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Giving Some Ideas by PatrickEstvo
Giving Some Ideasby Patrick Estêvão
These ideas are meant to be used by anyone interested in them.
Beyond the Grave by Tembakwu
Beyond the Graveby Tembakwu
Reader x Taimanin Asagi x Dxd This story will also have Bloodborne, Dark souls 1-3, Demon's Souls, Sekiro: Shadows die twice, and Nioh 1-2
The mochi taimanin (male katakuri x taimanin asagi) by user55127654
The mochi taimanin (male katakuri...by Kane mcluckie
Kesu "katakuri" igawa is the adopted brother of asagi and Sakura, at age 11 he was different and didn't care for it but asagi and Sakura found him when they we...
Trailer by mrlool69
Trailerby mrlool69
This will be the trailer of the crossover special...it'll take place after raiden's true ending, it's a taimanin asagi x metal gear rising, witch of steel annerose and d...
The Silver Eyed Bull Adam Taurus and Crossover by Lexluthor6
The Silver Eyed Bull Adam Taurus a...by Owen Huffer
Another Story where the female population is more superior. Abandoned for being a male, Adam has been in an orphanage for some time with the occupants trying to be nice...
The Big Brother by Tembakwu
The Big Brotherby Tembakwu
Genetically modified reader x harem
Trailer for future stories  by DJMM15
Trailer for future stories by Masked writer
So basically I'll be doing trailers for stories that I'll be doing for the future some of them might have music some might not let's see
Taimanin Dark by Barrel2s1cool79
Taimanin Darkby Barrel2s1cool79
What if.... Someone snaps and went rogue
My Taimanin Academia  by RyuDargo42
My Taimanin Academia by RyuuTatsuo
Something happened and they didn't know how Izuku, Melissa, Mei, Nejire, Mount.Lady, Midnight, Ryukyu, Miruko, Ippan Josei and Eri were suddenly transported from another...
Ninja master by Tembakwu
Ninja masterby Tembakwu
Badass Ninja male reader x Harem
Commandment of Death by Tembakwu
Commandment of Deathby Tembakwu
Imprisoned Reader x Highschool dxd x Taimanin Asagi
Wolf of the void by Tembakwu
Wolf of the voidby Tembakwu
Male werewolf reader x Taimanin Asagi harem
True demon by MCPELuisTuican
True demonby MCPELuis Tuican
Tokyo Kingdom is a place full with demons. But, there is the man named Kumagawa Misogi. All those demons would be a joke compared to him. What happens if he set foot in...
Taimanin X Genshin: Gorou's Childhood Life by leona-x
Taimanin X Genshin: Gorou's Childh...by Lian Chin Xun Liang
This story talks about the past he had with his old yet beloved teacher, Kousaka Shizuru, after the first time they met during his time of being bullied Their Student-Te...
New story's that come to mind
Taimanin Gojira  by Godzilla16
Taimanin Gojira by Godzilla16
Godzilla Own by Toho Taimanin own by Lilith KAIJU DELTA CLASS: Tend to range from human-size to polar bear-sized. They also happen to either be workers for other Kaiju...