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Futa Esdeath X Night Rade by Jalter_Feels
Futa Esdeath X Night Radeby Jalter_Feels
Esdeath doing members of Night rade first story so don't be to hard on me credit for characters goes to Takahiro
Akame ga kill x male Assassin Reader (OP) by HavenX76
Akame ga kill x male Assassin Read...by Haven X
A young boy named Y/N has been trained to be an assassin since birth, but he escapes his pain. What happens when he meets Night raid?
Dimensional Guardian (HDN x Op Male Reader) by Che3zeboi
Dimensional Guardian (HDN x Op Mal...by Chicken strips
Your Y/N L/N a Dimensional Guardian of Gamindustri, You've been traveling through different dimensions of Gamindustri trying to find a perfect place to settle until you...
Son of Kurama & Yasaka by jasonmakoni54321
Son of Kurama & Yasakaby Jason Makoni
You are the son of Kurama and Yasaka and Older brother of Kunou. What journey await you.
Misplaced innocence: Ruby Rose Male Reader x Akame Ga Kill by 8_Bit_Bastard
Misplaced innocence: Ruby Rose Mal...by 8Bit Bastard
A Naive and broken boy starts to understand that you can't help the corrupted and you must get rid of them so others can prosper.
Reaper of the Empire (Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader) by Nardarion18
Reaper of the Empire (Akame Ga Kil...by Nic Bastian
F/N should never have been born, yet by chance he was. He was trained for a single purpose. Find out his story as F/N grows up in an Empire filled with corruption. I do...
From Ice to Blood: Cheated Male Reader x RWBY x Akame ga Kill by gridcz1
From Ice to Blood: Cheated Male Re...by GRIDcz1
Y/N L/N was a normal 4th year student in Beacon, same as his friends from team RWBY... and also his girlfriend Weiss Schnee.... one day though he finds her cheating on h...
Betrayed Vigilante Hero and Heroes in Training turned into Deadly Assassins by Lunatic_Moon26
Betrayed Vigilante Hero and Heroes...by Luna M. Rabbit
When Izuku goes back to UA after killing Shigaraki and ALL FOR ONE, his classmates attacked him out of nowhere except Kirishima, Shoto, Denki, Eraser Head & Pro Heroes w...
Akame ga Kill! - Devilborn [Mine x Tatsumi x Akame] by RedNightRaider
Akame ga Kill! - Devilborn [Mine x...by RedNightRaider
As the only child of the legendary devil hunter Dante, Tatsumi was taught how to slay the demon's that Dante had slan so long ago. Once Tatsumi and his closest friend's...
A Demon Queen of Another World is a Misfit at this Demon King Academy by TrapMaster20
A Demon Queen of Another World is...by TrapMaster20
Kurome Ankokuboshi. A name feared by all players in Sapphire Reborn Online(SRO). During the shut down of the game, the player of Kurome find themself in another world. K...
Lost and Found [Tatsumi x Harem] by RedNightRaider
Lost and Found [Tatsumi x Harem]by RedNightRaider
After his mother gave him up for adoption Tatsumi lived through hell but that all changed when he made the choise that would change his life for the better [I don't own...
The Dragon Spirit (Tatsumi x Akame) by RedNightRaider
The Dragon Spirit (Tatsumi x Akame)by RedNightRaider
After Tatsumi barely survived his fight with the emperor's Teigu known as Shikoutazer he began the merging of Incursio to keep the promess he made, Tatsumi and Akame tra...
The Ghost of Akame ga kill by jasonmakoni54321
The Ghost of Akame ga killby Jason Makoni
Madara and Izuna are reincarnated in Akame ga kill world. What journey awaits the two Uchiha brothers?
Disposable Hero [Succubus!Akame x Tatsumi] by RedNightRaider
Disposable Hero [Succubus!Akame x...by RedNightRaider
After over a year of trying to be a hero Tatsumi give's up and resume's his life as a civilian, but being a "Normal Highschooler" goes out the window once more...
The Ryujin Samurai (Akame Ga Kill X For Honor) by DangerousCrystal9805
The Ryujin Samurai (Akame Ga Kill...by Jason Reay R. Castillon
The Knights and the Samurai join against the evil.And He was fight Apollyon and fight for honor till he's last breath.And another new world for his second chance.And he...
Goku and His Friends React to Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods by Dbzforlife16
Goku and His Friends React to Drag...by Dbzforlife16
Goku and His Friends are back and this time their reacting to the movie that takes place before Dragon Ball Super Broly and that's the Battle of Gods! Disclaimer I don'...
Empire of Chaos (Male Reader x Akame Ga Kill x High School DxD) Volume 6 by Nardarion18
Empire of Chaos (Male Reader x Aka...by Nic Bastian
It has been five years since (F/N) Gusion entered his dimensional pocket. Now he has returned with a mission to retrieve a "The Book of Solomon" from the treas...
You're Not Alone: Akame x Male Reader by TheSpectre21
You're Not Alone: Akame x Male Rea...by Spectre
Night Raid, the renegade group of assassins formed to weaken and take down the Capital and its political tyrants who run the corrupt government. Night Raid is not the on...
Anime All Stars: School Life by Dbzforlife16
Anime All Stars: School Lifeby Dbzforlife16
After finishing the movie and found a strange button. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, Team RWBY, The Goddesses and their sisters, Akame and Kurome, and th...