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the sink hole of loving you //mattheo riddle by csum8710
the sink hole of loving you //matt...by claire_s
He lifts me onto the desk. "what're you doing?" I ask out of breath. "I'm going insane." he says, getting closer. "wh-what?" " I can't...
Something In The Rain ♡ Rosé by chaelaurent
Something In The Rain ♡ Roséby chaelaurent
People fall in love in mysterious ways. Sometimes all it can take is one night, no - one moment to see your best friend in a different light. And before you know it, you...
Red Card. ||F4 Thailand|| Thyme || by Jinaerl
Red Card. ||F4 Thailand|| Thyme ||by NINI
The story of an impulsive heir to the Parama Group, and a freshman at Köcher high school. Big and small changes are made. And unexpected situations occur. And what abou...
Partners for Life [Dazai x Chuuya] by simpsandships
Partners for Life [Dazai x Chuuya]by The Silent Reader!
Chuuya gets hit with an ability and Dazai is the only one who can get him out of it. But what happens when a small task as that becomes a big deal? And both Chuuya and D...
Skool Luv Affair by Aswpds
Skool Luv Affairby Angela
A new girl Chae Seon Ra moves to Seoul to the best high school in Korea. But as fate would like it, she makes an enemy out of the most handsome and popular boy: Kim Taeh...
Be my special one by Minsuhlove
Be my special oneby Madina
Ehmel is an enthusiastic, attractive girl who has never been in a relationship or experienced love before. What will happen when she runs into Salar at her best friend's...
°•IS IT REALLY LOVE?°• | HEESEUNG X READER by Jakesoneinabillion
°•IS IT REALLY LOVE?°• | HEESEUNG...by Lee Soobin
He's loved her for 5 years. They've dated for 2. They question if they really love each other, Or if its just the feeling of comfort they have with one another.
NaruHina and SasuSaku Oneshots ✓ by alixremn14
NaruHina and SasuSaku Oneshots ✓by Alix Remn - ON HIATUS
Okay, if you don't like these pairings get out. You don't need to read it them but basically it's gonna contain lots of cute ships and stuff. Requests are open!!!! 1# on...
DRARRY Headcannons by HogwartxExprexx
DRARRY Headcannonsby Maanya
"Scared, Potter?" "You wish." Fluffy DRARRY headcannons to feed your obsession. Fresh updates every couple of days. Requests are open, send me a mes...
Loving Another by Elizabeth_Artance
Loving Anotherby E. Artance
After an unwanted divorce, Bethany Mire leaves her past life behind to start a new one in New Jersey with her newborn baby and best friend. What happens when her ex-husb...
A Little Something Different by iamsandyhall
A Little Something Differentby Sandy Hall
Lea and Gabe are in the same creative writing class. They get the same pop culture references, order the same Chinese food, and hang out in the same places. Unfortunatel...
°•HER AURA°• | SEUNGMIN FF by Jakesoneinabillion
°•HER AURA°• | SEUNGMIN FFby Lee Soobin
She's finally entered high school. He's been in the school for quite a while now. When he's around her, he feels a tingly sensation. Is it love, or does she have a secre...
Deja vu <3  F4 Thailand by Ummyeahwhat19
Deja vu <3 F4 Thailandby Ummyeahwhat19
Lillie Chang is a part of one of a family of rich lawyers in Thialand. Lilie was once friends with the F4. It all changed when she turned 12 and her dad found a better j...
Zero O'Clock ♡ Rosé by chaelaurent
Zero O'Clock ♡ Roséby chaelaurent
Every day is a chance to be thankful for what we are blessed with. When those zeros strike across the board, the world stops for a minute. It is in that minute that we c...
"Perfect" by mairassz
"Perfect"by mairassz
A extroverted boy meets a introverted boy. You can say it was faith, but then how were they so perfect For.. each other?
just for him | 18+ by eroticmollie
just for him | 18+by eroticmollie
"you look so pretty tied up and begging for me, my sweet girl" ... Autumn Ellison i've always know what i wanted my future to look like. i was going to find th...
Blood  &  Wine || KIM TAEHYUNG ✔ by velvety_kisses
Blood & Wine || KIM TAEHYUNG ✔by Moonlight
Tae, in an effort to protect his beloved wife, Su-jin, has chosen to withhold a significant truth from her. Aware of her existing apprehension due to his involvement in...
𝗕𝗔𝗠𝗕𝗜. jaemin by jupiterchu
𝗕𝗔𝗠𝗕𝗜. jaeminby ♡
"tell me what's your secret." ━━━━━ IT SUCKS TO FALL INLOVE. "숨길 수 없을 만큼 넌 예뻐 더 " highshcool au! ✦₊ STARTED:: 26/8/22 ENDED:: please read t...
FOUL GAMES by sarahae_09
FOUL GAMESby Sara Elysian
It is a story about two people who are the children of one of the best business tycoons whose parents are best friends in business. The both are two opposite poles and t...
Zeus by Night_Rebell
Zeusby Night_Rebell
In the heart of New York City, Zeus Olymp has always been the embodiment of charm and confidence. As a young, handsome TV anchor, and the oldest son of the Olymp family...