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I Only Treat Villains by Rhea_Ariadne
I Only Treat Villainsby Chiyeol
Author(s) : Moon Sihyun, 문시현 Artist(s) : passerby, 지나가던 사람 Type : Web Novel "...Some crazy bastard is standing in front of my house again." My house is a jewel...
Trapped in a Typical Idol Drama by mhaimaxima
Trapped in a Typical Idol Dramaby maxine
SYNOPSIS: Ye Xi crossed over into a typical idol romance novel as the villainess. For the sake of her safety, she decided to distance herself from the male and female pr...
Real or Fake Missy : I Have a Piece of Godly Land by takas_mo
Real or Fake Missy : I Have a tappings
COMPLETED For offline reading purposes only. Synopsis The Cheng family finally found the real daughter who had been wandering the streets. Cheng Ling, the fake daughter...
My Husband Hates Me, But He Lost His Memories by Rhea_Ariadne
My Husband Hates Me, But He Lost Chiyeol
Author(s) : Sisse, 시세 Artist(s) : 개 Type : Web Novel My husband entered an arranged marriage with me against his will. And he hates me. I just lived every single day as...
Have you ever love a second lead so much that you came to hate the story and the author for not giving the second lead the happiness he deserves? What would you do if yo...
Mother Midoriya [ (Y/n) Midoriya x Hero/Villains ] by ERROR_GLITCH
Mother Midoriya [ (Y/n) Midoriya ERROR_GLITCH
Mama Midoriya A.K.A (Y/n) Midoriya is mother of Izuku Midoriya. She's a Quirkless Woman but she will drop kick you if you mess with her baby. As she raises her baby boy...
[BL]This Alpha's pheromones are Exploding by Rezioj27
[BL]This Alpha's pheromones are Kakshu
Author:- Shao tang Status: Complete Status in COO: 79 chapters +9 Extras Qiu Jin transmigrated into a book once again. Last time, he transmigrated into an omega with phe...
You Used to Be My World by FlyingLines
You Used to Be My Worldby Flying Lines
Charlie Jiang doesn't really care about the marriage with Mandy Song. During the three years of their marriage, he doesn't even try to understand her. He has always only...
Offered Into Marriage by hellobiew
Offered Into Marriageby 아라나🌱
Yang Yang starved to death once, so after rebirth, he had only one wish: food and clothing. However, in the blink of an eye, Yang Yang heard his uncle say that he had to...
Assassins love // DNF by ustulations
Assassins love // DNFby ustulations
In a world where assassins very much exist, but you have absolutely no idea that they are even assassins. They camouflage into the real world so easily, you could never...
WTODO (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) (GL)  by yrusoogayy5ever
WTODO (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) (GL) by 4EverMerry&Gayyy
WHAT TO DO IF THE SYSTEM FORCES YOU TO EXERCISE The frail and sickly Wen Jiexi had always wanted one thing: a healthy body and like a dream come true, one day, she was s...
Jealous | Draco Malfoy by lovergirlgf
Jealous | Draco Malfoyby 🧚‍♀️
"Draco-" "Say my name again," "Say it." "Draco..." - I do not own the characters Mattheo Riddle, Jacob Nawaro nor do I own Odey...
အရန်ဇာတ်ကောင်အဖြစ် အဆင့်နိမ့်ကျသွားခြင်း by Xiao_Yiii
အရန်ဇာတ်ကောင်အဖြစ် အဆင့်နိမ့်ကျသွာ Xiao yi
အခြားဝတ္ထုတွေမှာဆိုရင်ဒီဇာတ်ကွက်ကတစ်ခြားသူတွေရဲ့ဖျက်ဆီးခြင်းကြောင့်ပျက်စီးရမှာဖြစ်ပေမဲ့...ဇာတ်လိုက်ကျော်ကြီး ရှီရှန်းကတော့တစ်ခြားသူတွေဖျက်ဆီးဖို့အခွင့်အရေးမရသေးခင်မှာပဲသ...
Adopting/Raising The Male Lead and The Villain by Yuna_O
Adopting/Raising The Male Lead DollThrone
Zhong Yuhuan had transmigrated into a book and became the female supporting character who was destined to die an untimely and tragic death. Coincidentally, her family ad...
The Villainess Run Away! [HIATUS] by EngelDaemon7421
The Villainess Run Away! [HIATUS]by EngelDaemon7421
Note: This story is on hiatus because of some personal reasons and also I need to edit some part. I hope you can wait. Thank you. For the readers who really like this st...
[BL]The Blooming Romance  by Rezioj27
[BL]The Blooming Romance by Kakshu
Author : 寒菽 Status: Complete Status in COO: 111 chapters +11 extras + 4 extras (126 Completed) After receiving his terminal illness diagnosis, Chu Xun could finally let...
[BL]After Break-up I Got Married by Rezioj27
[BL]After Break-up I Got Marriedby Kakshu
Author: Qianfeng Yihe Status: Complete Status in COO: 42 Chapters+ 2 Extras There is a very popular saying on the Internet: If it goes well, this life will be a dog wit...
The God-level Boss Is Pampered by yve_moon93
The God-level Boss Is Pamperedby Min Cheska Writes mœvendor'Lee
Novel Summary I heard that the only god in heaven has fallen, and the fragments of the soul are scattered in various small worlds. In order to help the gods gather all t...
The Baby Isn't Yours by Rhea_Ariadne
The Baby Isn't Yoursby Chiyeol
Author(s) : Allondrie, 아롱드리 Artist(s) : passerby , 지나가던 사람 Type : Web Novel "This baby isn't yours." Simon's eyes glistened coldly at my words. Apparently he's...
My In-laws are Obsessed With Me by Rhea_Ariadne
My In-laws are Obsessed With Meby Chiyeol
Author(s) : 한윤설 Artist(s) : Bon Type : Web Novel Original Translator Website : lilac novels My family and my husband killed me. Because of the inheritance. Returning to...