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Ready to Fight in Another World by JeymisPeixoto
Ready to Fight in Another Worldby Jeymis Peixoto
(Kamen Rider Tycoon X Konosuba X Small Crossover Harem) Naoki Ryuga died trying to save his sister from getting hit by a truck, getting himself hit instead. God gave him...
smol bean zaku of union academy by BlumpireCEP
smol bean zaku of union academyby angrotron
zacky is a innocent smol bean that tries to live with his moms and dads at union academy
Trailer by mrlool69
Trailerby mrlool69
This will be the trailer of the crossover special...it'll take place after raiden's true ending, it's a taimanin asagi x metal gear rising, witch of steel annerose and d...
Testament of Taimanin ( Multiverse Travel, Oc x Massive Female Harem ) by Try_Hard777
Testament of Taimanin ( Multiverse...by Try Hard
After dying, he found himself transported in Taimanin with his appearances changes into that of Testament from Guilty Gear. Testament Oc x Female Harem. Main waifu: Mi...
The soul hacker (massive crossover harem x OP male oc)  by UrielGonzalez574503
The soul hacker (massive crossover...by Toad Skywalker
After being rejected by his crushes, Toad Skywalker discovered his semblance which can allow him to hack into a person's soul that can not only manipulates them but also...
My OCs by JeymisPeixoto
My OCsby Jeymis Peixoto
This book contains each of my OCs.
Prepare to Become Space Dust by GoldDriveFanNumber1
Prepare to Become Space Dustby GoldDriveFanNumber1
Y/N L/N may at first look like ordinary japanese young man, but he has his own secret. And this secret is known as LaserMan.EXE, mysterious vigilante, that protects Japa...
A Card Up My Sleeve by GoldDriveFanNumber1
A Card Up My Sleeveby GoldDriveFanNumber1
Y/N "Tubalcain" Alhambra is powerful vampire and owner of Bloody Cactus Casino. One day, during his midnight walk, he stumbles upon Asagi being captured by Obo...
crota of union academy by BlumpireCEP
crota of union academyby angrotron
crota the adopted son of optimus and a innocent child tries to help his moms
The one that will stand at the top(Male Aizen Reader x Crossover) by DJMM15
The one that will stand at the top...by Vortex’s Multiverse
Y/N a boy that abused, neglected, abandoned and bullied by many people in the world of many super powered individuals but on the day the people that bullied him decided...
Brave soul, even braver heart (crossover harem x OP male oc)  by UrielGonzalez574503
Brave soul, even braver heart (cro...by Toad Skywalker
Toad Rose is the adopted son of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long. He dreams of being a hero despite being born without power but his family still encouraged and support...
the bravo-tango of union by BlumpireCEP
the bravo-tango of unionby angrotron
after bt died he was reborn as the grandfather to asagi,sakura,ruby,yang,blake,rias,sona,emerald,nora,pyrrha,weiss,cinder,nora,lie,akeno,kuroka,and koneko
saiyan & the goddess of light. (Palutena /mass cross harem x male saiyan oc)  by UrielGonzalez574503
saiyan & the goddess of light. (Pa...by Toad Skywalker
Palutena was once the goddess of light but was casted down and betrayed by the other gods. now stripped of position and power, she's now living in the human world as a h...
The dark Y/N's multiverse  by DJMM15
The dark Y/N's multiverse by Vortex’s Multiverse
Vortex:same has the original multiverse but what if different versions of Union may have taking things to far Wait of they created Y/N's that welcomed the darkness and a...
Adam Taurus and Gaming World. by Lexluthor6
Adam Taurus and Gaming World.by Owen Huffer
Adam is transported to a world that is filled with magic and everything around is like a game so how will he survive in this new world?