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Your My Shield And Im Your Hero (Bofuri x Bnha) (izuku x kaede) by Littleme_Jayden
Your My Shield And Im Your Hero ( Jayden
izuku Midoriya, is a normal middle school student, until he and his childhood friend katsuki bakugou, played NWO (new world online) and then encounters the famous duo of...
Balanced archer (Bofuri x male reader) by Silverwing_Rocky
Balanced archer (Bofuri x male Slender_pony
NewWorld Online has made its appearance in the gaming world, and young Y/N has decided to give it a try, bringing his Real world archer skills into the game. What does t...
The cute fortress in wonderland by Fuyusaki
The cute fortress in wonderlandby Fuyusaki
What would happen if Maple was thrown into another world called twisted Wonderland? Thanks to the bug in the game. Now watch Maple how she returns back to her world or w...
Evolving Koi Deku by JeidoRaikannoIkari
Evolving Koi Dekuby The Jade Necromancer
Izuku Midoriya always wondered what life as a koi would be like but one day he dies from an explosion while saving people and gets reincarnated as a Koi in another world...
Maple, the Empress of Yggdrazil -☆Interactive☆- by EllianeDaynahAlvesSo
Maple, the Empress of Yggdrazil -☆ ElyHirano❣
Yggdrazil, a continent populated predominantly by Celestials, a strong, wise race, full of vitality, magic and curiosities. An empire bent on fighting power, home to the...
Black Shielder and Red swordman by Rekuta1
Black Shielder and Red swordmanby Rekuta
This story contains an OC named Hamura Genki, friend of Kaede Honjou and Risa Shiramine. He is the childhood friend of both risa and Kaede.
Bofuri: I Want To Be The Strongest, So I Will Become A Shadow Monarch by NightHero079
Bofuri: I Want To Be The HolyMaiden039
Y/N or Sung Jinwoo in New World Online is a 17 year old boy who got into a game call NWO (New World Online) by the request of his childfriend to which he accepted with t...
I hate being in pain, so I'll make a full defense build with Sonic by ernsts22
I hate being in pain, so I'll Lightingfoxy12
Sonic is relaxing in Green Hill when Tails sends him a virtual helmet with a game. Sonic puts it on as he disappears sending him to a game. I do not own these characters...
im rimuru yetzer and i got isekai in bofuri  by TimothyYetzer
im rimuru yetzer and i got Timothy Yetzer
i got isekaiied in to the world of bofuri
shield and sword duo  by foreverstate
shield and sword duo by foreverstate
kota matsumi big brother figure of kaede otherwise known as maple this is my take on this amazing anime
Bofuri Gets Isekaid by NullAzatoth
Bofuri Gets Isekaidby Null Azatoth
from the title im gonna make Bofuri a isekai this AU involves major characters even some side characters im also gonna add the Current LN characters so this might have s...
They Can't Beat me If I'm Too fast! by GoldenGameZ
They Can't Beat me If I'm Too fast!by PhantomGamer
Just your standard op protagonist but with a slight twist on the newer anime Bofuri and deciding to max out speed to make sure now one can ever touch him making him the...
How did this happen...? //Bofuri x F!reader\\ by SukiSkyStar
How did this happen...? //Bofuri ||~Suki_Sky~||
(Hiatus) Hi lovelife here and I'm burnt out on my other books if you can't tell and I'm reading the Bofuri light novels and I got inspired to do this so let's just do th...
The Herrscher of Lights I Honkai Impact 3rd x OC by SaberZX_Kaslana
The Herrscher of Lights I Honkai SaberZX-Kaslana
Shiroi Kaslana is the adopted Son from Siegfried Kaslana and the Big Brother from Kiana Kaslana. He was the Child from Sigurd Kaslana and Ayuki. Not everything makes sen...
I hate being in pain, so I think I will make a full defence build x reader by irisadj
I hate being in pain, so I think Peach
None of this are mine except my dungeon(s) pet(s) and own character(s). She and her friends became the most powerful player in the game. Will they join 'Order of the...
Maple tree of Inkopolis Bay by __AYODY__
Maple tree of Inkopolis Bayby __AYODY__
Warning! none of these things are mine except for some characters. BOFURI is owned by Yuumikan, project splatoon 3 belongs to Alexis Pflaum, and the real splatoon 3 belo...
Bofuri:I Don't Want To Get Hurt So I'm Maxing Out My Defence X Other World by Sun_Moon_Alpha
Bofuri:I Don't Want To Get Hurt Sun_Moon_Alpha
This story occured after the fourth event PROLONGED Maple and the others were celebrating with the two other guilds after comming up on the 3rd rank but suddenly a Ques...
Zero and S's Journey To The New World by Zerolegendz_reads
Zero and S's Journey To The New *Zeroinnit*
Come and Read S and Zero's adventure to a new world! This is inspired by Before: An anime series! Please, we hope you'll enjoy this! BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt so...