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Broly's Son Male Reader x Kefla  by Victor_TheRiper
Broly's Son Male Reader x Kefla by Victor Hernandez
(YN), The son of the legendary super saiyan Broly, and his grandpa, Paragus, we're lucky to escape the destruction of planet vegeta as they flew off space with a space p...
The Saiyan Queen by Sovereign343
The Saiyan Queenby Reaper
(Y/N) is a Saiyan who was sent to Earth as a baby. She was found and raised by a young woman in the woods, who decided to teach her the art of fighting. Her life will ch...
The Lost Saiyan Princess by CassidyGreyson
The Lost Saiyan Princessby Cassidy Greyson
What if Vegeta had a sister that was a year younger than him. However, when King Vegeta angers a certain God of Destruction, Selere's destiny has a drastic change. Mostl...
DBS Reacts to DBZA by Newdawn57
DBS Reacts to DBZAby Newdawn57
After the tournament of power, a black robed being arrives at the stadium. Declaring the timeline corrupted, he resolves that watching the true course of events will hea...
Kale x Son of Vegeta Reader (ORIGINAL) by TheBSGArchives
Kale x Son of Vegeta Reader ( The BSG Archives
(ORIGINAL RELEASE: APRIL 10, 2019) In this story, Vegeta will have another son, a son he had before he met Bulma in this story, Y/N, the prince's oldest son will fall in...
God of Destruction in Onepiece  by SoS_Tokyo
God of Destruction in Onepiece by SoS_Tokyo
When a kid gets the chance to reincarnate into the world of one piece the impact it has is critical to not only the world But the Universe Disclaimer I do not own onepi...
Dragon ball reacts with Y/n by Ninjacomix
Dragon ball reacts with Y/nby Ninjacomix
Watch dragon ball super cast watch all kinds of funny stuff enjoy
Dragon Ball Z x Reader {One Shots} by aishavity
Dragon Ball Z x Reader {One Shots}by 𝐁𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐘
All of the information and rules are in the Introduction.
The Return of the Omni Gods by Shadow2190
The Return of the Omni Godsby Shadow2190
A normal day the Grand Priest watching over both Zenos but one day a familiar energy apears and a portal opens. They are home
Lord Beerus's Rage and Reece's forgotten anniversary! by Reeceofawesomeness
Lord Beerus's Rage and Reece's Reece
Lord Beerus falls in love and marry's an earthling woman but he forgets their one year anniversary. So for two weeks she gives him the silent treatment and doesn't take...
Dragonball Super "Assassin of universe 7" by UnusualSamurai
Dragonball Super "Assassin of UnusualSamurai
universe 6 and 7 are twin universes. We each has something in their universe which are similar to each other. Both have saiyans, namekians, and Frieza races in both of t...
The Goddess by nocturnal_skies
The Goddessby ▫ Leslie ▫
Things don't always work out the way you want them to. Damia learned this after her life took a wrong turn, and she ended up discovering who she really was. After all t...
God of Destruction x Bnha by Williamslittty
God of Destruction x Bnhaby Ramen Noodles
God of destruction pov story x bnha hope yall like iy\t
Threat Level: God of Destruction Beerus by Xx_Cocaito_xX
Threat Level: God of Destruction Xx_ThePu$$¥Sl@y€®69_xX
Whis and Beerus decides to visit the world of one punch man, how will they fair against the God of Destruction
DBS Reacts to DBZ Abridged by BW1301
DBS Reacts to DBZ Abridgedby JV Magecraft
After the Tournament of Power, Goku and friends enjoy the momentary peace they've been awarded. However, Zeno comes to Earth bearing a gift, a collections of videos from...
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Last Opportunity  by Motive8889
Last Opportunity by Dark Vegito
Izuku Yagi the son of Yoshinori Yagi and Inko Yagi aswell a twin sister of Izumi Yagi. Izuku had a useless quirk which is having a tail when they don't realise it's actu...
A hero no more but a god(betrayed Male Vegeta Reader x Young Justice) by DJMM15
A hero no more but a god( Vortex’s Multiverse
Y/N was the sidekick of Wonder Woman why because Of your power which was called in Y/N's words "zenkai" with each fight and with each times his in near death h...
The half-god saiyan - Part 1 by GodlySaiyanWarrior
The half-god saiyan - Part 1by The Alpha Saiyan
Beerus' dad had a child with a universe 7 saiyan, but Zeno destroyed them both for committing an act of taboo. They named the child 'Alpha', because they knew he would b...
Why? [Dragon Ball Super Story] by AttackingMajora
Why? [Dragon Ball Super Story]by Jenn
The God of Destruction growing soft because of a human girl?
The Legend of Son Goku by Randy8610
The Legend of Son Gokuby Randy8610
Follow Goku one thousand years after the events of Dragonball Super as he trains new heroes and messes up all plans for evil to rule the world!