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*enter actually good title here* (Pearlina) by Rainy_is_Fussy
*enter actually good title here* ( Rainy_is_Fussy
aaaa i gave up on the other story already whEEZE all these chapters are probably gonna be shorter than Pearl but idgaf lmao- Chaos vs Order bla bla bla everything is a w...
team chaos (waves backstory series) by dinoriq
team chaos (waves backstory series)by wave dinosaur fox hybrid warl...
after 10 years all sonic teams have disbanded and gone to live there lives with there partners as well a new group forms and call themselves team chaos all of which secr...
Chaos Campaign (Splatoon Group Roleplay) by Multiversal_Empress
Chaos Campaign (Splatoon Group Cosmic Queen
The final splatfest had the players choose between Chaos or Order. Chaos was the victor, but many inklings would have never predicted how drastic this would change their...
Team Chaos  by Cyberpunk_Z
Team Chaos by Cyberpunk_Z
A story about a minecraft roleplay what's new?
Titan G-001X by ChesNeko13
Titan G-001Xby ChesNeko13
Step into the nightmare of Giratina's host, a young boy grown and raised in a research lab run by a coalition of evil scientists, out to control the most aggressive Poké...
Order comes with a price (splatoon 2 fanficiton) (complete!) by HiTooLooRye
Order comes with a price ( I come and go lmao
(Includes pearlina, as well as agent 24 and calf1sh) My own interpretation of a future where team order wins. Inkopolis was fine at first. An order filled society was...