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taimanin no kagura: shinobi kenzan!( male reader x taimanin/senran kagura harem) by Arthurpendragon285
taimanin no kagura: shinobi kenzan...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
in japan of year 2022, Earth was on the verge of destroying its environment: Hope for the future...was entrusted to ninja able to produce natural energies like fire and...
Testament of Taimanin ( Multiverse Travel, Oc x Massive Female Harem ) by Try_Hard777
Testament of Taimanin ( Multiverse...by Try Hard
After dying, he found himself transported in Taimanin with his appearances changes into that of Testament from Guilty Gear. Testament Oc x Female Harem. Main waifu: Mi...
taimanin:the never ending rage of a demon by herosama19
taimanin:the never ending rage of...by hero sama
this story will involve alot of elements. going from gore to sex to a detailed level. and it will be a good watch i Hope.
Commandment of Death by Tembakwu
Commandment of Deathby Tembakwu
Imprisoned Reader x Highschool dxd x Taimanin Asagi
Trailer for stories by DJMM15
Trailer for storiesby Vortex’s Multiverse
So basically I'll be doing trailers for stories that I'll be doing for the future some of them might have music some might not let's see
Trailer by mrlool69
Trailerby mrlool69
This will be the trailer of the crossover special...it'll take place after raiden's true ending, it's a taimanin asagi x metal gear rising, witch of steel annerose and d...
Tales Of Azure:Azuredge Experience (Book 1: Journeys Beginning) by lathanieljames7
Tales Of Azure:Azuredge Experience...by Lathaniel Ōkami
The story takes place in an Alternate Timeline in the world of Remnant, which is filled with supernatural forces and shadowy creatures known as the Grimm. Prior to the e...
Somehow I got into the world of you GX.  by NarutoFan980
Somehow I got into the world of yo...by NarutoFan980
So you got sucked it the world of Yugioh GX. That was fine but I got stuck with a whole bunch of decks that are different animes and hentais. Really?! Well at least all...
Taimanin Dark by Barrel2s1cool79
Taimanin Darkby Barrel2s1cool79
What if.... Someone snaps and went rogue
Transcendent  by UnknownUnknown018
Transcendent by Unknown
The story set in the large city of Twilight inhabited with monsters,Demons,Vampires, Criminal. A boy enters the city and gets involved with fierce power struggles betwee...
Taimanin X Genshin: Gorou's Childhood Life by leona-x
Taimanin X Genshin: Gorou's Childh...by Lian Chin Xun Liang
This story talks about the past he had with his old yet beloved teacher, Kousaka Shizuru, after the first time they met during his time of being bullied Their Student-Te...
The Monster They Created. by Lexluthor6
The Monster They Created.by Owen Huffer
Thet took everything from me. They took away my only family. Why does everyone hate me so much? Why does my family hurt me? Well, they all made the biggest mistake of t...
Son of The Ripper Child reader and Crossover Harem. by Lexluthor6
Son of The Ripper Child reader and...by Owen Huffer
You are a child that is trying to find your family due to you being kidnapped but managed to escape but kept getting lost.
Beyond the Grave by Tembakwu
Beyond the Graveby Tembakwu
Reader x Taimanin Asagi x Dxd This story will also have Bloodborne, Dark souls 1-3, Demon's Souls, Sekiro: Shadows die twice, and Nioh 1-2