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Star-Spider by Spiderbeast32
Star-Spiderby Jai'on Rumph
Allison Parker is the bastard child of Peter Parker aka Spider-man and Kitty Pyrde. She was never raised right by her father (who was Doc.Ock in her dad's body at the ti...
QUEEN ALICIA  by Jewelsfiction
Queen Alicia rules the queen land, consisting of more than 250 countries. Each country is ruled by a female president while Queen Alicia is the ultimate supreme leader...
JENLISA WHUT? by jenlisaislifue
Compilation of jenlisa fake conversations, some parts aren't mine, credits to the owner!
JL TUMS  by jenlisaislifue
JL TUMS by Lyn
Compilation of JL stums, some are converted. Credits to the rightful owners. ;)
Spider-Man: Rise of The Infinitrix by Nick-Ultimate
Spider-Man: Rise of The Infinitrixby Nick_AmazingSMFan
Peter Parker's life is in shambles after he got his body back from Otto Octavius. MJ is with another man and had a family with him relationship, New York City hates him...
God's an Adventurer: Volume I by PrinnyHDood
God's an Adventurer: Volume Iby PrinnyHDood
Kami has created everything known to mankind and more for millions of years and he's grown tired of constantly keeping check on it all. The only thing that had kept him...
Dominant Book 2 by Mo0n_AiRies_011
Dominant Book 2by SJBautista
Dominant. A person of aggression, disrespect is never in their tolerance. Prideful, strong, and fearless... none would come across them. Alexandrielle is known to be one...
Age of Innocence | Klaus Mikaelson (2) by rancidqueef16
Age of Innocence | Klaus Whore for 001
"I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you." One would think knowing someone who was capable of the world's worst monstrosities would be a burden. A...
The Spider and the Invisible Women by ahmadnazem
The Spider and the Invisible Womenby Am0104
Depressed at the betrayal of his greatest female friend and her insults peter seeks to be alone but he doesn't know that certaim women will look for him to sate their de...
Aaron Warner Scenarios by 1dkjustrand0m
Aaron Warner Scenariosby Lika
Just some scenarios to improve my writing! I take suggestions:] Mostly Aaron Warner here? Hashtags will be added depending on the story!
Beware Of Music One by Call_Me_Darcy
Beware Of Music Oneby Darce/Shang
Author: I just realize that I'm a silent type and love music a lot including cheats in games. . . . so, why not create As SOUNDWAVE because he is silent type and love...
Superior The Fourth (Superior Spider-Man male reader x My Hero Academia) Vol. 1 by lastshot58
Superior The Fourth (Superior The Adagium Subjugate
Izuku Midoriya had a very close friend when he was younger: Y/N Octavius, The son of Olivia Octavius. One bite from a radioactive spider sent the boy brainiac tunneling...
The Sensational Spider-Man by DariusBundl
The Sensational Spider-Manby Y/N Miyagi
Peter Parker was once a young boy with a bad health disease and he is on the verge of dying until his father doctor Richard Parker found a cure for his disease. but in t...
Flora's power  (Winx Club)  by ashlynniris
Flora's power (Winx Club) by Autumn
Flora has a mysterious power. More powerful than the Dragon flame. She is a high fairy. Along with her two partners, Queen Marian and Queen Luan, they will change the wo...
The Superior Spider-Man  by Senjumarus_Plaything
The Superior Spider-Man by Senjumaru's_Plaything
The city has been on the brink of collapse ever since the death of its Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The majority of the web-head's villains run loose, with few hero...
In the name of science [[completely on hold due to rewriting]] by Wiccachick
In the name of science [[ Wicca chick
Planet has welcomed a new kind of human. They are the most beautiful, strong, smart and charismatic people who ever lived. They find there self superb to all other human...
The Impossible Girl by supergalstories
The Impossible Girlby supergalstories
Lisa is really talented. Like, way too talented.
Superior by ti3ie_fano
Superiorby Louie B.
(A Beatles Fan-Fiction. . .) Ringo Starr isn't the first to pop up when you say: favorite Beatle, ay'? He's underrated, unlikeable, and forgettable. After one night on...
Event Horizon by Claire_the_Lion
Event Horizonby Claire_the_Lion
You are not alone in the universe. You humans have always thought this and searched the heavens to find these other beings. You called them gods. But the gods have foun...
I Belong To Him by Khrysophos
I Belong To Himby Chiaki Mamiya
I was looking for the cheapest apartment because I'm broke. Good thing I found one. Small room, but its a decent one. It suits one person with nothing much to posses. My...