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The Jungle Book: Amnesia (The Jungle Book 2016 Fanfiction) by Yan-dereYumi
The Jungle Book: Amnesia (The YandereLover62
Release Date: Aug/31,/2021 This story takes place after the events of Disney's The Jungle Book Live-Action remake movie. A female panther named Amelia has been raised in...
I'm Only A Fool For You [Kai Havertz] by Royallove5
I'm Only A Fool For You [Kai I don’t know
"Tell me pretty lies Look me in the face Tell me that u love me Even if it's fake"- idfc, Blackbear "Shit Baloo come back!" Oh no... ••• "Hey...
Once Upon A Time: The Circle Of Life by Lionel062
Once Upon A Time: The Circle Of Lionel
*What if the characters from The Lion King, Tarzan and The Jungle Book appeared in ABC Once Upon a Time?* In this story, The Curse did not only reach the enchanted fore...
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle Book 2016 by iBePotato
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle That1Potato
Daiane, a beautiful, powerful jaguar gets captured and brought to India. While transporting her, she manages to escape and runs to the nearest place she can find; the j...
The Second Jungle Book: Man's Ways of Courtship by KimWillbee
The Second Jungle Book: Man's Kim Willbee
it's springtime in the jungle once again, and Mowgli feels like the dirt beneath his own feet with the thought of being the only man-cub in the entire jungle. Mowgli, fe...
Incorrect Quotes by Lauren137724
Incorrect Quotesby Lauren137724
Just some incorrect quotes I came up with for fun based on my favorite franchises ☺️
Return of the Red Dogs (A Jungle Book Tale) by Loxodonta14
Return of the Red Dogs (A Jungle Loxodonta14
Three months since the events of the first movie and Mowgli the man-cub reunites with his wolf family only to learn that a new threat is terrorizing the jungle, more ter...
Raised by Wolves ~ Jane Porter x Male Reader by ThomasShogun
Raised by Wolves ~ Jane Porter x Invisiabletears
You (the reader) are a human who was found in an abandoned cave by Bagheera the panther, who took him to the wolves and was raised by Raksha and Father Wolf.
A Pirate Prince's New Leaf by Plutia1311
A Pirate Prince's New Leafby Plutia1311
A month after the events of "Stuck on You", some of Don Karnage's crew have become sick of him. So they plotted against him and threw the captain out of his ow...
Talespin: The Incredible She-Bear by RexTExtremeWerewolf2
Talespin: The Incredible She-Bearby Rex the Extreme Werewolf
Baloo, Kit, Rebecca, Molly, Wildcat, Louie and others are in for another adventure as the next job takes them to a factory.
Jungle Book ( A bit different) by Vbuckogi1146kun
Jungle Book ( A bit different)by Vbuckogi
Akela and bagheera have been mates for 24 years, after they adopted mowgli, an abandoned boy, Shere khan wants to kill mowgli and eat his flesh, that's when akela and ba...
The Story of Mowgli (Season 1) ( The Enchanting Tales ) by Lokeshcartoonist07
The Story of Mowgli (Season 1) ( Lokesh V
This Story is about Mowgli in Jungle Book. I have copied this story from a book The characters and the stories doesn't belong to me. It is just a written update of TV ep...
Married Couple by PenguinQueenSan
Married Coupleby Oleafia
A Bagheera X Baloo fluff one shot I started for @kittykatmadison 's birthday back in May which I just now finished. I know I really procrastinated this one. Mentions of...
The air pirates from the tale spin show by Tayler011
The air pirates from the tale Tayler011
This is a story where a family lives in a place called Cape Suzette and one of the two kids get kidnapped by the air pirates and their captain Don Karnage and the kid sh...
the jungle book 2 by NevaehBendit
the jungle book 2by nevaeh
it's a few days after the accident of shereKhan and mowgli and Shanti are falling for each other and shereKhan escape from the lava and stone head and is out for revenge...
Puppy Love by TeddyBearscub
Puppy Loveby ⚡Striker⚡
*Book of dogs*
Dark Horse by paige_turner24
Dark Horseby Paige
Becky hasn't seen or heard from her father since she was a small child, so imagine her surprise when he shows up on her doorstep one day unannounced. What could he pos...
Тайна бога Амона и аммонитян by sacred_paleontology
Тайна бога Амона и аммонитянby Alexey Meniailov
In ancient times many peoples used to choose a specific animal to symbolize themselves, for clarity. The ancients did it since they were able to observe the outside worl...