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Remember to Live [Narcissa/Lucius, Post-War] by TheSlytherinRose
Remember to Live [Narcissa/ TheSlytherinRose
Narcissa and Lucius share a peaceful moment after the war. Oneshot(?) written for the third place winner in my tumblr fic giveaway. (Fluff with a twist ending.)
Who To Choose? by 0PepperMint0
Who To Choose?by 0PepperMint0
In a game of Truth or Dare, Silver is given a choice between Sonic and Shadow. Who will he choose? Readers have three different ending options. I own none of the charact...
This (molstrade fanfic) by the-walking-holmes
This (molstrade fanfic)by C d
After molly's rough breakup with her fiance, Tom, Molly finds herself becoming lonely. She was never good with break ups, but this one was hitting hard. She isn't the on...
Reincarnated as a Damsel in Distress. by Candy_Pastel_Ghost
Reincarnated as a Damsel in Pastel Candy Ghost
Amai Riverling was a kind-hearted girl, who had cross paths with Cancer. Now, Amai knew that she wouldn't survive, and accepted her fate. But what if the God's had other...
Main Character Energy  by frxm_hxXven
Main Character Energy by •_floof_•
William Jacobs is sent on a quest to destroy the evil wizard, Larmay. Will he live to tell the tale? Or will he keage his already orphaned sister without a father figure...
On The Run by makepeaceken
On The Runby ken makepeace
Keli lived in a squat, and when she wasn't in the squat she spent her time begging on the streets. Then one day after running into Lee, she found out that he had stolen...
Multiple unthinkable events by KEM2019
Multiple unthinkable eventsby K.E.M
Elizabeth Moonstone lived with her mother, until she was taken away in her sleep. She never belived in vampires or monsters in general until now... Oh you didn't think...
Gerald's Passing by EmilyDernoeden
Gerald's Passingby
Flash Fiction: Murder after the Show
Surprise! ✔ by Shalom900
Surprise! ✔by Shalom900
Surprises can come in small packages.
Echoes by isabellaisnthatgreat
Echoesby isabella
A quick short story about a girl who finds herself in a sticky situation. Possible trigger warning, blood and violence. I might add more to it later I'm not sure yet. I...
Killer Creeps by EmileeKingsley
Killer Creepsby Emilee Kingsley
Strange stories to give you nightmares and make you sleep with a nightlight. enjoy
Deception of the Unwise by rosssadie07
Deception of the Unwiseby Bored_writer
This is a short story about a deceptive, pickpocketing bellhop. Does he get what he deserves?
Remember us by Shadow_girl2001
Remember usby Shadow_girl2001
A girl with a messed up child hood and even messer mind. Read though the life of river Sloan and her tragic back story. As you walk with her through the years of her lif...
A Plethora of Dreams: A Series by redpost42
A Plethora of Dreams: A Seriesby redpost42
This short story retells a dream in which a family's vacation turns to pure stress when confronted about their truth.
Twenty Reasons by JasmineKatelyn_Floof
Twenty Reasonsby Jasmine Kate Grounds
After the disappearance of her older sister, Brynn vowed off of having any more crushes, or even associating herself with other guys her age. All she's focused on is get...
The Street Artist by judithjaneway
The Street Artistby judithjaneway
A mime has to work a street corner without her boyfriend as lookout when a cop comes up.
Hero on the Titanic by Jocelyna2003
Hero on the Titanicby Jocelyna2003
Evelyn Springwater is a first class snob, traveling to New York on the Titanic. On her way, she finds out that her bother, whom the family disowned for a crime he didn't...