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Alternate History by Sp3ctral_52
Alternate Historyby Sp3ctral
Matthew Legier, an Office Worker in his mid-20s, by an incident in his home country his life was cut short... Only to find he had regained consciousness in a new body, a...
gate: thus Wolfenstein Germany and avali federation illuminated fought there by GiorardoChandra
gate: thus Wolfenstein Germany and...by Giorardo Chandra
in 1980 a gate was summoned into the Wolfenstein universe but it summon into a wrong place for the empire to explore as they stood in a nuclear bomb testing ground a sec...
USKA Guide about things you do not know (Wattpad Writer X Kitsune Male Reader) by 221September
USKA Guide about things you do not...by bucketman
221Sep: Hello my dudes, this is not a story. This is about the alternate history USA or let's just call it, USKA, An alternate America run by an 9 year old boy with fox...
The suprisingly "sexy" new world by That1NUT
The suprisingly "sexy" new worldby theHolyNUT69
The year is 1962, twenty years have passed from the end of the second world war. Because of a revolution in Germany the war has ended much faster than it should. A miste...
Neo Axis: Omniverse At War Arsenal by godzillahalofan
Neo Axis: Omniverse At War Arsenalby Semper Fi!!!
Soldiers, weapons, and other stuff for all factions in The Neo-Axis: Omniverse At War Series. All images except the ones made from me, belongs to their true owners.
The Rise of the Neo-Axis (Neo-Axis V Multiverse Book 1) (Old) by godzillahalofan
The Rise of the Neo-Axis (Neo-Axis...by Semper Fi!!!
Warning: Violence, Censored Swearings, etc. Rated Teen or Mature Rewrite of my Mulitverse Crisis Story. Plot: A secret labortary lays under Okinawa towards the end of Wo...
Video Game Character Oneshots by Aimes__
Video Game Character Oneshotsby Aimes__
50% ff, 50% meme dump Requests open :)) SLOW updates :P Gender neutral. Sorry if I make any mistakes, just point it out and I'll fix it! I do not own these characters :P
Neo-Axis: Omniverse At War (Volume 1) (Now Discountinued) by godzillahalofan
Neo-Axis: Omniverse At War (Volume...by Semper Fi!!!
Neo-Axis: Omniverse At War Volume 1 A reboot to my Neo-Axis V Mulitverse series ======= Summary: It's been a decade ever since World War 2 had ended. The remments of...
C. Miller and the Girl Only Called Ro (Book 2 ) (Discountinued) by godzillahalofan
C. Miller and the Girl Only Called...by Semper Fi!!!
Summary: After being seperated from his team during "Juan Deleon X Charlie Magne" story arc, C.J. Miller founds himself washed up ashore on an unknown island...
Story suggestions (mostly warhammer 40k) by onyxwatch
Story suggestions (mostly warhamme...by Hi
This is a collection of warhammer 40k and or other subjects that I think would be cool to see in story's more details in first chapter, uneven updates of suggestions cau...
I reincarnated into an alternate history world. (MC African-American x WW2) by 221September
I reincarnated into an alternate h...by bucketman
In Chicago, Nick MacAhler was transported into a alternate earth. He is reincarnated into a german male. (A/N: The main character was African-American, So no male reader...
HEROES OF THE UNIVERSE(Soundtrack) by Culombia
HEROES OF THE UNIVERSE(Soundtrack)by Andrew
A Fanfic Base on the Roleplays I been on I will soon start the Story once I have some Role players but right now this will hold A Soundtrack for the Story
just some ocs im thinking about using Nothing except ocs are mine
Doom Youngblood by Mila-Legallymental
Doom Youngbloodby Miladew
The Doom Slayer after ending the demon threat he had left to rid the galaxy of the demons. He left a prodigy to his demon slaying title. His heirs. Jessie Blazkowics IV...
GATE : Thus the Greater Nazi Reich fought and met Other-Worlders by MTFSquad
GATE : Thus the Greater Nazi Reich...by United Socialist Organization
In Oktober of 1984, a Gate opened in the West Sector of Neu Berlin. Onlookers stopped to take pictures and observe the Structure that appeared from thin air. Suddenly, t...
Hoffen by Battlehardgod
Hoffenby Battlehardgod
Hoffen (German translation for Hope) The Panzerhund was one of Deathshead's greatest robotic creations. They tore through the Eastern theatre creating absolute chaos...
Clay and the lonesome road by Dominator426
Clay and the lonesome roadby Dominator426
this is not the sequel just a mini story before the battle of Hoover dam with my character on the lonesome road (multiple crossovers)
Wolfenstein: Vacation to Paris by ANDYISAWESOME15
Wolfenstein: Vacation to Parisby Andy Einstman
In this story, me and some of my friends from school and some from work, along with citizens from PBS town and Cartoon Network City are headed to Paris, once a Nazi terr...