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A new home by ClairePQA
A new homeby ClairePQA
It took place after Harry Potter finished his first year at Hogwarts. He asked Dumbledore not to come back to the Dursleys but didn't tell him how bad the abuse was. Dum...
Comfort by ClairePQA
Comfortby ClairePQA
This is a Niall - centric fanfiction. Niall has always been the baby of One Direction and he's pretty sensitive and emotional . The story is about how the other boys tak...
Only Human by Secret_Faeri
Only Humanby 1-800fangirl
Bucky grabbed a tube of neosporin. "And I'd prefer you stop recklessly throwing yourself into danger like it's no big deal. Guess we're both unhappy." Sam snor...
Precious Little Girl - One Shot by onlymine987
Precious Little Girl - One Shotby Larry stylinson
One shot about the life of Jayden, a bigshot CEO, and his little girl, Rosaline. Rosaline loves Jayden and Jayden loves Rosaline. Also, Jayden is whipped.
My Feverish Assassin by Cleo_Starlight_Hell
My Feverish Assassinby Grace
Runaan comes home late from a storm and insists on being fine but Ethari's suspicious about his husbands health. Set when Rayla was 10 and her parents have still been br...
💊Sick Day💊 by SaraBrian272
💊Sick Day💊by Sara Brian
Haru got sick, so Erwin is taking care of poor girl ^.^ In this story Haru and Erwin are already in relationships. 💖Cute fluff💖
You Give It All But I Want More- Lellinger by onlyhalfablueskyx
You Give It All But I Want More- L...by onlyhalfablueskyx
Andreas is sick but won't admit it andStephan insists of taking care of him. A slight hint of romantic tension.
The hidden Ill and the ringing bell by MilleLindberg4
The hidden Ill and the ringing bellby Mille Lindberg Hartvigsen - a...
A hidden kingdom is in danger and all responsibility lies on Ivy's shoulders. Will she return saving the country with the curative water and flower before the monster wi...
My journey of SELF LOVE by miss_nayomi
My journey of SELF LOVEby miss_nayomi
The year 2021 has been a very challenging year for me emotionally and physically. i really dont know why im starting this book, and i hope im strong enough to keep it c...
Let The Earth Breath by Page-Hildegard
Let The Earth Breathby Hildegard
We are destroying this beautiful planet,we must take action.
Taking care of anime characters as kids by mo46915
Taking care of anime characters as...by wsredtfgyuhijk
This is just going to be me writing something I thought of and you can request anime characters and what you want them to be they can be a dog,puppy,cat,kitten,baby,todd...
Slave Of Life by _Poetic_soul_
Slave Of Lifeby Poetic Soul
Generally the life of a normal human being is hard. But when you add additional drama and situations which are out of control in that hard life, it becomes a mess of fee...
The job by Inoridragoneel
The jobby NerdReader
Lilith Scott is a positive, open, happy girl who hadn't done anything horrible in her life. That changes when she sees a job opportunity to take care of a broken legged...
Soldier from a camp by Taigai_Hardluck
Soldier from a campby Taigai_Hardluck
Warning: 7696 words, bad grammar, quick story, mention of corpses, someone might be affected, two dudes in love just so you know, it's a piece of **** but you may have a...
Furry 101: How to Take Care of Your fursuit by Qwyappi
Furry 101: How to Take Care of You...by Qwyappi
This is for all of the young or new furs, or ones who want to know tips and tricks on how to keep your fursona nice and clean!
How to take care of a cat boy! (Book 1) by Paperplane_szora
How to take care of a cat boy! (Bo...by Yung M.aca🌙
There is a story about a girl that once meet a boy that froze in the cold almost dying and with her kindness the boy survived and now they meet again but he is now a cat...
On Her Own by ItsAlysheaM
On Her Ownby ItsAlysheaM
One 10 year old girl. One 2 year old baby. All alone. When 10 year old Laura's Grandma is kidnapped, she has to fend for herself. And her baby sister, Ally. She is a br...
dog care by cici1234567891011
dog careby cici1234567891011
Hi people its me from dogcare.com and well I am going to talk to you about taking care of your dog.