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Last Destination.   [bagheera𝑥reader] by FurysNight
Last Destination. [bagheera𝑥rea...by FurysNight
The thin figure of a panther lingered at the watering hole, her ribs almost visible and an equally skinny wolf cub timidly hiding beneath her, appears in the jungle one...
Jungle book gray x reader by braylla_camie
Jungle book gray x readerby braylla_camie
I Don't know what to put also leave a comment and vote that's if you want to I won't force you.
Two worlds one family by MarthaJacobs
Two worlds one familyby Martha
What if Sarabi and Mufasa took in a human baby into their pride?
Promise || j.jk by nanchav
Promise || j.jkby your savior nan
You met Jungkook on your first day of kindergarten and you've been best friends ever since. As years pass, you both find yourselves making promises you stake your entire...
2 hunters (nala and 2016 kaa) by DurpFace5
2 hunters (nala and 2016 kaa)by Durp Face
story of 2 hunters that like to have fun
Kaa Meets Michelle rudan  by Kindasleep
Kaa Meets Michelle rudan by Kindasleep
Created by https://www.deviantart.com/kaaslave Michelle rudan was done with her photo shooting when she noticed a talking snake near her she doesn't know what is in stor...
The Jungle Book (Completed) by rudyardkipling
The Jungle Book (Completed)by Rudyard Kipling
The Jungle Book (1894) is a collection of stories by English author Rudyard Kipling. The stories are fables, using animals in an anthropomorphic manner to give moral les...
Jungle Book 2016 (Tiger OC) by moss24
Jungle Book 2016 (Tiger OC)by Mossfur Senshi
Hi there! My name Shira. My dady shiercon. He is the best dady in the junles. He loves me hug me teech me and take me on hunts. I love my dady I relly relly do love him...
Welcome to the Jungle (Jungle Book FANFICTION) by H4nn4hthyb4n4n4
Welcome to the Jungle (Jungle Book...by Hannah Banana
HANNAH After my plane crashed, I landed in a Indian Jungle. Nearly became snake food, befriended a couple animals, and now starting to catch feelings with a feral boy? M...
Return of the Red Dogs (A Jungle Book Tale) by Loxodonta14
Return of the Red Dogs (A Jungle B...by Loxodonta14
Three months since the events of the first movie and Mowgli the man-cub reunites with his wolf family only to learn that a new threat is terrorizing the jungle, more ter...
Trust In Me (Book 1) by Wolfvina2005
Trust In Me (Book 1)by MissRebelgirl
Sebastian, the son of Shere Khan, and Kamila, daughter of Kaa, are chosen to go to Auradon along with Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos. They are tasked to steal Fairy Godmothe...
Disney/Dreamworks Pics by MuslimOtaku
Disney/Dreamworks Picsby Shadowstrike
just for variety and 'cause they're both amazing studios.
Mowgli Legend of The Jungle : What If  by SkylarKeeney
Mowgli Legend of The Jungle : What...by Skye Vixen 💞
What if the albino cub Bhoot was still alive and never died ?
Planet Of The Serpents. (Redux) by NewFallenAngel118
Planet Of The Serpents. (Redux)by NewFallenAngel118
A human who after escapes from his home state stumbles upon a hidden gooey pond portal to another planet. One that's filled with whole kinds of different snakes being th...
Thoughts on Fatherhood by Scouser-Daly-98
Thoughts on Fatherhoodby
With Father's Day a few weeks away, this story depicts the thoughts of a select few Disney characters and their thoughts of being fathers.
Scarlett || Descendants: The Lion King by KyleReadsKyleRed
Scarlett || Descendants: The Lion...by KyleReads
"You've heard his story. Here's my once upon a time."
The Jungle Book III by jenneacubero05
The Jungle Book IIIby Jennea Cubero
Upon Mowgli's 12th birthday, his life has been going through a lot. And with his uncle, Buldeo showing up, it's more complicated.
Married Couple by PenguinQueenSan
Married Coupleby Oleafia
A Bagheera X Baloo fluff one shot I started for @kittykatmadison 's birthday back in May which I just now finished. I know I really procrastinated this one. Mentions of...