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the shadow ninja( taimanin harem x male reader x ninja/demon/nun girls harem) by Arthurpendragon285
the shadow ninja( taimanin harem Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
" these eyes can see darkness clearly" " i'll burn away anyone who gets on my path" Y/n L/n was Young boy who lost his parens by a rober kill them an...
taimanin no kagura: shinobi kenzan!( male reader x taimanin/senran kagura harem) by Arthurpendragon285
taimanin no kagura: shinobi Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
in japan of year 2022, Earth was on the verge of destroying its environment: Hope for the future...was entrusted to ninja able to produce natural energies like fire and...
The mochi taimanin (male katakuri x taimanin asagi) by user55127654
The mochi taimanin (male Kane mcluckie
Kesu "katakuri" igawa is the adopted brother of asagi and Sakura, at age 11 he was different and didn't care for it but asagi and Sakura found him when they we...
Son of Akali by Spiritwolf76
Son of Akaliby Griffin
Over the past few years Adam has felt like a part of him was missing from his life. one day he gets a call from an unknown woman saying that she will be coming over to v...
My Feelings ~ A Strike The Blood Fanfiction Epilogue One-Shot by TheCuteAnimePrincess
My Feelings ~ A Strike The Blood TheCuteAnimePrincess
My Feelings ~ A Strike The Blood Fanfiction has now a My Feelings ~ A Strike The Blood Fanfiction Epilogue One-Shot! @Meow_Neko_Meow is the author of the book. Credits g...
Shall We Date One-Shots by TsarCatherine
Shall We Date One-Shotsby Elizabeth
Sweet one shots between MCs and various characters in the Ninja Shadow, Wizardess Heart, Lost Alice, and more. Ninjas, samurai, wizards, and magicians! All characters an...
My Feelings | Book 2 by Meow_Neko_Meow
My Feelings | Book 2by Neko - chan
Hi Guys!! This is nothing! Just a 12 - chapter Sequel to my Fan fiction!! ^^ Haha. Well, I wouldn't expect you guys to call this "NOTHING" xD So The story so f...
Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku Kinetograph: Godzilla daughter by Inoridragoneel
Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku NerdReader
The Miyanomori family were known to be the most powerful, monster royalty because of their father since he was Ghidorah, king of the monsters. The brothers only saw Haru...
Playing With Fire [AsagixTsunehito][Completed] by R-y-u-u-t-o-s-h-i
Playing With Fire [ A Serene Abyss Of Intuitive T...
I didn't know my destiny until it came rushing to my face. Blood pounded in my system and mostly in my heart. Tsunehito, he opened up a new world for me. He made me real...
Eternal Dark War (FanFic) by Axunxion
Eternal Dark War (FanFic)by Dunsha Windwater
Año 1800, en una ciudad situada en las entrañas de un escalofriante y tenebroso bosque había un gran enfrentamiento entre dos clanes el de los hombre lobo o licántropos...
Yotsuba&! Chatroom by Faeces
Yotsuba&! Chatroomby Faeces
The characters of Yotsuba&! find themselves talking to each other on an online chatroom. Koiwai - Kowai Fuuka - Fuuka Icecream<3 - Asagi Panda - Yanda GiantJumbo - Ju...
Seiran Asagi x Reader Command by FinnyxLivey
Seiran Asagi x Reader Commandby FinnyxLivey
When you find a blue card one day you suddenly have a boy that pretty much follows you around every where you go doing anything he can for you and you might take things...
The Special Lady | ORV FANFIC  by Koiskyodai
The Special Lady | ORV FANFIC by Koiskyodai
Just read it,I'm not good at writing description ehe
incubus god by Devillord1211
incubus godby Devillord1211
Lust was beginning to overflow from the human world so the incubus god decides to pay a visit to the mortal realm where he begins to stop criminals while amassing a harem
taimanin:Bloodline( Tekken Girls X male reader x massive taimanin harem) by EduardoAldarondoRam5
taimanin:Bloodline( Tekken Girls Eduardo Aldarondo Ramos
Y/n kazama, the last member of the kazama clan and wielder of The devil gene inherit by his father who is a devil that was seal away by his mother: Jun kazama but die, Y...