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The Backup Singer - A Matty Healy Fanfiction (Completed) by subsectionss
The Backup Singer - A Matty subsectionss
// Billie's always been in the background, but she's always wanted to sing. That's why when the perfect job comes along, a backup singer for a band, she jumps at the cha...
Be My Mistake (Matty Healy) by MattysBaddie18
Be My Mistake (Matty Healy)by MattysBaddie18
Vivian is an artist from the city trying to find herself, while Matty is a recovering addict and a national rockstar. Despite all odds being against them, they just can'...
Spotlight ▹The 1975 by -afewplanets
Spotlight ▹The 1975by •Paris•
Tate Besk never expected for a video of herself singing on social media to go viral. Nor for the video to catch the attention of a particularly popular band. ✧The 19...
Taste Of Medicine | G.Daniel & M.Healy by TruWoman_Noir
Taste Of Medicine | G.Daniel & ✿The1975&Shit✿
Ella loves George. And George loves Ella. But he loves his girlfriend more. Jealousy eats away at her. So she gives him a taste of his own medicine, using his best mate...
Baby Daddy! °Matty Healy° by Wattoo-94
Baby Daddy! °Matty Healy°by UwattM8
A drunken one night stand three years ago, that's how it started. And Matty never finding out he has a son, is how she wants it to stay. But she's a fool if she thinks...
Fallingforyou // Matty Healy  by hoodinouterspace
Fallingforyou // Matty Healy by .
Bea and Matty have been best friends since out the womb. Read their journey. The story has many time jumps. First 3 chapters are younger. A large segment of the book wi...
matty healy imagines by versacevoldemort
matty healy imaginesby samantha🥀
imagines about your fav emo noodle boy (ft. the rest of the 1975) [ not all of these are mine ] - imagines are closed !!
ashes [m.h.] (Completed) by nya_214
ashes [m.h.] (Completed)by nya_214
Drugs were his way of dealing with everything. School was hers. But when they meet will she become his new addiction? Or will they unknowingly tear each other apart? &qu...
Message Me Healy by hxttie123
Message Me Healyby Harriet Grace
Olivia gets a message from an unknown number who just happens to be a lead singer of a British boy band. This persistent, witty and charming male interrupts Olivia's dai...
Crystal Eyes || m.h [COMPLETED] by axeneled
Crystal Eyes || m.h [COMPLETED]by axeneled
"Now I know where you found it." "I'm not a thief." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sarilynn Jone, the kind of...
// THE MATTY DEALY // by sugarpuffxx
// THE MATTY DEALY //by sugarpuffxx
[Highest ranking: #67 on 21/12/16] What happens when a nineteen year old Matty meets his match? Beautiful cover by lovely @Devita33 x
Heart Out // Matty Healy [Completed] by mattyxhealy
Heart Out // Matty Healy [ mattyxhealy
[WARNING THIS FANFIC IS VERY CRINGY AND I HATE IT] / The 1975 fanfiction / Hannah Snowdon, was the average girl whom seemed to catch Matty's eyes. She was a tattoo art...
a letter a year // matty healy short fanfiction  by heyyyyyyyellen
a letter a year // matty healy heyyyyyyyellen
- in which margo writes a letter every year to her father matty healy, but he never returns the favour - { matty healy short fanfic} {warning: contains cussing, refere...
little lolita // matty healy a.u. by healyspoetry
little lolita // matty healy kait
"what do you find so exhilarating about me, matty?" daisy asked, wrapping a section of my curly hair around her nimble fingers. she was currently situated on m...
one shots || matty healy  by mattysstickynotes
one shots || matty healy by mattysstickynotes
things in our notes app bc that shit too good
// G.D Imagines // by gdansgdans
// G.D Imagines //by gdansgdans
G trash tryna write some cute & sultry shit // Please leave submitions on what you'd like me to write // I'm pretty bilingual but please understand that english is not m...
I Wish I Was Your Boy •• Matty Healy // George Daniel  by Wattoo-94
I Wish I Was Your Boy •• Matty UwattM8
❝How can I be yours if you're not mine?❞ • • • • • • She's the girlfriend of George. He's the best friend of his. Affairs. Dares. Twists and hurt.... but who's destined...