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The Rebirth of a Hunter | Superwolf  by homodood
The Rebirth of a Hunter | mia
Lacey Winchester never wanted to hunt. She wanted a normal life where she would go to school, have a family and not have to worry about what went bump in the night. But...
Winchester Life by AESTAETHIK
Winchester Lifeby nocontrolspn ✔︎
What happens when Stiles wakes up in a casket? It all happened when he got stabbed by the 'black ninjas'. His life changed drastically in less than a week. From findin...
Superwolf: Pretty lies [Discontinued]  by Davina_Drewitt
Superwolf: Pretty lies [ Davina_Drewitt
This is crossover between Supernatural and Teen wolf. The characters belong to their original owners, I only own the story. --- What will happen when Stiles finds out th...
Black Love [SUPERWOLF] by Bara_O_Shukketsu
Black Love [SUPERWOLF]by Bara_O_Shukketsu
The only family he had left. was his Father - or so he thought. Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf nor Supernatural.
Stiles Winchester by demigod_fandom_
Stiles Winchesterby Leigh Hooper
Sam and Dean Winchester stroll into Beacon Hills the same time Stiles Stilinski finds out he's adopted. Stiles believes the Winchesters are in town for a supernatural re...
Go to hell hound by lenny_579
Go to hell houndby Lenny_579
⚠️⚠️spoilers in this⚠️⚠️ What happens when stiles cuts out the pack including his dad. What happens when stiles doesn't want to live anymore. What happens when the Peter...
my personal devil in prada // lydia martin by lavender-hatchet
my personal devil in prada // on hiatus
When Mary Winchester is resurrected she is distraught to find that her sons have grown up without her. It only gets worse when she discovers that her husband had a child...
Superwolf, Supernatural, Teen wolf two or three shots. by Superwolflocklin
Superwolf, Supernatural, Teen SuperWolfLockLinetc
This story will contain a few pages for each one shot of mostly superwolf stuff. Some spn and tw will show up but yea. Some Stiles is related to the Winchester, some not...
The Light Behind Your Eyes (Teen Wolf) by RedSalv23
The Light Behind Your Eyes (Teen 💗
This is a SPN/TW crossover, mainly TW When Essa moves to town, she's completely thrown for a whirlwind. Especially when she meets Stiles Stilinski and the rest of the ga...
Family Issues (Sterek) by Bobbylein
Family Issues (Sterek)by Bobbylein
The sheriff turns abusive when he finds out Stiles is gay and somehow Stiles ends up living with Derek and Isaac. Also there is some kind of demon in Beacon Hills and Ch...
Until We Meet Again (SS&LM-TeenWolf/Supernatural) by Katiie190
Until We Meet Again (SS& Katelynn
'Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal' Stiles dies in a car accident and the pack is broken, what happens when a year later st...
More Than One {Supernatural and Teen Wolf}  by jonesy5858
More Than One {Supernatural and Wolfie
What happens when two sides clash. Werewolves and hunters. Dean, Sam and Castiel are investigating the strange murders occurring in Beacon Hills while Scott and Derek ha...
Who is Stiles? by CD2live
Who is Stiles?by LightingInaBottle
Stiles thought he was just a normal hyperactive teenager. A teenager who is friends with werewolves and the sheriff's son. But when a new big bad comes to Beacon Hills...
Angels and Demons (Stiaasac Teen Wolf)  by TintedLoveXOXO
Angels and Demons (Stiaasac Teen Who Cares
Taking my story from AO3 and putting it on here easier to work with I guess.
Born To Hunt (Book 1) by LydiaRoseMartin
Born To Hunt (Book 1)by LydiaRoseMartin
"Can I be done or would you like to hear about how terrible my dad was at being a parent?" Victoria Winchester has never had a normal life. She had grown up kn...
I Left My Heart In Beacon Hills [A SuperWolf AU] [ON HOLD] by HPTF2Love
I Left My Heart In Beacon Hills [ Inactive
In the midst of danger, Jack transports himself, Castiel, Sam and Dean into an alternative universe. They appear in the woods of Beacon Hills where Jack is already plann...
The Unknown Winchester. by KenderBender
The Unknown KenderBender
Stiles Stilinski didn't know much about his mother's link to the supernatural. Besides her book of spells and such, showing clearly from Deaton that she was a spark and...
Eclipse  by Teenwolfmk55
Eclipse by Makayla
Lennox was saved by Scott McCall when she was only a toddler. Her pack had abandoned her, so he took her in. Now, a few years later... everything goes south for the McC...
The Adopted Nephilim(TW+SPN Crossover) by Leo_The_Sinner
The Adopted Nephilim(TW+SPN Latte
Stiles is kicked out by the Sheriff after finding out he's adopted, it's right after he wakes up one morning and having wings Stiles ends up taking turns sleeping at pa...