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The Mating Call by FabulousWriterElaina
The Mating Callby FabulousWriterElaina
I cant give away to much but You as the reader are new . You meet a few people along the way . Everything was all happy until you made someones inner beast come out.
Dragonball Z- Sibella- The Last Saiyan Girl by StarlineStories
Dragonball Z- Sibella- The Last StarlineStories
Sibella- The only daughter of Raaz & Zane - members of Planet Vegeta's Elite Warriors. Planet Vegeta is under attack, everyone is called to fight! But Raaz and Zane mana...
𝙎𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙮 𝙤𝙛 𝙎𝙤𝙣 𝙂𝙞𝙣𝙚 | 𝘿𝘽𝙕 by LolaDiazZ
𝙎𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙮 𝙤𝙛 𝙎𝙤𝙣 𝙂𝙞𝙣𝙚 | ꧁༺ʟօʟa༻꧂
Chi chi wasnt just pregnant with Goten, he was born with a fierce twin sister called Gine. Follow her story as she goes from the once young naive little girl to the hero...
Book 1: Of Space, Sky, and Time | A Dragon Ball Fanfiction by ReikaNanatsuki
Book 1: Of Space, Sky, and Time | Reika Nanatsuki
[Book One of Tales of The Dragon's Pearl] -Love is the strongest force in the world. It is the greatness of a road leading towards the unknown- Living in a miserable li...
KonoSuba: The Adventures of Z In This Wonderful World! by YoHomieChill
KonoSuba: The Adventures of Z In Yo Homie Chill
Zoren Mitsuki is a 17 year old japanese highschool student in Japan. Recently, he has died and gets reincarnated in another world by a certain goddess. He was offered to...
Juniors Ascend  by ShawnMartinez88
Juniors Ascend by ShawnMartinez88
A boy is reincarnated into the body of one of cells children the cell jrs. He now has to deal with the trials of dragonball in this new environment. How will he react an...
DBZ: Fighter's Daughter *UNDER EDITING* by Beygirl_Wood
DBZ: Fighter's Daughter *UNDER I Am Diana
This is the story of a girl named GiGi. But she is no ordinary girl. Her father is Goku, the greatest fighter on earth. She has inherited her Dad's love for fighting. Gi...
Time Blunder (Trunks x RWBY) by SixthHaven
Time Blunder (Trunks x RWBY)by Sixth Haven
It is after the Battle with Goku Black and Zamasu and you say your farewell to all your friends, you then get in the time machine and try to go back into the future but...
Surrender to You (Trunks x Goten) by igotsohigh
Surrender to You (Trunks x Goten)by igotsohigh
Goten and Trunks have kept their relationship under wraps for two years, and still have no intentions of spilling the beans anytime soon. Being the son of an extremely...
Zoey the daughter of Goku (DBZ FAN FIC) by x3bookcon
Zoey the daughter of Goku (DBZ x3bookcon
Zoey is the middle child and only daughter of Goku and Chi-Chi. She doesn't get treated differently with her family and the Z Fighters just because she's a girl who love...
Mating and Hating by queenkia
Mating and Hatingby Kiara
You may see him as the sweetest person you will ever meet, but he is a totally different person when you have the relationship I have with him. Only people of his race a...
DBS Reacts to DBZA by Newdawn57
DBS Reacts to DBZAby Newdawn57
After the tournament of power, a black robed being arrives at the stadium. Declaring the timeline corrupted, he resolves that watching the true course of events will hea...
Future Trunks x reader ❤ by vxynmk_
Future Trunks x reader ❤by no need
Goku has a second daughter. Her name is Y/n. She looks like her father but in female version. She has a hidden power that her father not notice it. Your father want to t...
Back to Square One by Xx_Cocaito_xX
Back to Square Oneby Xx_ThePu$$¥Sl@y€®69_xX
Both Goku and Vegeta got sent back to the past to the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, see our two legendary super saiyan gods, back to the age of the Raditz saga.
Reborn As Future Trunks  by Thehollownight936
Reborn As Future Trunks by HollowKnight
A anime fan reincarnates as Future Trunks with a few special abilities Note I don't own dragon ball, bleach or garden of sinners
My Saiyan Academia: Gohan and Deku Future Heroes (DragonBall x My Hero Academia) by adollashinra
My Saiyan Academia: Gohan and adollashinra
It's been five whole years since the defeat of the terrifying Cell at the hands of the half-Saiyan child, Son Gohan. Of course, due to the loss of footage, the world was...
Kakavege One-shots  by Thoughts_at3am
Kakavege One-shots by Anime_ Weeb769 New account
Yep. Just some ideas I don't feel think turning into books. Yet. Maybe. Depends. As you can tell I've been really out of it when it comes to posting, sorry. Anyways, hop...
Oneshots about your favorite dbz or dbs characters! You can request anything you want, except lemon. I won't be writing that, so don't request it. The photos and songs...
The Never Resting Saiyan|    Female goku x male reader x female vegeta by divinityforeternity
The Never Resting Saiyan| divinityforeternity
A man with everything has no time for rest.. Every time he turns the corner a new enemy approaches.. 2 wives and himself is all that stands.. In the end will he prevail...
Prodigal Son (Dragon Ball Z x Male Reader) by BIG__GUY
Prodigal Son (Dragon Ball Z x BIG__GUY
The story of a young boy who was the product of two enemy races. He joins the Z Fighters in hopes of becoming stronger becoming someone his mother told him he will alway...