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A new future by Soxeschmaid
A new futureby
The anniversary of their last battle has arrived. A year without incidents now lies behind Bunny and her friends. She could finally be happy with her Mamoru, but she fin...
Lazos de sangre by Flisslete
Lazos de sangreby FLISS_LETE
Los lazos de hermanos son forjados atravez de la convivencia? O tal vez ahí algo más escondido por ahí tal vez un tipo de instinto o será cierto que la sangre llama? Ikk...
My bluejay (Seiya Kuo X Reader) by ChimChimJellybeans
My bluejay (Seiya Kuo X Reader)by Kiwi Wabs
okay so I've been through a few relationships and none of them really worked out and now I feel like I can't love them anymore anyone. Until one day I accidentally walke...
Lost Love in the Moon Palace by Soxeschmaid
Lost Love in the Moon Palaceby
In a realm where love and magic intertwine, the tale unfolds of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion-a couple who died for each other and were reborn. However, their on...
Campus Sanctuary 1 by CSIcommittee
Campus Sanctuary 1by CSI Committee
The story of courageous five Bronze Saints going to school begins! Takes place after the Hades saga. No Next Dimension. CURRENT CHAPTER: May week 4 [PART 1 - SPRING AND...
/∆/tsʊʀʊռɛ x ʍ! ʀɛaɖɛʀ/∆/ by BreadAndAnime101
/∆/tsʊʀʊռɛ x ʍ! ʀɛaɖɛʀ/∆/by I need therapy 😗💅🏼✨
《 ¤ Tsurune X Haikyuu!! CROSSOVER ¤ 》 (M/N) (L/N) is a boy with many secrets that little know of, all of which he hides behind a mask... LITERALLY Moving from the Capito...
LUZ DE LUNA Aioria x Shaka by KokoaArlert
LUZ DE LUNA Aioria x Shakaby Mindy Volg Zangief
En la boda de DM y Afrodita podían suceder cosas realmente inesperadas como por ejemplo: Confesiones, rompimientos, propuestas de matrimonio hasta la mas fría de las tra...
Tsurune One Shots by koyayayh94
Tsurune One Shotsby ..
The anime needs more attention, my babies needs to get more recognition. More of a drabble(?) English is not my first language! Please kindly point out any mistakes that...
Tu eres mi caballero by AliceSIWF
Tu eres mi caballeroby Alice
Seiya se molesta al oír a Jabu decir que Seiya no seria una chica linda, sin saber que....Seiya si es una chica!! Asi queda decide vengarse de el, planeando hacer que Ja...
Tsurune: Archery Thoughts by kenmuffin
Tsurune: Archery Thoughtsby hyratatouille
MINI Tsurune Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu One-Shots Tsurune Characters X Reader (COMPLETED) Like an arrow hitting a target, he will capture your heart. check out more of my...
Saint Seiya: The Legend of Seiya by BrunoMasei
Saint Seiya: The Legend of Seiyaby Bruno Portella
The novelization of Saint Seiya. The story of Seiya reimagined, written and told with some important alterations on the story. Cover Artwork: Tiago Fernandes (@tfernande...
Siren of the Stars by StrawberryMoonRose
Siren of the Starsby Taylor Lynn
While on vacation at Haruka and Michiru's beach house, Usagi spots a mysterious woman in the ocean. The enticing beauty says she goes by Seiya and is in search of her Pr...
Saint Seiya The Heaven Saga (FANFIC)  by RhezaAlvarez
Saint Seiya The Heaven Saga ( RhezaAlvarez
"After the death of Hades, Athena and the Saints had to face the wrath of Heaven for their actions that dared to oppose and kill a God. The conflict between Athena...
el regreso del dios del tiempo (portada temporal) by kdjuusjw
el regreso del dios del tiempo ( kdjuusjw
esta historia esta inspirada en una película que vi y quiero aserla pero con los personajes que decida XD parejas: Hades/Alexxseiya
An Overly Oblivious Hero (Male child reader X adoptive mother Ristarte) by ChrisReiniger
An Overly Oblivious Hero (Male Shadow Nexus
He's not the hero they needed, he's not even the hero they wanted but he's the hero they got...even if it was by accident.
a Saint betrayal ( male Saint reader x Saint Seiya harem) by Arthurpendragon285
a Saint betrayal ( male Saint Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n L/n, former Saint of Athena along with friends of Seiya and Kouga almost brothers and comrades, until something when disaster about a Fake rumor about Y/n Will murde...
His Princess (Seiya Kanie X Reader)  by PurpleFlamingPanther
His Princess (Seiya Kanie X YandereSilve
(Y/n) (M/n) (L/n) is a princess, but not from Maple Land. You came from a very different world... and you never made an appearance in the day time. It appears that there...
Usagi's Chance by bunnygalsenpai
Usagi's Chanceby Dumpling
The Sailor Senshi cheated their fates before, is it possible that Usagi and Mamoru could have destinies apart from each other? As two timelines run parallel, the future...
Lord Perseus: Rise of the Saints by MazeUniverse
Lord Perseus: Rise of the Saintsby MazeUniverse
14 years since Ares has declared war on Athena. 14 years since Lord Perseus was betrayed by those he considered friends. Now Athena has reincarnated on earth but this ti...
Sailor Saints  by user05360124
Sailor Saints by Silver~Chan
The Saints of Athena Protect Her Each Time when She is Reborn 200 years, to Prevent Evil from Dominanting The World, 88 Saints Protect Athena and like the Sailor Guardia...