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Dragon Ball Y/N (The 2nd brother of Son Goku!) by Jae2good4u
Dragon Ball Y/N (The 2nd brother Jae
In Age 737, Planet Vegeta. Y/N was a low class saiyan warrior with a power level higher than average. He was sent of to Earth with his brother Kakarot shortly before pla...
Izuku The Full Blooded Saiyan! by MangaReader69420
Izuku The Full Blooded Saiyan!by 𝓚𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓲
Hopeless no more/izukus zenkai quirk/izuku the full blooded saiyan: mha x dbz story Basically in this one, at the age of four he actually got a quirk (izuku midoriya) an...
The legendary Saiyan in a fairy's world. by NimtheWriter
The legendary Saiyan in a fairy' NimtheWriter
Cheelai's wish to the dragon went a bit differently, sending Broly in a completely different reality. How will this magical world, filled with mages and guilds react wit...
My Saiyan Academia: God among Primates (Finished) by DeathInstinct25
My Saiyan Academia: God among DeathInstinct25
Izuku Yagi, awakening his True Saiyan Power and more
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Dragon Ball Mezo by MegaMess21
Dragon Ball Mezoby MegaMess
Mezo is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, and older brother of Trunks. Unlike his father, he is a kind Saiyan, having a personality closer to Goku's (although he's not as de...
The legendary Izuku  by JimmyNelson7
The legendary Izuku by JimmyNelson7
Izuku is a saiyan that was sent to a planet called earth were the women have superpowers called quirks. How will they react when they find out Atreus legend walks among...
Oc male Saiyan x dragon ball z by jammiew22
Oc male Saiyan x dragon ball zby Jammie Wright
This is a dragon ball z story I will be writing, dragon ball, dragon ball z, and dragon ball super. Disclaimer I don't own any of the dragon ball characters they all are...
Legendary Saiyan Izuku (Finished) by DeathInstinct25
Legendary Saiyan Izuku (Finished)by DeathInstinct25
Izuku was born, as the Reincarnation of the Legendary Saiyan, but noone knew this, he goes through basically the same Childhood and so on, until he is rejected by his Id...
The New destroyer of Universe 6 by Eyeofcreation
The New destroyer of Universe 6by Vanadis
You are a Saiyan named Ager and you have become the new destroyer of Universe 6 after killing Champa in battle but now you must navigate the responsibilities of being a...
Random Stories, AI influence (Dragonball Edition!) by Caramel_Wolf_27
Random Stories, AI influence ( Caramel_Wolf_27
VERY random, different scenarios and whatnot. Angst, fluff, perhaps lemon, just a bunch of randomness. As I mentioned in the title, it is used with AI plot creation. As...
Dragonball Mae: Origins by kadenzajinx
Dragonball Mae: Originsby Dragonball Mae
Son Mae's peaceful life changed when she was taken by the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta. He saw her potential and took her as a tool for his revenge against her father...
Goku Black's revelations Book One (Goku Black x RWBY) by Spector45
Goku Black's revelations Book Spector45
Its Goku Black - sickest bad guy ever - in RWBY - where everything is also a gun.....or a weapon- I do not own Dragon Ball super or RWBY those go to their respective cre...
A Fighters Spirit (Katsuki Bakugo x Female Saiyan Reader)(MHA x DBZ Crossover) by TheNovelDimension
A Fighters Spirit (Katsuki Novel
The daughter of Vegeta and Bulma travels through a dimensional portal her mother made. On the other side awaits a world full of heroes and villains. As she goes to UA to...
A Gods Love For His Angel. (Vados x Male Saiyan Reader) by ColorBoundHuntsman
A Gods Love For His Angel. ( Hunter L. B.
A story of how you a Saiyan that defeats Champa and is declared the new God of Destruction in universe 6. You now being the new God of Destruction are now followed by th...
Raza's Beginning (DBS X God OC) by Seansyt8
Raza's Beginning (DBS X God OC)by King of Gold Hair
This is the real beginning of the Saiyan god by the name Raza. His early life and his relation to the Z fighters.
The Ultimate Union: OP Male Saiyan Reader x OP Crossover Harem by shadowenclave47
The Ultimate Union: OP Male Shadowenclave47
What if {Y/N} entered Union Academy and was never bullied/betrayed/abandoned and most of the students, teachers and headmasters were nice/good people and {Y/N} is an abs...
Reborn! Into the Dragonball World! by Ffffitty
Reborn! Into the Dragonball World!by Ffffifty
Didn't expect to get hit by a truck, but what happens happens. Now I'm a saiyan, and Goku's older brother to boot! Join Nasu on his journey as he travels through the dra...
Force Sensitive Saiyan Ninja  by HosoVardenis
Force Sensitive Saiyan Ninja by Error505!Sans
Izuku "Cade" Midoriya Skywalker, formerly known as Izuku Yagi was happy kid and had happy life, until his parents found out he was quirkless. His parents decid...
Falling Under Your Spell-Dragon Ball GT X Male Saiyan Reader  by Memey45
Falling Under Your Spell-Dragon Memey45
I actually enjoy GT a little bit. So I was bit surprised-Well not surprised but more taken aback by how there was little to no GT fanfics. So I want to fill that void a...