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Akame ga Kill! - Killer of the East by FallenJester3
Akame ga Kill! - Killer of the Eastby InspiredFool
There's a new Assassin in town. He comes from the East with a black over coat, and a hood covering his face. People who catch a glance of him are lucky if he lets you li...
The Prince And The Assassin by GilHaku
The Prince And The Assassinby Wise King Of Heroes
(Rewrite for for the book with the same title) The Crown Prince. A title meant to be for Hiro, but was stripped from him by the Prime Minister of the country of his Fath...
I've had enough of you all! by DecayingKing
I've had enough of you all!by Hello there
Making an attempt at a union academy story. Mc Walter white. everyone I go I see it so why not make one myself. This story is about our protagonist and the harsh life he...
Reaper of the Empire (Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader) by Nardarion18
Reaper of the Empire (Akame Ga Kil...by Nic Bastian
F/N should never have been born, yet by chance he was. He was trained for a single purpose. Find out his story as F/N grows up in an Empire filled with corruption. I do...
Akame Ga Kill: Flaming Rebirth (completed) by luna_renn
Akame Ga Kill: Flaming Rebirth (co...by Luna_renn and Immortality Suc...
Saisei Ardor, a very questionable girl from a group of weird people who could destroy the world if they wanted to. It's just good they just want to be left alone and did...
I'm a far cry from a hero by Nightfighter45
I'm a far cry from a heroby Nightfighter45
after being expelled form Union for something he didn't do Y/N returned to his home hope county only to find it in the middle of a war. now with nothing left Y/N must fi...
Akame ga Kill! - Devilborn [Mine x Tatsumi x Akame] by RedNightRaider
Akame ga Kill! - Devilborn [Mine x...by RedNightRaider
As the only child of the legendary devil hunter Dante, Tatsumi was taught how to slay the demon's that Dante had slan so long ago. Once Tatsumi and his closest friend's...
Yandere Esdeath x Mute Male reader by FalloutRamos
Yandere Esdeath x Mute Male readerby Fallout Ramos
Y/N and Sarah were at work and helping out with the village and people with the food and water to survive and having a good day. Sarah told Y/N to get some wood for the...
Smartest revolutionary    (male reader x Akame ka kill) by steffano21
Smartest revolutionary (male re...by stevecon496
Akame ga kill x male tesla reader Y/N someone who had it all a loving family of mild status in which no one really targeted them until one day lightning stuck killing hi...
Shinobi x Assassin - Naruto fanfiction(COMPLETED) by Weissmann96
Shinobi x Assassin - Naruto fanfic...by P.M Weissmann
An Assassin who has outrun her utility... The birth of an avenger... Akame(from Akame ga kill) is in a slump after the victory of the revolutionary army... She knows on...
Son of Esdeath (High school DXD x male reader) by DarrickDerleth8
Son of Esdeath (High school DXD x...by Darrick Derleth
I don't own any characters from the show or anything.
Akame Ga Kill X Male Reader (Completed, but I'm editing the first few parts) by HavenX76
Akame Ga Kill X Male Reader (Compl...by Haven X
A young boy named Y/N has been trained to be an assassin since birth, but he escapes his pain. What happens when he meets Night raid?
Naruto uzumaki of the Meta miracle. (Who Knows ) by Anime-voice
Naruto uzumaki of the Meta miracle...by Anime-voice
Meta miracle a godly ability which grants the user ultimate miracle. which means Near omnipotence potential manipulation probability manipulation Sea of fragments m...
Akame ga kill akame x zed (Discontinued) by hellhound2356
Akame ga kill akame x zed (Discont...by hellhound2356
Akame ga kill x Zed from league of legends. Zed is also replacing tatsumi sorry tatsumi esdeath fans. I'll explain his character in bio.
Light Shadow (Anime Crossover x Male Reader) by QuiestcelaVie
Light Shadow (Anime Crossover x Ma...by Qu’est-ce que la vie?
After losing his adoptive mother and adoptive sister/wife, Y/N L/N must continue down the path to become a Professional Hero in a world much colder and darker without th...
Akame Ga Kill reacts to My Hero Academia by GoldenFang17
Akame Ga Kill reacts to My Hero Ac...by GoldenFang17
General Najenda and Akame has finally lived peacefully after overthrowing the Empire. But, a sudden warp delivers them to a room where they will watch a show about Izuku...
my first union academy story by Takahashi999
my first union academy storyby Takahashi999
After loosing his quirk and his parents Hiro kamade has been bullied and maltreated by society later on he went to union academy wanting to be a hero and change his fate...
Son of Kurama & Yasaka by jasonmakoni54321
Son of Kurama & Yasakaby Jason Makoni
You are the son of Kurama and Yasaka and Older brother of Kunou. What journey await you.