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Powers Of A God Rwby X Male Reader by Saiyan8899
Powers Of A God Rwby X Male Readerby Goku Black
Y/n L/n A boy who loves watching the show Rwby and just wishes he could enter into that world and enter Beacon Academy but one night he meets the gods of light and darkn...
Goku Black?! by StarrDakota
Goku Black?!by StarrDakota
The ZFighters need one more for the tournament of power. Who will it be?
A New Life by jojoeyg
A New Lifeby KoolDanger213
Darkness around him. He wakes up from his slumber wondering why he was here. All he remember was getting killed by Trunks and then his memories were gone. He though knew...
Goku x Reader - Suffering by wiredmarrow4001
Goku x Reader - Sufferingby Dragon Sanity
You and Goku are amazing friends but when he takes training too far, does he loose your trust? You never knew how much faith you needed to have in others until you are s...
Justice Is Absolute: Cheater RWBY X Male Reader by TheSpectre21
Justice Is Absolute: Cheater RWBY...by Spectre
You were a huntsman-in-training and went to the infamous Beacon Academy. You were strong on your own, and you led a strong team with teammates who could handle themselve...
7 Deadly Sins x Goku Black Reader by GokuBlackWithAGun
7 Deadly Sins x Goku Black Readerby I'mNotBlack!
Y/n: Greetings, filthy ningens. The author can't hold his excitement when he gets new story ideas so he decided to make a fan fiction of two of his favorite animes. To m...
Throughout The Years (Black & Zamasu x Growing! Reader) by BigDoggoLoser
Throughout The Years (Black & Zama...by Faith
Black brings a human baby back with him to the cabin him and Zamasu lives in. As the two take care of the human, there's infinite possibilities as to what can happen. Le...
Goku Black's revelations Book One (Goku Black x RWBY) by Spector45
Goku Black's revelations Book One...by Spector45
Its Goku Black - sickest bad guy ever - in RWBY - where everything is also a gun.....or a weapon- I do not own Dragon Ball super or RWBY those go to their respective cre...
Deku Black by TMT52471
Deku Blackby Petra
Izuku was betrayed by almost everyone he knew, his quirk was taken, he was then sent Tartarus. After a surprise attack, he was then put into a coma, their he meets some...
Fused zamasu x Goddess reader by Lonely_Ender_Girl
Fused zamasu x Goddess readerby 🖤Mad Hatter🤍
Goku and the other's had failed trying to kill zamasu and goku black, now the two gods have fused together to become the defender or justice, zamasu. While you and the r...
dbs reader by LegenDaryGuardian5
dbs readerby CrownedSoul
This story is about a demi god, that was born naturally gifted with abonormally high instincts. And gains something similar to ultra instinct called the chaos instinct...
The Path of Darkness: A Naruto and DBZ Crossover by DamonDillinger
The Path of Darkness: A Naruto and...by dalv6452
y/n is a Saiyan from Konoha. One day he was sent on a mission to the Land of Waves. He was abandoned during the mission. Now his goal is to destroy Konoha.
Dragonball Mae by kadenzajinx
Dragonball Maeby Dragonball Mae
*Completed* Mae is the daughter of Goku and twin to Gohan. All her life she has worked hard to keep up with her father. Spending a large amount of time training with Veg...
Dbz oneshots & lemons by XzxsadchildxzX
Dbz oneshots & lemonsby Jay
Request status: Open -2,000 to 6,000 words hopefully -Anything is fine by me, just let me know if you want anything specific -I hope it is to your liking so please enjo...
Abused Goku Black Reader x Female Broly by RoseGokuBlack
Abused Goku Black Reader x Female...by KawaiiGokuBlack
I mean if you want a story description, read the story to figure that out heheh. I don't own any of the content of Dragon ball, Dragon ball z, Dragon ball gt, or Dragon...
Cheater RWBY X Saiyan Abused Male Reader X Female Goku Black X Female Zamasu by Silver_B657
Cheater RWBY X Saiyan Abused Male...by Silver_B657
+Hate, I was always hated without any reason, abuse, humiliation, betrayal was what I suffered all my life and when I thought that everything was over when I arrived at...
Truth or dare Goku Black by -_Yoongi_Bear_-
Truth or dare Goku Blackby Santa Goku
I would love to answer some truths and do some dares if anyone would like to give some to me.
Y-YOU MORTALS ARE EMBARRASSING ME (Tenshi Muyo x Goku Black) by GaryWoodspeed
Goku black was killed after he fused with zamasu by the efforts of Vegeta, Goku and Trunks.....but what if he instead was broken from the fusion and was sent to the worl...
[UNDER EDITING]Poisonous Thorns (Goku Black X Reader) by cyanaught
[UNDER EDITING]Poisonous Thorns (G...by Vex
Those eyes. Those cold charcoal eyes that were the last thing people would see. Or maybe it was that smirk. That sickening wry smirk. Blood stained the once beautiful ci...