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Frozen Heart - Male! Elsa x Reader by FutureDiaryAyano
Frozen Heart - Male! Elsa x Readerby Sakura
Book 5 - Complete " The cold never bothered me, anyway. " Y/n has lived in the castle since her parents gave her up for adoption due to their lack of funds. No...
With Every Smile(jeff x reader) by Lost_Amber
With Every Smile(jeff x reader)by Amberonii
It was EXTREMELY late, you had went to a friends 16 birthday party and on the way home you encountered someone breaking into your home! You rushed there you didn't fi...
monster high meets ever after high by MY-QUEER-KING
monster high meets ever after highby Pack leader of Weird Nation
ever after high get ready to meet monster high!!!
"Guardian Angel?" by lol_bUnY
"Guardian Angel?"by KATSUKI_BAKUGOU
Katsuki pushed him past his breaking point and Izuku finally did it. "Take a swan dive off the roof and hope for a quirk in your next life." He did, and he di...
pieces of you |t.h. au| by continually_dreaming
pieces of you |t.h. au|by nicole
Nobody deserved this, nobody deserved to feel like this. Nobody would wish this on their worst enemies, but it happened, it happened to them, and there was nothing they...
A Certain Point of View by LukeMaynard
A Certain Point of Viewby LukeMaynard
"OBI-WAN NEVER TOLD YOU..." With those words, Darth Vader shook our faith in Obi-Wan as a reliable narrator, and told us there was more to his story than we ev...
Times Change (TimeTravel Deku Au) by TheMetalMoron
Times Change (TimeTravel Deku Au)by The Metal Moron
This takes place in an alternate universe where during the war arc almost everyone in class 1A was killed,with Deku being the only survivor. It has been a few years sinc...
Tiny Tales | ✔️ by EvelynHail
Tiny Tales | ✔️by Evelyn Hail
This book is a collection of numerous short stories I have created, both mini and midi ones, written in the period of the past twenty years. Some of them are award-winn...
Passing the Torch by LLSanders
Passing the Torchby Leslie Lee Sanders
Deep in the Arizona desert live a girl and her dad, burying secrets--and bodies. ***** Mesa Kingsto...
INTRUDER by ricardososamelo
INTRUDERby Ricardo Sosa
Claire is a 16 year old girl with a tragic past: her parents were brutally murdered by a strange person in a devastating home invasion. A year passes, and while she is m...
Wounded Beacon by LLSanders
Wounded Beaconby Leslie Lee Sanders
LGBT/DYSTOPIA: Luke and Aiden escape the small community they helped build years after an apocalyptic event devastated the world, leaving the survivors to endure the wra...
my fictional hero by sangeethamSushmitha
my fictional heroby sushmitha
A teenage girl met with some stranger and fell in love at first site but fail to express it. . . . At the end they both love each other. . . . twisted ending.
Remember to Live [Narcissa/Lucius, Post-War] by TheSlytherinRose
Remember to Live [Narcissa/ TheSlytherinRose
Narcissa and Lucius share a peaceful moment after the war. Oneshot(?) written for the third place winner in my tumblr fic giveaway. (Fluff with a twist ending.)
|I miss you daddy| Calum Hood ✔️ by Olivia5Hemmings
|I miss you daddy| Calum Hood ✔️by 💎
Your daughters letters to her dad. (Calum) |Edited by @prettyIittIeIashton|
To Trust A Liar (Kokichi x Keebo) by LazySerpent
To Trust A Liar (Kokichi x Keebo)by LazySerpent
Kokichi has been lying since he first talked to the gang, but as the killing game goes on, he grows closer to Keebo, but fears of letting his mask of lies down so he con...
Pediatrics - Ongoing by rxmastered
Pediatrics - Ongoingby rxmastered
*This book is pure fiction and all made up! some laws/rules will not be the same as in real life!* After breaking up with her high school boyfriend, Phoenix Raye, moved...
Goodbye ~SasuSaku One Shot~ by Kittycattss
Goodbye ~SasuSaku One Shot~by Kittycattss
I'm super bad at descriptions. .___. sorry
Birthday Rituals by Philitric
Birthday Ritualsby Philitric
Winner of Take Your Pick contest hosted by @WattCliches 06.06.2021 *** Your birthday was supposed to one of the most memorable days. It certainly is but not the way you...
Cursed Pool by AppleWitch7102005
Cursed Poolby AppleWitch7102005
70 year old Evangeline Conalie is a little old woman in a little old house in Oakland. After her house collapsed and she moved to the City, she reunites with the guy she...
Lila by HalestormSyd2210
Lilaby Sydney Vincent
Jessie Wood has always been against slavery. So has his father. But ever since his mother has passed, Jessie's father has changed his mind about slavery. He thinks of...