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Smartest revolutionary    (male reader x Akame ka kill) by steffano21
Smartest revolutionary (male re...by stevecon496
Akame ga kill x male tesla reader Y/N someone who had it all a loving family of mild status in which no one really targeted them until one day lightning stuck killing hi...
Popeye the Sailor Man x Akame ga Kill by KingKongKal
Popeye the Sailor Man x Akame ga K...by KingKongKal
The Empire, a corrupt and cruel place where the rich rule over the poor and treat them as though they were worth less than dirt. Hope was lost for those who were still g...
The gaming Neko of DXD by JamesHall137
The gaming Neko of DXDby James Hall
a boy dies but 3 God's take pity on the young boy and bring him to their world where he will be reincarnated in to another world similar to the earth he knows.
Bad Moon Rising. (Male Reader Insert) by Johnny_Blade289
Bad Moon Rising. (Male Reader Inse...by Johnny Blade
I died. My god had other plans for me. Now I live on as his avatar, and I want only one thing: Vengeance!
The Prince And The Assassin by GilHaku
The Prince And The Assassinby Wise King Of Heroes
(Rewrite for for the book with the same title) The Crown Prince. A title meant to be for Hiro, but was stripped from him by the Prime Minister of the country of his Fath...
The Two Heavenly Dragons are well known, but they had a Third Dragon with them. he greatly surpassed them due to his Infinite patients. with a vast world and Multiverse...
Six Paths of Reincarnation by ItsJustThatSimpler
Six Paths of Reincarnationby NovaFiction
As vermin are drawn to rotting corpses, so are power-hungry men drawn to weak rulers; moreover, its restless people. The greedy/corrupt humans clung desperately to the q...
Esdeath X Female reader [Volume ||] by Quanxi_is_gay
Esdeath X Female reader [Volume ||]by Quanxi is gay
° ° ° ° ° ° this is part || of the Esdeath and female reader book. and if you didn't read the first book I recommend you read it or not ∆[doing this against my will]∆ an...
Kill The White Wolf (A Hellsing x Akame Ga Kill Crossover Story) by RichofenVangrat
Kill The White Wolf (A Hellsing x...by ʀιcнoғᴇɴ vᴀɴԍʀᴀт sᴀтoмᴀɴ
Maybe death isn't as permanent as it seems. Trump card of the Millennium Organization or better known as The Captain found himself in another world after he allowed Sera...
The World's First Male Ultra-Rider: Crossover X OP Male Reader by FifthZephyr
The World's First Male Ultra-Rider...by Murayama
In a world where Rider-Girls, Ultra-Girls, Kaiju-Girls, Huntsmen, devils, fallen angels, Angels, Heroes, and many more all coexist, and the universe of Kamen Rider and U...
Akame Ga Kill | Cursed Demon Child by DeathcapsRezone
Akame Ga Kill | Cursed Demon Childby Aggronaut
"We are different from the ones with sight, we see what's on the inside and not the outside. We are able to see the color of your soul, everything living thing have...
The Cold Protocol (Male Sith Reader X Union Academy x Star Wars) by Kingrenetti
The Cold Protocol (Male Sith Reade...by KingRenetti Studios
During the Clone Wars, Separatist Admiral (Y/n) led his droid's against the Republic and become a big problem for the Republic. The Separatist Honored the Admiral's achi...
The empire have a minus  by MihaiAlexandru178
The empire have a minus by Mihai Alexandru
Kumagawa Misogi, the greatest minus who ever existed. He is a twisted individual who lived his life in chaos and blood, with a impresive killing rate. But what would hap...
(OLD)The Prince and The Assassin (Male Reader X Akame ga Kill) by GilHaku
(OLD)The Prince and The Assassin (...by Wise King Of Heroes
(Rewrite is out) Y/n the supposed to be Crown Prince of the Empire and the eldest son of the Emperor he was a humble and wise young man and was loved by all, but the tit...
The Misfit Of Union Academy (male reader x Union Academy) by Karl_Krafft_
The Misfit Of Union Academy (male...by Mercurius
hated, abused, tortured... these things are normal for Y/n. Born in a world where the 99% of people has Sacred Gears, Devil fruits, Quirks, Semblances, Imperial Arms, Ma...
The Cinders of the Citidel.  ( ON HOLD ) by Soulofcinder64
The Cinders of the Citidel. ( ON...by Soulof Cinder64
Before the old Emperor fell and the child rose to power, thier was a group of knights the stood by the Emperors side. they were called "Knights of flame" but t...
Broken flames by Monksanto
Broken flamesby Monksanto
Y/n Hashashi, the son of Hanzo Hashashi and brother to Haru Hashashi. Y/n left the clan of the Shirai Ryu for many reasons but mainly because his brother always overshad...
Esdeath x Young Male Reader by LittleAlexander_
Esdeath x Young Male Readerby LittleAlexander
Sorry if it's bad, certain fetishes will be present.
The Mask of a Clock (Akame Ga Kill x Mreader) by Sebastion55
The Mask of a Clock (Akame Ga Kill...by Sebastion55
Disclaimer: I do not own or make any money off of Akame Ga Kill, Hellboy, or any other franchise, music, pictures, or videos I use in my stories. This is just for fun.