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Child's Play 3 by SweetNedAlice
Child's Play 3by Daniela Ortiz
8 years has passed when Rosabelle, her little brother Andy and their foster sister Kyle was able to kill Chucky in the "Good Guys" Factory. Now they're teenage...
"Peer pressure, I'm far too sensitive." by RANDOMperson69_69
"Peer pressure, I'm far too A Random Person
I got into Scream for some reason and really like this ship, if you don't like it why are you here? --- Number #2 in franchise 💛 (tue Apr 19th, 2022)
Child's Play by SweetNedAlice
Child's Playby Daniela Ortiz
Rosabelle Elizabeth Barclay, Andy Barclay's older sister. Join Rosabelle when she believes in her little brother, with Chucky is behind the deaths and she helps Andy, he...
modern sonic truth or dare by dinoriq
modern sonic truth or dareby wave dinosaur fox hybrid warl...
a book with all the modern sonic characters, all characters are part of my au, also all characters are owned by SEGA ..........some of us want a silver the hedgehog game...
Good 'Ol Shippy Opinions by tmntplay4487
Good 'Ol Shippy Opinionsby Ultimate Ninja Turtle Goddess
I take ya'll's ship suggestions (or mine) and give my opinion on them because why not. I wonder what ya'll ship? #turtleteam 🐢
Child's Play 2 by SweetNedAlice
Child's Play 2by Daniela Ortiz
2 Years has passed where Andy who is 8 and Rosabelle who is 9 has defeated Chucky with Karen and Mike Norris. Now they are being fostered by Joanne and Phil. They meet n...
•A bloody love story•  by jynxhi
•A bloody love story• by Space
if you have read my story "bloody images" its that but more Stuilly and alittle tatum x Sid
Spider-Man: A risen hero by humza_ajaz
Spider-Man: A risen heroby Humza Ajaz
He is placed with a burden. No one sees him beyond his external. But what if he has a chance to go free from his restrictions. Beyond himself. Beyond what he is now. Pro...
Ascendant Heroes: The Dark Duchess by MalcolmXtreme
Ascendant Heroes: The Dark Duchessby MalcolmXtreme
A quiet family in Maine goes through life with unique abilities that might connect them to a past of secrecy and will question their innocence and place in society.
The Devious Huntress (Shrek characters x Huntress!Human!reader)  by KawaiiNeko1999
The Devious Huntress (Shrek Blue Cat
You are a sneaky huntress in this fantasy world and your job is stealing gold and robbing from the rich. But now, you became a wanted criminal by a ruthless king name Lo...
Good 'Ol Shippy Opinions 2 by tmntplay4487
Good 'Ol Shippy Opinions 2by Ultimate Ninja Turtle Goddess
I'm definitely gonna have to use a 2nd one so here it is. Bring on them shippies!
AZZAM (Diterbitkan oleh: Penerbit Lovrinz) by Arwen_Chandra
AZZAM (Diterbitkan oleh: Arwen CTB
Cerita ini diunpublish beberapa parts
Can't Escape Death (Final Destination Gender Neutral reader) by KawaiiNeko1999
Can't Escape Death (Final Blue Cat
Death (also known as the Grim Reaper) is described an active, cunning, volatile, and supernatural force/human who creates and cause accidents in their environment. They...
team chaos(mordern sonic truth or dare sequal story) by dinoriq
team chaos(mordern sonic truth wave dinosaur fox hybrid warl...
after 10 years all sonic teams have disbanded and gone to live there lives with there partners as well a new group forms and call themselves team chaos all of which secr...
Welcome! by humza_ajaz
Welcome!by Humza Ajaz
Hello and welcome! This main purpose of this "book" is to show you in which order you should read my stories. Furthermore all the new announcements regarding m...
Even CEO's get fired by Bubblespop2007
Even CEO's get firedby Zena Wolfmoon
What if the company had fired Bryan? Ship: Molten x Bryan Inspired by a role play I'm doing with Frogers_ (which is unfinished).
Not Alone (Sonic the hedgehog x male reader) by Drago275
Not Alone (Sonic the hedgehog x Ryu
what if Sonic wasn't by himself when he was on earth.
~Danganronpa Scenarios/ HC's~ by UrWeirdUncle
~Danganronpa Scenarios/ HC's~by UrWeirdUncle
~Requests Are Open!~ ~Games i will write for:~ -Trigger Happy Havoc -Goodbye Despair -Killing Harmony ((i haven't played Ultra Despair girls yet sorry)) ~ writing headca...
Fnab-Lore by OanaBolea
Fnab-Loreby OanaBolea
A fnaf fangame ,but here the Lore/story