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monster musume x shota by JamesHall137
monster musume x shotaby James Hall
when your mom and dad died on a plane crash going to a meeting for the company that they owed a month later a woman shows up at your door saying it was in the will of yo...
A Normal Day... | Monster Girls X Male Reader by LtGreenie
A Normal Day... | Monster Girls Greenie
Monster girls, everywhere. You were just a normal dude. 18 years old, good job, nice house. But what happens when you throw monster girls into the mix? One day you get a...
Monster Musume x depressed male Reader by LawrenceBertrand
Monster Musume x depressed male Lawrence Bertrand
Y/N is Kimihito's childhood friend, and he also has the looks of a model. However, he's always been somewhat depressed after an incident that occurred long ago that lead...
Everyday Life With  A Monster Vilgante, Yee haw!!!: A Monster Musume Spinoff! by Geo-devourer
Everyday Life With A Monster Grim Geo-Devourer
A mechanic that can make anything winds up living in a mansion with a bunch of monster girls. What they don't know is that he has the power turn into a monster himself...
Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou - Kimihito's Brother by BroxWithHax
Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou - BroxWithHax
Kimihito's younger brother Zukato gets struck by a lightning called God's Thunder wich gave him some of the superpowers that are known. He discovers them trough his time...
Monster Musume: Kurusu Kimihito's Big  Brother by Deutschbahg
Monster Musume: Kurusu Kimihito' Deutschbahg
Halloo!!! to all the readers out there! this story is about Monster Musume's Character Kimihito and this time his Big Brother is coming... Hoooo ○_○ Kurusu Kimihito'...
So God's an Idiot!! (Stupid! OP! OC X Female Various Harem!) by JackDroid
So God's an Idiot!! (Stupid! OP! HaremMasterJack
Our Hero Jackson ( Full Name: Son Jackson Golden D. Dragon) is A Bonified Idiot! Purely the stupidest imaginable! But He also has the Powers of God and Anime on his sid...
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Werewolf Girl X Reader by ChefDL
Werewolf Girl X Readerby CDDL
This is based off of Monster Musume. This is my first story so please if you want to leave some suggestions or criticism in the comments. Feel free to suggest any change...
Darling ( monster musume x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Darling ( monster musume x child Reaper-fire
Oh boy So you are a child who has been cast out by your own family, but when you meet a strange woman by the name of miss smith your life takes a very weird turn. You a...
Everyday life with reincarnation (Miia x Indoraptor reader) by Condor9875
Everyday life with reincarnation ( Condor9875
All his life, Y/N has been average; average parents, average grades, average talents. The only thing he was particularly good at was making friends, with people that are...
Male!Monster Musume X Fem!Reader by Raviloi_Ravioli
Male!Monster Musume X Fem!Readerby Sum Randy
Following by the story of the manga, except all female characters (Demi-Humans) are male and reader female.
monster Girls x shy male Oc by JamesHall137
monster Girls x shy male Ocby James Hall
I do not own any other pictures in this story okay to sum it up your name is ryo ogami ( ain't it original) both your parents died a year ago and you moved in with your...
Hybrid ( an Monster Musume and OC fanfic) by Ikara-navi
Hybrid ( an Monster Musume and Ikara-navi
This is an oc story but the design isn't mine. ( and yes is a human version of silver sorry if isn't much original) I hope you like it. and I don't own monster musume an...
Story ideas for adoption/challenges (These Are Naturally Up For Adoption) by Shogunlordpoke
Story ideas for adoption/ Kamen rider Kiken (S.P.L.)
I have finished this book, max chapter. All series and franchises mentioned in this book belong to all their respective owners. All art used in the book also belong to t...
Breadbox (Lala X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Breadbox (Lala X Reader)by Relly Torres
The Grim Reaper monster girl who detaches her head finds someone who comes around to deliver groceries and cook for the monster girls attractive. Eventually she likes hi...
Male Legendary Godzilla reader meets monster musume (DISCONTINUED) by DraconianLover009
Male Legendary Godzilla reader DraconianLover009
(This story is hereby abandoned, but there is a newer, revamped version I published. It's called Gojira Musume.) You are Legendary Godzilla, who has found another godzil...
Growing Green Love by Oddity999
Growing Green Loveby Oddity999
Dryads, Demi Humans that lives in large forests paying no interest to the lives of Humans. Kii is one of them, who bore a special hate towards the Humans. That will soon...
Monster Musume Plus by BlackvoirYanderevoir
Monster Musume Plusby kylemasterbuild -kyleetta
Another Sequel Series, this Time for the Monster Girl Harem Series, Monster Musume. Kuro Smith is the Cousin to Kuroko Smith and he is becoming a Host and a Research Fel...
The Cat In The Host Club(OHSHCxMonster Musume OC) by KaitoShadowknight
The Cat In The Host Club( KaitoShadowknight
Kaito is a half blood his father was a tengu and his mother is a neko. When a serten female host's father hears about the monster host family program he snaches up the p...