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Reincarnated as Megaman Zero in Honkai Impact  by GuardianLugia8
Reincarnated as Megaman Zero in GuardianLugia8
A fan of Megaman zero gets Reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact as the legendary Reploid himself. He is surprised at first but then takes his place in the world an...
Reunited once more by Tinaykris707
Reunited once moreby Tinaykris 707
Prog: After the war and the defeat of the formal commander of The Maverick Hunters sigma, peace has returned between the reploids and the humans. The planet it's was com...
The Blue Bomber of Remnant by Joshioe110
The Blue Bomber of Remnantby Joshioe110
Having no idea where he is, how he ended up here, why he is here, who he is, and having no ability to speak, the only 2 things he can remember is his name and how he fig...
Not So Different -Mega Man X/Reader- by KyaniteRose
Not So Different -Mega Man X/ KyaniteRose
Being a mere human is hard enough. But in a world plagued by Reploids who on occasion go Maverick, it's even worse. However, after the day of your family's death, you ne...
Dark MEGA Battle Exacute!(Crossover X Dark Megaman reader) by Metroid99
Dark MEGA Battle Exacute!( Metroid99
"Corrupt Chips? Yeah I guess you can say I've been in contact with them. Hell I even have the strongest of them in my possession, heh ha! So what are you going goin...
Rock On Midoriya! by TITANIKXXX
Rock On Midoriya!by TITANIKXXX
Inspired by Boku no Hero Academia ZX. by echoranger7.
Not a Quirk (Mega Man Classic x MHA.) by CrusadingDoomguy
Not a Quirk (Mega Man Classic x CrusadingDoomguy
Wily Machine No. 11 crumbles like all the rest. The mad doctor escapes his collapsing Gear Fortress, Doctor Light, Auto, and Mega Man making it to safety. Almost. While...
megaman zx:return zero! by slimshbib8
megaman zx:return zero!by slim shbib
After destroying Ragnarok, Zero fell in the middle of a semi-desert and was still alive but suffered a lot of severe damage and was about to stop working but... the sand...
Female x Male Reader One Shots : Genderbent Edition by Beedrill2001
Female x Male Reader One Shots : Beedrill2001
Romantic short stories involving genderbent male characters from various franchises and the male reader.
Saiyan and The Rose Volume 7 ( Male Saiyan reader x RWBY) by Megamaniac67
Saiyan and The Rose Volume 7 ( Jimmy Crouch
After all the heroes work, they have made their way to Atlas. They see many faces they feared they would never see again, not to mention they are treated as actual hunts...
Once a Ghost, Always a Ghost by PatrickEstvo
Once a Ghost, Always a Ghostby Patrick Estêvão
(Disowned Danny Phantom X Injustice AU) Once Danny's parents found out that their own son was one of the ghosts, they decide to disown him. Now completely depressed, he...
Mega by Populous21
Megaby Populous21
Izuku Yagi was quirkless but her sister Izumi yagi was not as they headed home. Izuku wanted to be a hero but his sister and her friends are worried about losing him so...
MegaMan Robot Master x Reader Oneshots by Geminoir
MegaMan Robot Master x Reader ...
Oneshots from the classic MegaMan game. I do not take any more requests.
Boku no Hero Academia ZX by echoranger7
Boku no Hero Academia ZXby Echoranger7
Since the age of 4, Izuku aka Deku was bullied due to being Quirkless. Until one day whendelivering a powerful device, he and the Biometal, Model X become the hero that...
the fastest thing alive (bullied and cheated male sonic OC x union academy) by EchoOkamiKitsune
the fastest thing alive (bullied Mecha Okami
this is my first story so don't hate on it to much.
Votes by GoldDriveFanNumber1
Votesby GoldDriveFanNumber1
Votes for my future stories.
Megaman ZXA x RWBY crossover by ShisuiBlade
Megaman ZXA x RWBY crossoverby ShisuiBlade
This is going to be first time I've ever written a fanfic so I wouldn't mind having you share your thoughts about it, I'm writing this because I'm bored but also I want...
The Legendsverse by Dogfishmcguffins
The Legendsverseby False Super Sonic
This is a compilation of the stories I've already written and ones I was originally going to write separately. This is one massive crossover universe set in chronologica...
Mega Man A Second Chance by TwilightDragon5
Mega Man A Second Chanceby TwilightDragon5
In the year 20xx, Megaman has stopped Wily from his schemes many times. Peace is among the humans again, but the young robot starts to feel guilty for all the innocent r...