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Jungle Fever (BoyxBoy) (NSFW) 18+ by CaliPalms
Jungle Fever (BoyxBoy) (NSFW) 18+by 🌴CaliPalms🌴
Benny Milton is the prized son of Reginald Milton and heir to the Milton Safari Group. Having lived a life of privilege, Benny had started to become bored with his daily...
A wild man's primal instinct. *Completed* by obsession_tc
A wild man's primal instinct. *Com...by obsession_tc
Inspired by Tarzan** Shipwrecked at three years old, Angus has known nothing but the jungle he now calls home. Faced with survival day in day out and all alone, he never...
Yuxuan by caktwrites4u
Yuxuanby The Good Moo
Alexander Noles, a 23 year-old black woman who was adopted by a rich English white family in the late 1800's dreams of becoming a Zoologist. She sets off on a journey wi...
His Name is Tarzan ✔️ -ON HOLD- by girls_and_probs
His Name is Tarzan ✔️ -ON HOLD-by Kena
Emily Prez, a Med school student at age 24, decides to take a nice long vacation to Jamaica, loving the idea of relaxing in the sun. *** But things take a turn after Em...
The Beast World : Beast Husband by iauzihc_mtl
The Beast World : Beast Husbandby ~Its Mulread~
Just make a bet and go through it, wear it as you wear it, how come you still wear it into the world of the orcs? Uncle Tiger: You were picked up by me, so you are mine...
𝘔𝘰𝘙𝘢𝘯 𝘚𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴 by Water2307
𝘔𝘰𝘙𝘢𝘯 𝘚𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴by 𝐌𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐧💙
Hey, guys here is another book of mine hope you like it.
Invisible [A Yautja Fanfic] (1) ✓ by xenoX323
Invisible [A Yautja Fanfic] (1) ✓by ⇜ Xeno X ⇝
{ Currently being rewritten } #1 in #yautja (7/23/17) #1 in #predator (8/10/17) "I swear, the creature just, took him!" "How do you know!?" "Cau...
The Crimson Tiger of Paris [male red jungle fury ranger x miraculous ladybug] by Ninjacomix
The Crimson Tiger of Paris [male r...by Ninjacomix
Y/n Adler is your typical 16 year old teenage boy who use to live in New York but had to move to Paris France while his parents travel to world now living on his own in...
Alluring Prevarications by Sonali61
Alluring Prevaricationsby Sonali61
Nandini Murthy is 26. An exceptionally qualified doctor from Harvard , Boston. A strong headed individual having passion for oncology (Cancer) research . Manik Malhotra...
Life's a Jungle (A ShadAmy story) by SetForthADream
Life's a Jungle (A ShadAmy story)by Set Forth A Dream
Shadow has come back to earth to find it has been taken over by nothing but plant life. And Amy ready to comite suicide!! After saving her they set out to find who else...
MY BEST FRIEND IS A SECRET AGENT, Book 3: How C.H.I.P. Took on C.H.I.M.P. and... by rclarkbtd
MY BEST FRIEND IS A SECRET AGENT, Book 3: How C.H.I.P. Took on C.H.I.M.P. and Saved Gert von Brugen from Herself It's C.H.I.P. vs. C.H.I.M.P.! For their third secret age...
The Blood Of Heart Pendant (Saving His Heart) by star_buns
The Blood Of Heart Pendant (Saving...by ESTHER OLUM
COMPLETED ✅/editing ❌. His name is Morris. He has ruled the mafia for ten years since his cousin stepped down for him. He is quite outgoing and very unpredictable, quali...
Playstation Trio: Only Mysteries in the Jungle by TatiBee510
Playstation Trio: Only Mysteries i...by Tatyana Brown
(Inspired by Only Murders in the Building) Jak, Sly, and Ratchet are back for the adventure. Their mission is to complete their case while traveling in the jungle. There...
Lost Vs by Kanivalerie
Lost Vsby Kanveer Kaur
Two girls decide to go on a adventure knowing they live Once, they make their way to a jungle and what happens next...
Vampires and Werewolves: Part 2 by RVstudios
Vampires and Werewolves: Part 2by Reggie
Not much has changed when the friends left Salt Lake City. Since Pandora came back from the woods, Lydia decides that it was the perfect time to get rid of her once and...
Jungle love- a Roman Kemp story  by darceyolivia12
Jungle love- a Roman Kemp story by darceyolivia12
Iris Russell is a 24 year old actress that has in been in different films such as the current x-men films and also starred in the it films as well, so she's been doing v...
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle Book 2016 by iBePotato
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle B...by That1Potato
Daiane, a beautiful, powerful jaguar gets captured and brought to India. While transporting her, she manages to escape and runs to the nearest place she can find; the j...
Jungle book: Difference is key {Mowgli x reader} rewrite by Deadlykittykat
Jungle book: Difference is key {Mo...by Deadlykittykat
Mowgli wasn't the only man cub in the jungle, a young girl named Y/n was also founded by none other than Shere Kan who saw potential in her. As Mowgli grew he discovers...
Jurrasic World × King Kong (Male OC) by ThatEhhGuy
Jurrasic World × King Kong (Male O...by Civil Warrior
Dan Simons was once just a normal teenager until he was injected with the blood of the legendary King Kong, who was now dead unfortunately. While in hiding a woman appro...
Bygone Adventures: Episode 1 "Wild Side" by sargasso8
Bygone Adventures: Episode 1 "Wild...by Maraja Sargasso
On Bygone Island, Shadow keeps to himself for a reason. Most consider him the most dangerous villain on the island, but to some he is their most trusted hero. A...