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Murderer of the night's life story by thatweirddeer
Murderer of the night's life storyby thatweirddeer
This is me and my best friend writing about Moons life story as a human au if you don't like it don't read it simple This is FNAF security breach au btw I don't upload m...
Sundrop and Moondrop x y/n series by LuciferML
Sundrop and Moondrop x y/n seriesby Lucifer
Fnaf Sundrop and Moondrop finding love with y/N. And the story that leads up to that. (female y/n)
#2 [{Pre-Sequel}-"Rolling applies."- by reapmar
#2 [{Pre-Sequel}-"Rolling reapmar
(Warning ⚠️ Current vision: - Coming soon when full story is then added. (Cover doesn't belong to me along with the rest of the covers unless I say they do. Thank you)
Sun, Moon & The Abandoned Child by Tiredchild01
Sun, Moon & The Abandoned Childby Alex
Kira, a little 5 year old girl gets left at the daycare, what will the daycare attendant do? How will Moon react with his corruption? Will Moon's corruption somehow disa...
#1 "A Moon's tempting torment." by reapmar
#1 "A Moon's tempting torment."by reapmar
The Freddy's Pizzaplex changed to Reapmar's verison! You find yourself in dangerous situation that came came from the daycare to then notice that your stuck in an lock d...
Sun And Moon And Baby Luner  by Sunshine770561
Sun And Moon And Baby Luner by Sunshine
This is my Design of sun of making him a girl but still look like the way he is and sound the same!!!! NO HATE!!! I'm sorry if cringe. Might be discontinued
Sundrop/moondrop x reader(NO SMUT) by urlocaldemon_
Sundrop/moondrop x reader(NO SMUT)by Y/n
This is just a cute little fanfic I decided to write about a girl named y/n (your/name) and two robot animatronic daycare attandent -whats in the story -angst -kinda nsf...
☆COMING SOON!☆Origin story of Sundrop and Moondrop: How they came to be by LightTheFireStories
☆COMING SOON!☆Origin story of Light/Bee/Shadow
5 year old polar opposite boy twins, Samuel(who's always cheerful and on the *sunny* side)and Mason(always gloomy and on the *moony* side), finally got to go to the dayc...
FNAF Afterstory (Fanfic) by M1dnight_Fanf3cs
FNAF Afterstory (Fanfic)by M1dnight_Fanf3cs
Throughout every game animatronics had been collected and repaired. Until the end of Security Breach they collected animatronics. Every animatronic that had been collect...
"Star light " a sundrop &moondrop  x reader  by that_one_simp333
"Star light " a sundrop & Unknown
Things get a little "creative" in the daycare
I'm sorry Vanessa, But I'm travelling Across America in a stolen party Bus! by phantazims
I'm sorry Vanessa, But I'm 💐🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈💐
Gregory leans against the bus's steering wheel and groans, stealing a bus was not a good idea. Freddy would be so disappointed if he could see him now. He gets up out of...
all you need is glitter glue by spingwrites
all you need is glitter glueby Willow Glasspool
this is a story written from the perspective of a young teen who still has to stay in the daycare they have a lot of struggles and this story mainlys shows how sun helpe...
☀️Sundrop and Moondrop🌑oneshots! by amyyord12
☀️Sundrop and Moondrop🌑oneshots!by Connie<3
I've been really into security breach lately and I thought these two were adorable, so why not write a book? ⚠️Will have smut and lemon⚠️
The many AU of Sun x Moon  by SxnnyandM00ny
The many AU of Sun x Moon by 💞☀️ Sun x Moon Club 🌙💞
⚠️ Spoiler alert for my upcoming fanfiction, including a LOT of El Máscara Moon and Dancing With The Devil ⚠️ ‼️ Everything takes place after all of the event which is t...
Glitter Glue And Bedtime Stories by WritersBlock_Sucks
Glitter Glue And Bedtime Storiesby SleepyWriter💤🌙
A young adult girl named Nikki is a new night guard who finds herself going to the daycare and meeting and hanging out with Sun and Moondrop. (Sun and Moondrop are human...