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The Cultural Exchange Program Volunteer( Male reader X Monster girl harem) by Waifumaster420
The Cultural Exchange Program Waifu💖Master
You were just a guy down in your luck, you could use some spare cash, you were flipping through channels when you heard news about a new program known as the "Cultu...
Hybrid ( an Monster Musume and OC fanfic) by Ikara-navi
Hybrid ( an Monster Musume and Ikara-navi
This is an oc story but the design isn't mine. ( and yes is a human version of silver sorry if isn't much original) I hope you like it. and I don't own monster musume an...
Darling ( monster musume x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Darling ( monster musume x child Reaper-fire
Oh boy So you are a child who has been cast out by your own family, but when you meet a strange woman by the name of miss smith your life takes a very weird turn. You a...
Monster Musume x depressed male Reader by LawrenceBertrand
Monster Musume x depressed male Lawrence Bertrand
Y/N is Kimihito's childhood friend, and he also has the looks of a model. However, he's always been somewhat depressed after an incident that occurred long ago that lead...
Male reader x Monster musume  by ddxcrr
Male reader x Monster musume by ddxcrr
Your a nargacuga liminal. That's all I'm willing to explain.
Zombina X Male Reader by Lunar_Legend
Zombina X Male Readerby Lunar_Legend
Here is my first Monster Musume story. Unlike my other X Male Reader stories this will have at least 3 parts. Please enjoy.
Another Guy?! Male Reader X Monster Musume by Lunar_Legend
Another Guy?! Male Reader X Lunar_Legend
You are the first ever monster human hybrid
A Normal Day... | Monster Girls X Male Reader by LtGreenie
A Normal Day... | Monster Girls LtGreenie
Monster girls, everywhere. You were just a normal dude. 18 years old, good job, nice house. But what happens when you throw monster girls into the mix? One day you get a...
I was human (Monster musume x male reader) by GDI_44
I was human (Monster musume x GDI_44
Y/N was normal 17 years old human, but one day crazy scientist turn into male (echidna) lamia. His parenst was scared so kicked him out.Y/N lived in the forest long t...
rachnera x child Reader  by doppelganger09
rachnera x child Reader by Edgy Psychic
after getting lost in the city a child sees and decides to go into an old Warehouse unbeknownst to him a giant spider lady lives in that warehouse
monster musume x male oc by Kidnovis
monster musume x male ocby Kidnovis
I do not own monster musume and I do not own any of the monster girl images that I use.
Male Legendary Godzilla reader meets monster musume (DISCONTINUED) by DraconianLover009
Male Legendary Godzilla reader DraconianLover009
(This story is hereby abandoned, but there is a newer, revamped version I published. It's called Gojira Musume.) You are Legendary Godzilla, who has found another godzil...
Anime One-shots ❤ by XxXJudeXxX
Anime One-shots ❤by Jude 👌
Feel free to make requests if you want but if I haven't seen the Anime I probably won't do it I'm not sure how much I'll update on this as I am a lazy shit. I also take...
Vampire King Of Japan (Male Reader x Monster Musume) by 1o166700
Vampire King Of Japan (Male Lawrence Bertrand
Y/N Alucard, a legendary vampire lord, and nephew of Kuruko Smith, childhood friend of Kimihito Kuruso, and king of the night. He is well known throughout all of Japan...
male Lovecraftian reader X monster musume by kkepley
male Lovecraftian reader X kkepley
you are one of the outer gods from Lovecraft's stories and you decided to go into monster musume just for shits and giggles. You already new what was going to happen but...
Male!Monster Musume X Fem!Reader by Raviloi_Ravioli
Male!Monster Musume X Fem!Readerby Sum Randy
Following by the story of the manga, except all female characters (Demi-Humans) are male and reader female.
Futa monster girl harem x fem reader. by JokerLupin
Futa monster girl harem x fem JokerLupin
Basically it's going to be monster musume but the girls are going to be different in more ways than one and so will the laws. I don't own the pictures or the idea of the...
Daily Life with Mercenaries (Monster Musume x Team Fortress 2) by EndermanAuthor
Daily Life with Mercenaries ( EndermanAuthor
Joshua, Agnus and Greg were transported to another world due to a teleporter accident by Greg's experiment. They eventually found themselves in Japan, but it full of oth...
Monster Musume-Angel from Above by SkyrimDragon21
Monster Musume-Angel from Aboveby SkyrimDragon21
This Story is about Nila the Angel visiting a World where humans and Monster Girls live together as one and that the rules of this world is simple however due to him bei...