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Possessing The Obsessive Maniac's Cotton Doll by yui_yinyang
Possessing The Obsessive Maniac' yui_yinyang
Park Yul got transported to the world of a novel. Well, sure. He has read a lot of fantasy novels so far, so he was not surprisingly intolerant of such a thing. Live a l...
City: My Little Prodigy by Qwinesty
City: My Little Prodigyby Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Shen Lang traveled to a parallel world and turned into an 8-year-old cute baby Although he is young, he is very senior Lin Jiayao: My lovely and handsome uncle, can you...
Fierce Chirp~Chirp! [MTL] ✔ by aromanticflesh
Fierce Chirp~Chirp! [MTL] ✔by Fleshy
**MTL (Machine Translation)** **Full summary inside Synopsis and Disclaimer page** **Contains BL(boy's love) contents) **Full of grammar errors** Title: 猛啾嗷~啾啾!/ Fierce...
You Use a Gun, I Use a Bow by UuHhUhUhUh
You Use a Gun, I Use a Bowby Your Wife, Sister AJ Kate!
SGH is a multiplayer online tactical competitive shooting game. When Wen Xi first came into contact with the game, like most people, he used a gun as his main weapon. Bu...
I Became the Villain's Own Daughter (I Have Become the Villain's Daughter) by ShieneLuna
I Became the Villain's Own cakeeee
NOT MINE!!! This novel is also known as I Have Become the Villain's Daughter The villain, Lu Junhan, is so treacherous and cunning that he has done all sorts of bad thin...
But Shixiong Doesn't Want To Be A Villain! [BL] ✔️ by aklatbulati
But Shixiong Doesn't Want To Be librong uod
Bai Fanlu transmigrated into an immortal cultivation novel as a villainous Demon Lord. In the original, the demon lord was in the ranks of the immortal class and had a p...
The mischievous prince by Rin_is_Rin
The mischievous princeby Rin_Rin
Kevin Sanchez is the youngest Michelin star chef in the world.Aside from being a famous chef he is also well known by his heavenly looks and his mischievous attitude wh...
Little Terrified Bun by Xianxing_xu
Little Terrified Bunby Xixien
Short Title : LTB Alternate Title : 小怂包 Author : 暗香漂浮 Novel Summary In his past life, the little terrified bun, Wei Jing, tried attracting his father's attention by summ...
Dainty Bundle Can Be An Enemy of Hundreds by exaltedwillow
Dainty Bundle Can Be An Enemy of Zizi (๑≧▽≦๑)
NOTE: SPORADIC UPDATE Dainty Bundle Can Be An Enemy of Hundred Author: Sweet Huafang Ji Qing experienced countless quick-transmigration worlds, accomplishing success, he...
Arrien was a merman known as the most beautiful mermaid throughout the underwater kingdom. Despite being a poor citizen of the merfolks race, he still achieved what he h...
⟪BL⟫ Pastoral Daily Life by Wolfy9123Translation
⟪BL⟫ Pastoral Daily Lifeby wolfy
**for offline reading purposes only, i do not own the story** Associated Names: 田园日常[重生] Author: Li Song Ru Translator: Xiao YunYun Translations (incomplete) Chapters: 1...
A Typical Transmigration Story-_-(Discontinued) by Reaperofstories
A Typical Transmigration Story-_-( Reaperofstories
There was a boy who was just trying to live his life but he was hated by everyone. His family hated him and so did his classmates. He never did anything wrong though, so...
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I'll have my seatmate beat you by holy_jib00ty
I'll have my seatmate beat youby namtiddies
Poor little top student was bullied by his school, so he transferred from an elite high school to an ordinary school. School tyrant · 1.9 meters · no one dare to provoke...
The Last Human in the Entire Empire by xxkeiii
The Last Human in the Entire Empireby ᴋᴇɪ ✨
The Imperial Center Museum has a precious collection of a human body that has been frozen for a nearly thousands of years. On a calm and sunny afternoon, the human's hea...
Interstellar Favorite Superstar by chibi_frost
Interstellar Favorite Superstarby ms.chibi
**Story not mine, for offline reading purposes only.** PLEASE DON'T VOTE, JUST READ ONLY. Thanks. #completed Entering the interstellar era, Su Tan wrote novels, became...
My Host's Luck Is Too Unbelievable! by kieriyii
My Host's Luck Is Too Unbelievable!by tao
The story where the Host only have to do little scheming and hugs his lover's golden thighs, Host just sits around, his lover doing all the missions. The system wants to...
[Shou protagonists have an overprotective brothers] by Estelle_Summer
[Shou protagonists have an Estelle_Summer
Lu Ming Lei came to China where he met his brothers for the first time since he was born. The older brothers didn't know he existed until Lu Ming Lei came to their home...
[BOOK 2] Interstellar Male God by Hira_yaa
[BOOK 2] Interstellar Male Godby riyah
Short Title:IMG Alternate Title:星际之国民男神 Status:Completed Author:Demon Fox With Fiery Tail Link: When a genius cultivat...
I was a cool guy until i got resurrected as a Girl!!! by Zwekemon
I was a cool guy until i got Alex
Reita Harusaki was the coolest guy in his highschool until one day.He died from heat stroke during the football match.... his mother was a witch and she resurrected her...
I'll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History by kei500
I'll Become a Villainess That Kei Athena
I've always dreamed of becoming a villainess, but I never thought that I would actually become one....! This is the story of a young girl who aspires to become a villain...