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Team Fortress: Code name Classroom by Firefox13Gaming
Team Fortress: Code name Classroomby moved accounts
Imagine you're in the world of Team Fortress and you start to wonder, "What did the Red and Blu teams go through to get to the insane jobs they have today?" We...
TF2 Oneshots by bug_eater27
TF2 Oneshotsby bug_eater
A bunch of random stuff, some lemon, fluff, and literally pretty much anything else
Tf2 Support x reader by Uninteresting_Alyx
Tf2 Support x readerby
Your new life started at the RED base. You had been accepted onto the RED team as the tenth mercenary. The men didn't mind that you were a woman, in fact they were rathe...
TF2 One-Shots (Slow, but getting there) by LeBoopOfDeath
TF2 One-Shots (Slow, but getting MEEM
TF2 one-shots That's about it. []WARNING![] Updates VERY slow due to loss of motivation
Team Fortress 2 x Reader One Shots by MarkipliersGF
Team Fortress 2 x Reader One Shotsby Brooke
Send me in requests, and I will try my best to do them! I'm sorry, but I don't do any of the gay stuff. So I won't do a male Heavy x male Medic kind of stuff basically...
Tf2 x Reader OneShots [Requests Open] by Uninteresting_Alyx
Tf2 x Reader OneShots [Requests
Request for this book are open :) Some nice, short stories about you and your fave mercs Will contain swearing. Plz don't ask about the cover. I was bored (cover not min...
Team Fortress 2 Oneshots and Head Canons  by MaybeMnWrites
Team Fortress 2 Oneshots and May
A book for everyone who is also in love with the mercs from TF2! * Type of Chapters: Oneshots, Head Canons, and Scenarios for the Tf2 mercenaries * Characters Included(F...
o.W.n/Cult of Personality: True Heroes of the World- Military Arsenal by BlazeSaber00
o.W.n/Cult of Personality: True Ghost Recon
This book is a based on my military arsenal, weapons, and factions for the story o.W.n/Cult of Personality: True Heroes of the World. Yes, this is the title of the actua...
TF2 (Reader X Scout): Expect the Unexpected by riddle_of_the_sphinx
TF2 (Reader X Scout): Expect the riddle_of_the_sphinx
Team Fortress 2 is just a game. Nothing in the game is real, right? Well, as it turns out the Team Fortress 2 world is very real. Thanks to a certain wizard who hates th...
Tf2 Headcannons/Scenarios by Certified_Carly
Tf2 Headcannons/Scenariosby Certified_Carly
Have you ever wondered how the Mercs may act, or what they would do in different scenarios? Then this is the book for you! All 9 of the Mercs are featured in this book
Just Tell Me.. by Deathinator
Just Tell ɬ◊χⅰς
Okay so this is just another TF2 fanfic. So yeah. Enjoy~
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Meet The Team (BNHA X Team Fortress 2) by MediBun
Meet The Team (BNHA X Team The Medical Bunny
A great man once said: "Now how am I gonna stop some big mean Mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer: use a gun and if th...
Something to Live For (TF2 and Child! Reader fan-story) by Y-GlassDragon
Something to Live For (TF2 and Y-GlassDragon
The year is 1970. While technology continues to advance at an abnormally fast rate thanks to Australium, you are just an orphaned little girl on the run, struggling for...
Scout x Yandere Dev x Markiplier x Reader by chaliceconsumer
Scout x Yandere Dev x Markiplier Fart Fetishest
Yeah guys I dropped out of middle school to become an author so i really hope you enjoy this
Bacterial Contamination by Mechanical_Maniac
Bacterial Contaminationby Mecha
The team is on break. Medic and Engineer are working on a cure that could be ground breaking if done right. Scout ran into the door to the lab surprising Medic and Engin...
Hydrophobia by juggernaught
Hydrophobiaby juggernaught
In this tf2 story, pyro develops a fear of water. The rest of the red team need to help him get over it
Good music  by The_Hellwalker_Nerd
Good music by BuTtTeRfLy EfFeCt
Sponsored by My Life And Stuff 2 by SatmauReks
TF2 Headcanons! (ONGOING) by CaIIisto87
TF2 Headcanons! (ONGOING)by blooberry_pancakes
While I'm working on 727262728 piles of homework here's something simple. Will constantly be updated! REQUESTS ARE OPEN, BUT PLEASE KEEP IT SFW! TW // Though there isn'...
Kids Fortress Story by Smiley_Is_Awesome
Kids Fortress Storyby Smileytrashbag18
It was a lovely, normal day in the quaint little town of Teufort, until a new kid moves in! Who is this new kid? which team will they choose? Witness as two teams compe...