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Interstellar → Chris Beck by primuskat
Interstellar → Chris Beckby ˗ˏˋ dess ˊˎ˗
❝Love is the one thing that we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.❞ . . .in which two astronauts discover their love for one another a...
Life on Mars // Chris Beck by TheQuietHufflepuff
Life on Mars // Chris Beckby TheQuietHufflepuff
Melina Gray is a chemist chosen for the Ares III mission. But when a storm comes, not all goes according to plan. Two are forced to fend for themselves on a planet whe...
Til the Stars Turn Blue // Chris Beck by TheQuietHufflepuff
Til the Stars Turn Blue // Chris TheQuietHufflepuff
Mackenzie and Chris are newly married when they embark on a journey to the stars. But a coming storm makes one fear the worst and one, once finding out the truth, vows...
The Imagination Latibule: The Martian - The Lonely Planet by EphemeralVellichor
The Imagination Latibule: The L :) xx
Fem Reader (y/n) x Mark Watney Loosely based on the book/ film The Martian. Hope you enjoy! - L :) xx
Mark Watney by goodbyehwllo
Mark Watneyby goodbyehwllo
What if the Martian was different? Two astronauts, mark Watney and y/n get stranded on mars together.
Stranded On Mars by Mctips
Stranded On Marsby Mctips
What if it wasn't only mark who was stranded on Mars? What if beth johanssen was there with him? How would they survive the red planet And return to their friends I do n...
sebastian stan imagines [ completed ] by TheDaughterOfLoki
sebastian stan imagines [ TheDaughterOfLoki
You guessed it! Imagines about Stan the Man
We Stan || Sebastian Stan+Characters Imagines || REQUESTS CLOSED by Lei_Potterhands
We Stan || Sebastian lei
Simply the title. (Reader Inserts) ___________________________________________ I will mostly be doing Sebastian Stan, Chris Beck, and (my husband) Bucky Barnes. I won't...
Sebastian Stan Imagines by palmsandsunshine
Sebastian Stan Imaginesby formerly mseriesj143
"I have an unhealthy obsession with Sebastian Stan." Sebastian Stan and Characters No smut/lemons Requests: closed Started August 1, 2016
Sebastian Stan Imagines by iamakindofwriter
Sebastian Stan Imaginesby thalia 𝚜𝚝yles ༉
◎Sebastian Stan◎ This is a book featuring a bunch of Sebastian Stan Imagines, including imagines about characters he played during his career. ▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶...
The Doctors (Chris Beck)(EDITING/ON HOLD) by TheSongBird17
The Doctors (Chris Beck)(EDITING/ TheSongBird17
What happens before astronauts go into orbit, or in this case, before they go to Mars? Meet Dr. Katherine Moran, the chemist and astrophysicist assigned to the Ares III...
Ares 5: The Last Martians by MartianAstrobio
Ares 5: The Last Martiansby MartianAstrobio
Some years ago, astronaut Mark Watney of Ares 3 became stranded on the surface of Mars. His crewmates, determined not to let him die, resolved to turn their Hermes space...
Sebastian Stan + Characters Imagines by silverxstories
Sebastian Stan + Characters Anskuliskuu 💫❤
Imagines of Mr. Stan himself and his characters he has played in some movies and TV shows. Characters: Bucky Barnes T.J. Hammond Lance Tucker Chase Collins Carter Baizen...
|=| Random/Fandom Imagines |=| by natasha_is_bae
|=| Random/Fandom Imagines |=|by NatashaIsBae
Random x readers that are a one off or two small to be in their own story. enjoy. includes fallout 4, alice in wonderland (Movie), doctor who, supernatural, the martian...
S T R A N D E D // Mark Watney by I_Love_Chris_Pratt
S T R A N D E D // Mark Watneyby Girl Unknown
// I DO NOT own any characters mentioned in this book besides Samantha Barnes. I have created her specifically for this book. Rights go to Andy Weir for writing The Mart...
The Martian: The Artemis Expedition by koiley37
The Martian: The Artemis Expeditionby Kailey Hutteman
Despite all that he's been through, Mark Watney does miss space. Louis' offer gets him thinking, and he signs up to be a part of NASA's next mission, The Artemis Expedit...
Martian One Shots by fantasyfan38
Martian One Shotsby Peregrine, or Peri
Basically just a bunch of one shots about the Martian by Andy Weir. I take suggestions!
Seeing Red by Crazy_Comet_97
Seeing Redby Scott/Comet
Mark Watney spent a year and a half on Mars trying to survive till someone could rescue him. When that happened, the media and NASA proclaimed him an American hero, but...
Living with SebStan's Characters by dandelion_allie
Living with SebStan's Charactersby Allie Shadow
This is the english translation to the "WG-Choas" in my Sebastian‐Stan-book... It is inspired by @avengersfamily