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A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 5: Sinners For Justice(X Akame Ga Kill) by DaniloCiak
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 5: Si...by Danilo Ciak
An unknown guy send the Rider in a new world, where the dark side of humanity reigns. The only light of hope lies in the darkness of a group of assassins. Will they be i...
Reaper of the Empire (Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader) by Nardarion18
Reaper of the Empire (Akame Ga Kil...by Nic Bastian
F/N should never have been born, yet by chance he was. He was trained for a single purpose. Find out his story as F/N grows up in an Empire filled with corruption. I do...
once a proud member of Night Raid turned into their Greatest enemy. (Y/n) Uchiha, filled with hatred, fakes his death to only return to become Night Raid's greatest bigg...
Akame Ga Kill: The Yellow Flash (Rewriting) by SharinganRyu
Akame Ga Kill: The Yellow Flash (R...by SharinganRyu
Follow (Y/N) Namikaze on this journey. The character is very much like Minato Namikaze but in the Akame ga kill world. After (Y/N) left the empire he became a rogue assa...
Quite Unusual (Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader Part 1) by alphafox270
Quite Unusual (Akame Ga Kill x Mal...by Wyn Eurus
When it comes to corruption, none can be more corrupt than the government in this world. Unjust executions, false charges and even false justice is nothing new here. To...
Fairy Kill by davis8318
Fairy Killby The evil Saiyan! Cumber!
Have your guy's read or watched Akame ga kill? If you guys have, Then you should know that Esdeath got her teigu by drinking the beasts blood. but what if there was anot...
"The seraph" Mcu x M!vampire reader by enternalquantums
"The seraph" Mcu x M!vampire readerby enternalquantums
Y/n. Was living in an orphanage for his entire life. He was only 12 when it was completely destroyed by the hulk and abominations fight in Harlem new York. killing all h...
[HIATUS]Mine x reader. Akame ga kill, Alternative. by Coffeebean3124
[HIATUS]Mine x reader. Akame ga ki...by Will I am Kim
This story will be taking a 1-week hiatus. I'll upload the next chapter on 9/26. An alternate version of akame ga kill, with a reader ship and Mine. Chapter uploads eve...
My red little cuties. Ruby/ Akame/ Lucia/ Alpha X Reader by Liger010
My red little cuties. Ruby/ Akame...by Liger010
Your a teenager that is always home alone and a big fan of anime and game, specifically three. He was also bit of a nerd with technology. So when potential failure occur...
This world shall know pain ( reincarnated reader x akame ga kill) by Karskujo69
This world shall know pain ( reinc...by Karskujo
Is there life after death or a whole new concept that we are unaware of
The Two Heavenly Dragons are well known, but they had a Third Dragon with them. he greatly surpassed them due to his Infinite patients. with a vast world and Multiverse...
Akame Ga Kill: Flaming Rebirth (completed) by luna_renn
Akame Ga Kill: Flaming Rebirth (co...by Default LunA and Immortality...
Saisei Ardor, a very questionable girl from a group of weird people who could destroy the world if they wanted to. It's just good they just want to be left alone and did...
The green assassin (BNHA x Akame GA Kill) by NasimaKhatun5
The green assassin (BNHA x Akame G...by RED Z
So this book is requested by dcraus123 (My Number 8 fanfiction) (A/N: I'm not that good with English so don't think to much from me) So in this Izuku is not going to ha...
Unstable (Akame ga Kill x Male Reader) by FriendlyFireM098
Unstable (Akame ga Kill x Male Rea...by FriendlyFireM098
A boy who has been tortured all his life would obviously fight back against the empire, but his mind would be broken in the process.
Esdeath x Young Male Reader by LittleAlexander_
Esdeath x Young Male Readerby LittleAlexander
Sorry if it's bad, certain fetishes will be present.
The Cinders of the Citidel.  ( ON HOLD ) by Soulofcinder64
The Cinders of the Citidel. ( ON...by Soulof Cinder64
Before the old Emperor fell and the child rose to power, thier was a group of knights the stood by the Emperors side. they were called "Knights of flame" but t...
Devastation and Redemption (OP Male Reader x Crossover Harem)  by SpectralNinja
Devastation and Redemption (OP Mal...by Aura
What happens when multiple worlds collide into a single union. What happens when a boy who loses everything gets power beyond that of what the world has seen? Will he be...
Misplaced innocence: Ruby Rose Male Reader x Akame Ga Kill by 8_Bit_Bastard
Misplaced innocence: Ruby Rose Mal...by 8Bit Bastard
A Naive and broken boy starts to understand that you can't help the corrupted and you must get rid of them so others can prosper.
The Evolving Hero and the Ruler of the Abyss (Union Academy x Abyss Sans) by adamabyss12
The Evolving Hero and the Ruler of...by adamabyss12
"I had thought...I had believed...I had hoped that...because you are heroes...you would care more about the lives of others, regardless of what and who they are, an...