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Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader (REMAKE) (ON HOLD) by BSGNetwork
Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader (REM...by BSGNetwork
(THIS WILL BE A REMAKE OF MY FIRST EVER STORY) In Age 759, Son Goku and ChiChi had their second child, a boy they named Son Y/N. Unlike his brother, Y/N trains with Goku...
The Dragon Avengers  by Coquiwriter
The Dragon Avengers by Mr.Coqui
Son Goku and Piccolo accidentally get sent into the MCU universe, changing the course of it's history as the God level beings become the universe's most powerful heroes
Separated From One Another (Frieza x soulmate! Reader) by AcceptingBlackBird
Separated From One Another (Frieza...by Rune D. Blackbird
Son (Y/n) is the adopted daughter of Son Goku. She is the first born and only girl besides her mother in the family. Her mother Chi Chi doesn't talk to her anymore becau...
My Mortal Academia by frank_heff1ey
My Mortal Academiaby frank_heff1ey
A Saiyan imposter gone rogue awakens in a new world he does not know, forced to rediscover the power he once had. In a land of quirks, heroes, and villains, how will Pro...
Dragon Ball: Rise of Nitrate [DBZ/DBS X Icejin OC] by GamingLichdom
Dragon Ball: Rise of Nitrate [DBZ...by GamingLichdom
An ordinary human from earth wakes up one day as the eldest son of King Cold from the series 'Dragon Ball'. Not only that, but he was also born with an inconceivable amo...
Dragonball Z- Sibella- The Last Saiyan Girl by StarlineStories
Dragonball Z- Sibella- The Last Sa...by StarlineStories
Sibella- The only daughter of Raaz & Zane - members of Planet Vegeta's Elite Warriors. Planet Vegeta is under attack, everyone is called to fight! But Raaz and Zane mana...
Abused Male Reader Jiren X RWBY by Silver_B657
Abused Male Reader Jiren X RWBYby Silver_B657
+A boy being abused by his parents, sisters and uncles,he decides to confront them once trying to treat him with more respect but the opposite happened, he decided to...
Rise of Jaune Black by Thomas234452
Rise of Jaune Blackby Just here guy
After Jaune's transcript was revealed everyone at beacon started to bully him even his friends. Soon he was disowned by his family soon after. Can't handle the pressure...
Male Saiyan Reader x Female Vegito X Female Gogeta by Silver_B657
Male Saiyan Reader x Female Vegito...by Silver_B657
+After being Frieza's right hand for a long time being the target of blows, insults and much more,(Y/N) sees the opportunity to destroy all of Frieza's plans with the he...
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God of Destruction in Onepiece  by SoS_Tokyo
God of Destruction in Onepiece by SoS_Tokyo
When a kid gets the chance to reincarnate into the world of one piece the impact it has is critical to not only the world But the Universe Disclaimer I do not own onepi...
The Saiyan Overlord (Highschool DxD X Male Reader) by LavenderBlitz
The Saiyan Overlord (Highschool Dx...by Saiyan Of Wattpad
Y/N L/N...I name that can have Great Red and Ophis the Infinite Dragon God, Scared for their lives. When this divine being comes to the world of Devils, Angels, and Fall...
Unrelenting Chase by EyeOfAllfather
Unrelenting Chaseby Malum
Yandere Dragonball oneshots, taking requests. Leave a comment on "Welcome!" or DM me :) From my Quotev account, which has more content in it than this version...
Goku x Fem Vegeta by Ninja_Saiyan_GOD1
Goku x Fem Vegetaby Daiko
I don't think anyone thought about this so, why not?
With Creation, Comes Destruction: G.O.D. Male Reader x SSBU Harem x DBS Harem by OverlordAKX
With Creation, Comes Destruction:...by OverlordAKX
During the Hide and Seek game that now lives on in infamy, the Omni-King A.K.A. Grand Zeno went on a massive temper tantrum that would forever change the multiverse. In...
Beerus x  child girl reader by corbeau-freux
Beerus x child girl readerby corbeau-freux
You are a friend of Goten and Trunks, On the party of Bulma you meet the God of the Destruction Beerus and his angel Whis. This one decides of you take with him as a mem...
By Technicality - Earthling Male Reader x Dragon Ball Super by Ggbroman227
By Technicality - Earthling Male R...by Ggbroman227 for real
Meet Y/N L/N, a user of Hakai, and by technicality, a God of Destruction. Despite Beerus being the true God of Destruction for Universe 7, Whis trained him in the usage...
Let's do this thing!!! If I was in Dragon Ball by Ninja_Saiyan_GOD1
Let's do this thing!!! If I was in...by Daiko
Here I go! And I'll see...a world of pure Dragon Ball BS. Also! THE FOLLOWING IS A NON PROFIT, FAN BASED PARODY Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Drag...
 The Strongest Of The Saiyans by Conanate
The Strongest Of The Saiyansby Nate
what will happen when goku is sent to the highschool dxd world as kid find out what will happen when the world most powerful sayian arrives in this world can the world e...
A Female Saiyan In A World Of Hero's (My Hero Academia x Female Saiyan Reader) by DarkGhost02
A Female Saiyan In A World Of Hero...by Dark Ghost
Son Y/N Twin of Son Gohan Daughter of Son Goku and Chi Chi and Second Child of the Son Family after the tournament of power Y/N was in a slump and was having a tough tim...
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