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Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle Book 2016 by iBePotato
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle That1Potato
Daiane, a beautiful, powerful jaguar gets captured and brought to India. While transporting her, she manages to escape and runs to the nearest place she can find; the j...
The Jungle Book: Amnesia (The Jungle Book 2016 Fanfiction) by Yan-dereYumi
The Jungle Book: Amnesia (The YandereLover62
Release Date: Aug/31,/2021 This story takes place after the events of Disney's The Jungle Book Live-Action remake movie. A female panther named Amelia has been raised in...
Last Destination.   [bagheera𝑥reader] by FurysNight
Last Destination. [bagheera𝑥 FurysNight
The thin figure of a panther lingered at the watering hole, her ribs almost visible and an equally skinny wolf cub timidly hiding beneath her, appears in the jungle one...
Jungle Book 2016 (Tiger OC) by moss24
Jungle Book 2016 (Tiger OC)by Mossfur Senshi
Hi there! My name Shira. My dady shiercon. He is the best dady in the junles. He loves me hug me teech me and take me on hunts. I love my dady I relly relly do love him...
The Jungle Book: Midnight roars by moonwatcher300
The Jungle Book: Midnight roarsby Moonwatcher
"Aithusa go now!" Father roared at me. "But father I don't want to leave you!" I cried. "Now!" He roared. Tears poured down my face as I ra...
Feline Family // Shere Khan (Jungle Book) by midnight1moon2wolf
Feline Family // Shere Khan ( midnight1moon2wolf
When Takali meets Shere Khan for the first time, things start to get weird and different. She feels something she's never felt before.
Return of the Red Dogs (A Jungle Book Tale) by Loxodonta14
Return of the Red Dogs (A Jungle Loxodonta14
Three months since the events of the first movie and Mowgli the man-cub reunites with his wolf family only to learn that a new threat is terrorizing the jungle, more ter...
Bagheera x Wolf Reader by PROTECT_MITAKA
Bagheera x Wolf Readerby 1-800-any-book-lovers? 🏳️‍🌈
Bagheera and Shadow (You) always watching out for Mowgli. You always felt a special connection for Bagheera. Shere Khan comes and starts to change all of your life.
Various X Reader (Requests Closed) by xXShyDollXx
Various X Reader (Requests Closed)by xXShyDollXx
The cover basically tells you. I do girlxgirl and boyxboy. I do actors, anime characters, book characters, etc. Feel free to request by message or comments and I will tr...
Raised by Wolves ~ Jane Porter x Male Reader by ThomasShogun
Raised by Wolves ~ Jane Porter x Ape man 68
You (the reader) are a human who was found in an abandoned cave by Bagheera the panther, who took him to the wolves and was raised by Raksha and Father Wolf.
Jungle Book Roleplay by russetfox12345
Jungle Book Roleplayby SkepticStoat
We are of one blood; you, and I. A Jungle Book Roleplay. Be an animal, perhaps, and follow the laws of the jungle. Or maybe you are a human, like Mowgli.
The Story of Mowgli (Season 1) ( The Enchanting Tales ) by Lokeshcartoonist07
The Story of Mowgli (Season 1) ( Lokesh V
This Story is about Mowgli in Jungle Book. I have copied this story from a book The characters and the stories doesn't belong to me. It is just a written update of TV ep...
Тайна бога Амона и аммонитян by sacred_paleontology
Тайна бога Амона и аммонитянby Alexey Meniailov
In ancient times many peoples used to choose a specific animal to symbolize themselves, for clarity. The ancients did it since they were able to observe the outside worl...
Enter the Jungle {Wattys 2018} by TMNTLeo03
Enter the Jungle {Wattys 2018}by BlueStreak
*a fractured fairy tale based off of The Jungle Book* Kasper is a white Kuvasz dog whose owners left and never game back. After running out of food, he decides to ventu...
La Chica de la Selva by LurieKathalia
La Chica de la Selvaby Lurie Kathalia
Muchos sabemos como fue la vida de un niño en la selva ... pero nadie se pregunte como seria la de una joven. Que hubiese pasado si el problema no hubiera sido solo el s...
Who Are You? by zombiesrules
Who Are You?by Ashes
This was for my best friend Cat, it was her idea and she asked if Baloo could suffer from dementia and kill Mowgli. Yes, i spoiled it but that's because i don't want any...
final regret by ahi-cronche
final regretby ahi
Shere Khan is dead. Bagheera says goodbye.