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Something to Live For (TF2 and Child! Reader fan-story) by Y-GlassDragon
Something to Live For (TF2 and Y-GlassDragon
The year is 1970. While technology continues to advance at an abnormally fast rate thanks to Australium, you are just an orphaned little girl on the run, struggling for...
Tf2 Support x reader by Uninteresting_Alyx
Tf2 Support x readerby
Your new life started at the RED base. You had been accepted onto the RED team as the tenth mercenary. The men didn't mind that you were a woman, in fact they were rathe...
TF2 One-Shots OUTDATED (Migrated to new book) by LeBoopOfDeath
TF2 One-Shots OUTDATED (Migrated Mace
TF2 one-shot fluff That's about it. []HEADS UP![] I will be rewriting this book (it'll be out soon) so be ready for that!
Team Fortress 2 x Reader One Shots by MarkipliersGF
Team Fortress 2 x Reader One Shotsby Brooke
Send me in requests, and I will try my best to do them! I'm sorry, but I don't do any of the gay stuff. So I won't do a male Heavy x male Medic kind of stuff basically...
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♡  tf2 oneshots & preferences ♡ (feat. some drawings) by _dino_nugget_
♡ tf2 oneshots & preferences ♡ ( dinonuggies
i know nothing about Wattpad or writing in general pls bear with me 😔🙏
Tf2 x Reader OneShots [Requests Open] by Uninteresting_Alyx
Tf2 x Reader OneShots [Requests
Request for this book are open :) Some nice, short stories about you and your fave mercs Will contain swearing. Plz don't ask about the cover. I was bored (cover not min...
How to seduce a psychotic doctor [Heavy x Medic] by Thisshiisbananas_0
How to seduce a psychotic doctor [ Thisshiisbananas_0
"The best guide to seducing that psychotic doctor you love, so when this book is done and is standing on your bookshelf of finished books go flirt with your medical...
TF2 (Reader X Scout): Expect the Unexpected by riddle_of_the_sphinx
TF2 (Reader X Scout): Expect the riddle_of_the_sphinx
Team Fortress 2 is just a game. Nothing in the game is real, right? Well, as it turns out the Team Fortress 2 world is very real. Thanks to a certain wizard who hates th...
Team Portal 2 by Cole_Goodrich
Team Portal 2by Cole Goodrich
When the Engineer's new invention teleports him and his team from the 20th-century Mann Co. to the far-future Aperture Science, the mercenaries must work together with t...
FORTIFIED | Team Fortress 2 by Yanisonean
FORTIFIED | Team Fortress 2by LYLICA
Tales from a RED Scout's journal. The RED Scout is used to belonging on the winning team. Dominating the BLU's is such an easy job that they hardly consider it a job any...
"Where'd all the time go?" the origins of Scout by milkybonezz
"Where'd all the time go?" the milkybonezz
The lovable Scout realizes he's never told a soul about his roots, so he decides to immortalize his legacy. ITS A SCOUT TF2 FIC LOL
Meet The Team (BNHA X Team Fortress 2) by MediBun
Meet The Team (BNHA X Team The Medical Bunny
A great man once said: "Now how am I gonna stop some big mean Mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer: use a gun and if th...
It Lurks || TF2 by sqoodledoodle
It Lurks || TF2by SqoodleDoodle
A creature lurks within the BLU team base. Sniper, intends to find out what it is and what it's motives are. "Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. At the edge of...
The TF2 Story for Fans by Abcd1234e6
The TF2 Story for Fansby •Laska'sHammond•
Which man will you choose? Nine different men to choose from in this adventurous novel. Read and hopefully enjoy...
team fortress 2 one-shots by ann078de
team fortress 2 one-shotsby Random Onyx
tf2 one-shots! fluff, angst or hurt/comfort! NO X reader or smut (for now) feel free to request
Team Fortress: Soaked Through by FandomDumpheap
Team Fortress: Soaked Throughby FandomDump
Medic has been acting very strange lately. To most, it's just another Tuesday with an illegally practicing madman. However, everything comes to a head when Medic goes mi...
Team Fortress 2 | Spy x Reader One Shot Collection by spookmare
Team Fortress 2 | Spy x Reader Ollie
One Shots for spy 👌 Cover image by Purple_Legacy on twitter
TF2 OneShots by GoEatDoorMoss
TF2 OneShotsby Bald Men Enjoyer
REQUESTS CLOSE | I get TF2 is a "dead" fandom on Wattpad but god damn it, if I want to write about men I have gender envy over doing stupid shit and falling in...
What They Did To Us by Soxk_Cat
What They Did To Usby Soxk_Cat
Jeremy, a youngster from the Electric district is brought to attention when he is offered an incredibly well-paid job. There's only a slight issue, and that's everything...
[SoldierxEngie Oneshot] Don't Lie To Me by SoldierSidetf2
[SoldierxEngie Oneshot] Don't SoldierSidetf2
Soldier has had feelings for the Engineer for a long time, he is growing frustrated about not being able to tell the Texan, afraid that he'll ruin everything.