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Darling ( monster musume x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Darling ( monster musume x child Reaper-fire
Oh boy So you are a child who has been cast out by your own family, but when you meet a strange woman by the name of miss smith your life takes a very weird turn. You a...
A Normal Day... | Monster Girls X Male Reader by LtGreenie
A Normal Day... | Monster Girls LtGreenie
Monster girls, everywhere. You were just a normal dude. 18 years old, good job, nice house. But what happens when you throw monster girls into the mix? One day you get a...
"better then Human" male child reader x monster musume by KurtisLivesInaHoodie
"better then Human" male child munchi
so here a idea what if there was a human but had the ability to atapt on the go bacsed on what's around him and who is around him in better terms if he was in a dark roo...
Futa monster girl harem x fem reader. by JokerLupin
Futa monster girl harem x fem JokerLupin
Basically it's going to be monster musume but the girls are going to be different in more ways than one and so will the laws. I don't own the pictures or the idea of the...
Everyday life with Aliens & Monster Girls by Jammmer
Everyday life with Aliens & JAMM
Ben Tennyson finds himself in another reality met with the agency: MON, trying to save the world from Liminal crime and illegal DNA testing that threatens the stability...
I'm reincarnated as Godzilla? Then I shall be the King of the Monsters by Ultrautahraptor
I'm reincarnated as Godzilla? Ultrautahraptor
Ryu was a someone who love fighting, watching anime, you know your typical teenager. One day while he was buying stuff he got ran over by a car while saving someone else...
infected(monster musume x prototype reader) by christonaplane
infected(monster musume x lee
i got bored so i made this
monster Girls x shy male Oc by JamesHall137
monster Girls x shy male Ocby James Hall
I do not own any other pictures in this story okay to sum it up your name is ryo ogami ( ain't it original) both your parents died a year ago and you moved in with your...
Interspecies Adoption Program (Possessive Monster Musume x Child Reader) by unidentified562
Interspecies Adoption Program ( Unidentified
The Interspecies Exchange Program is always trying to find valid ways to take big leaps to reach their goal in cultural exchange and bring both man and monster together...
Monster Musume: Mending Broken Hearts by Silver_Skyes
Monster Musume: Mending Broken Fraise
DISCONTINUED Kimihito has passed away, and Smith has to find a new host for the girls- or perhaps hostess? Mao was Kimihito's sole childhood friend, and though she is sh...
Everyday life with reincarnation (Miia x Indoraptor reader) by Condor9875
Everyday life with reincarnation ( Condor9875
All his life, Y/N has been average; average parents, average grades, average talents. The only thing he was particularly good at was making friends, with people that are...
The Mortal Babysitter: A Dark Deception Fanfiction (Agatha x Reader) by zBLACKIEz
The Mortal Babysitter: A Dark zBLACKIEz
Ever wonder what it'd be like to babysit a little demon girl? Well, here's your chance to find out! *I claim no ownership over any non-original characters presented. All...
rachnera x child Reader  by doppelganger09
rachnera x child Reader by Edgy Psychic
after getting lost in the city a child sees and decides to go into an old Warehouse unbeknownst to him a giant spider lady lives in that warehouse
Radioactive Life in a Human World(Male Godzilla Reader x harem) by RiqmoSikmo
Radioactive Life in a Human World( Riqmo Sikmo
Y/n L/n is the first of his species aka Kaiju monsters. He encounters Kimito at first and they grew up together along with another monster who controls water. They will...
The Last Saiyan Gamer! Male Saiyan Reader x Monster Musume Harem by LawrenceBertrand
The Last Saiyan Gamer! Male Lawrence Bertrand
Y/N was just your average guy tryna make his way in the world. At least, that's what he would say, if that were true. He has a power that nobody else has ever ever seen...
Male!Monster Musume X Fem!Reader by Raviloi_Ravioli
Male!Monster Musume X Fem!Readerby Raviloi_Ravioli
Following by the story of the manga, except all female characters (Demi-Humans) are male and reader female.
the adventures of john in monster musume. by BlackWasp403
the adventures of john in BlackWasp403
John Harrell: a visitor from America moved to japan, but when he meets kuroko Smith his life gets flipped upside down, his main goal is to start a family but when it com...
I was human (Monster musume x male reader) by GDI_44
I was human (Monster musume x GDI_44
Y/N was normal 17 years old human, but one day crazy scientist turn into male (echidna) lamia. His parenst was scared so kicked him out.Y/N lived in the forest long t...
A Family/Monster Musume Fanfiction/ by Taffy__Starbucks
A Family/Monster Musume Fanfiction/by Taffy__Starbucks
Ever spent the entire summer with your big brother and his seductive monster girls? No? Well then, you're about to as soon as you click "Read"!