Light (Honkai Impact 3rd) by InfiniteStriker
The Son of A Warrior of Light (Hon...by
The warrior sees himself falling down from the sky as he is injured and bleeding. The last thing he saw was a women running to him to catch him. This is the story of a y...
💕Valentino x Fem Reader 💕 by Leah37035
💕Valentino x Fem Reader 💕by Leah37035
It's your first day in hell, and you meet some friendly people at a hotel! You try to stick up for a certain spider when you see him getting yelled at. Little did you kn...
The Day The Invaders Came (Urusei Yatsura x Male Reader) by AlanBall22
The Day The Invaders Came (Urusei...by AlanBall22
People were always confused when you said that you were friends with Ataru Moroboshi. He was well known for being a horny, perverted boy whereas you were such a polite c...
Hell's Force of Nature (Helltaker Harem X Scout Male Reader) by WrittenMann
Hell's Force of Nature (Helltaker...by Read It, I dare you.
You're a dude, alright? You're a retired merc and you work 9 to 5 at a dingy bookshop nest to a coffee shop that barely covers your bills, and all the emo kids, nerds...
Dimensional Chat Group: In Tonikaku Kawaii With Sign-In System by SchadenFriday
Dimensional Chat Group: In Tonikak...by Schaden Friday
Furukawa Sairyoku died after being hit by a truck. Fortunately, he got a second chance in life as he was transmigrated in modern Japan. However, he transmigrated right d...
Aizawa x Reader (Lemon) by bakuhoe_fuckuroo
Aizawa x Reader (Lemon)by LegitNotCheryl
~>(COMPLETED ON THE 7TH Of SEPT!) [Remembering the day. The day when you had your first night together. Your confessions. Every Valentine's spent. Placing the ring th...
It's A Whirlwind (Kaguya X Reader X Yuzuru) by Relentlezz41
It's A Whirlwind (Kaguya X Reader...by Relly Torres
As Shido as his hands full with Tohka and Origami on a class trip, Reine has Shido and Kotori's childhood friend (First) look after two spirits that seemingly caused a s...
Reaching For Stars (Itsuki X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Reaching For Stars (Itsuki X Reade...by Relly Torres
This is my third Quins story. Itsuki to some was labeled "the worst first girl ever" when really in actuality the whole series was a huge twist. And she really...
Y-you really want me?! (Konosuba Yunyun x Male Reader)  by dilansi
Y-you really want me?! (Konosuba Y...by dilansi
(Artist: Tanakacchi) Note: This description could change anytime. This Konosuba story is NOT Canon and will have mixed lore between the actual series and mine. Please k...
A New Family (male child reader x anime girls crossover) by dabi-blueflames24
A New Family (male child reader x...by [~¥Sin of pride¥~]
you was a little boy who was abused by his parents who later on abandoned you, but right when you though all hope was lost, some girls found you and took you to their ho...
Elemental Warrior: Highschool DxD  by starzcycle
Elemental Warrior: Highschool DxD by starzcycle
Y/n L/n. He was the son of Kansu L/n and Kei L/n. His parents, although strict, did love him dearly. They raised him to be happy, preferring to put his own well being be...
Battle of the Ring. (Yandere Azur Lane x OC) by TheagentKevinlee
Battle of the Ring. (Yandere Azur...by Theagent Kevinlee
"A wedding ring won't save anyone..."-Salty_Kirumi. "So much of my early retirement... What's with the ring though...?" Ex-Commander of the New Phoen...
A cook from heavens by Sleepy_Tokki
A cook from heavensby Shui
y/n lived with his grandpa in a small village his grandpa's goal was to get y/n in Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute y/n has been working hard ever since he was a kid as...
One Piece Fanfiction: RobinXLaw by ArchfiendSlayer
One Piece Fanfiction: RobinXLawby ArchfiendSlayer
Robin the famed archeologist of the Straw Hat Crew and the infamous captain of the Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law find each other over one another. After the destruction o...
Promise Rings: A Yandere Azur Lane Fanfiction Parody by Darkoreahhhh
Promise Rings: A Yandere Azur Lane...by Dark
"A wedding ring won't save anyone.."-Salty_Kirumi The Blue-Haired Boy from JRPG "Persona 3", Minato Arisato, discovers a game that his friend "J...
Determination Of A Chef (SnS/FW Reader-Insert) by Galactoria
Determination Of A Chef (SnS/FW Re...by Asteaweth Rakshiem
Ever since (Y/N) was born, she was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. As far as she can remember, she always felt tired in doing everything, even if she was moving a bit...
Only Hisoka's    Hisokaxreader by MrsHisoka44
Only Hisoka's Hisokaxreaderby MrsHisoka44
How would it be to be Hisoka's wife? That what I asked myself everyday and now I wrote about it. _________________________________________ Hisoka x femreader (I do not o...
bleach harem x male reader (highschool)( On Hold) by snipforkleene
bleach harem x male reader (highsc...by snipforkleene
bleach harem x male reader (highschool) I do not own you bleach or anime
Anime Tournament of Waifus by RedHood129
Anime Tournament of Waifusby Red
Welcome to the Tournament of Waifus! Because I'm bored and I want to do something fun...so go along with this. WARNING! I do NOT own any anime or photos used in this...t...